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HELP! I need some good tactics or advice to help pick up points!!!

Started on 29 December 2012 by GrimsbyKid1999
Latest Reply on 10 January 2013 by neiltrain12
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I really badly need some new idea's on how to help pick up points as I am on the verge of being sacked by Q.P.R. as the results just aren't coming. I have a very good squad but don't know a formation to play to help score goals but defend well also.
It's about more than just good players and a good formation. A big part of becoming successful in the game, just as in real life, is getting the players to like each other, work well together, getting them motivated, having flexible tactics, considering the opposition, etc. For the flexible tactics, my article could help. For the other things, it's just about how you approach the game really.

You often see people asking for a tactic to fix the problems they're having, when the real problem isn't actually their tactics. It's hard to work out what might be going wrong for you without more info, I hope you get it all worked out, if not then I'm happy to help!
i've tried having team meetings with the players and they mainly agree that we need to start to play better, but then my two strikers usually start arguing about what each over have said, and I don't know how to make them like each over as it is just a constant argument with them.
I have found that a basic 4-4-2 works quite well. But, as the previous guy mentioned, it's about more than the basic tactic now in this game. The opposition has to be analysed. Check out their previous fixtures. Look what was successful against them and what was not! Target their best players and also their weakest. I have found that closing down wide players (both wingers and full-backs)and forcing them onto their weaker foot works quite well and is beneficial in both attack and defence as it stops a lot of crosses but also wins possession in your opponents half by robbing the full-backs. I also tend to go the full monty on their strikers, ticking all 4 boxes. For central midfielders I tackle hard and close them down. In my midfield I always have at least one BWM, to ensure that at least one of them does as they are told!
Playing this way won't get you a ton of goals but it will definitely give you a chance in games by not conceding many!
Do your own team talks as Assistant Managers seem to say the stupidest things and upset players! If players do get upset have 1 to 1 chats with them, but keep it real as telling them they played well when they know they didn't upsets them even more!
I hope some of this helps....I have been struggling for a while now but seem to finally getting to grips with how it works. Basically, just keep it as real as possible!
agree. 442 is much-maligned but if set up well will stop leaking and still give you the opportunity to sneak wins. i'm using a 442 simply because until i can understand it fully there's no point playing around with other more complex formations.

i set up differently home and away. home, my aim is to go all out to win, and i go attacking. away from home i'll play counter and try simply not to concede and hope that when i've the ball i've enough guile to get a couple of goals. is working so far....

keep it simple as you can!

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