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Bring Me Sunshine II

The sequel to my FM12 'Bring Me Sunshine'
Started on 1 January 2013 by Didz
Latest Reply on 12 January 2013 by Didz
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The Sequel to my FM12 'Bring Me Sunshine'

Hi, some of you will remember me from the original 'Bring Me Sunshine', the story of my beloved Morecambe FC on FM12!

Before I start - L2 = League 2, LC = League Cup, JPT = Johnsons Paints Trophy, FA = FA Cup


Keammar Daley - Right Winger/Striker - Season's Loan from Preston - Jamaican International
Nicholas Bignall - Striker - Season's Loan from Reading - Former Cheltenham Loanee
Ian Westlake - Centre Midfielder - Free Transfer - Former Ipswich and Leeds Player
Vincent Pericard - Striker - Free Transfer - Former Stoke and Portsmouth Player

Joseph Mwasile - Right Winger - 6 Month Loan to Hinkley
Jordan Burrow - Striker - Season's Loan to Lincoln City
Dan Parkinson - Right Winger - 6 Month Loan to Droylsden

Pre-Season Results:
Morecambe 5-0 Morecambe Res (Kevin Ellison 15, Lewis Alessandra 19, 51, 66, 78)
Blyth 0-5 Morecambe (Nicholas Bignall 3, Lewis Alessandra 36, Kevin Ellison 47, 63, Jack Redshaw 66)
Guiseley 0-3 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 25, Nicholas Bignall 55, 71)
Burscough 2-5 Morecambe (Lewis Alessandra 1, 40, Nicholas Bignall 4, Kevin Ellison 7, Gary McDonald 45)
Morecambe 2-3 Everton Res (Nicholas Bignall 29, 55)
Morecambe 0-2 Notts County

Average Pre-Season, beat all the teams I should do convincingly, but as soon as I got some more challenging friendlies, my team crumbled, Hope the start of the season is better!
August Update:

LC - Barnsley 1-0 Morecambe
L2 - Chesterfield 0-3 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 32, 53, Nicholas Bignall 43)
L2 - Morecambe 1-0 AFC Wimbledon (Andy Fleming 48)
L2 - Gillingham 3-2 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 37, Andy Fleming 39)

A decent first month, my loss to Barnsley was unlucky because we played well, we carried on the level of performance to our brilliant win against Chesterfield. Unfortunately, the performance against AFC Wimbledon was mediocre at best, and IMO was a fortunate win. Finally, the performance and Priestfield was decent, and the result was probably justified. Chris McCready, Kevin Ellison and Andy Fleming were the stand out players for me this month. Hopefully we can carry on with the good performances!
September Update:

L2 - Morecambe 0-2 Fleetwood
JPT - Fleetwood 1-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 1-3 Rochdale (Kevin Ellison 36)
L2 - Port Vale 0-1 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 16)
L2 - Morecambe 4-1 York City (Andy Fleming 41, 88, Vincent Pericard 44, Lewis Alessandra 70)
L2 - Southend 0-1 Morecambe (Vincent Pericard 74)
L2 - Morecambe 2-0 Cheltenham (Kevin Ellison pen 3, Lewis Alessandra 56)
L2 - Bristol Rovers 2-0 Morecambe

Another decent month, 4 wins and 4 losses. The 2 losses to local rivals Fleetwood at the beggining of the month were very disappointing, and then against Rochdale I got torn apart by Dele Adebola, who scored a hat trick. Then we went on to win 4 matches in a row, and every match had a terrific performance to go with it. Looking forward to October! Come on Morecambe!
Nice results, I will be following this story! Screenshots will make this story a lot better;)!
Didz's avatar Group Didz
11 yearsEdited
Thanks for the feedback! I will add screenshots once I've caught up to date, because I am a month or so behind.
Didz's avatar Group Didz
11 yearsEdited
October Update:

L2 - Morecambe 0-0 Torquay
L2 - Morecambe 0-1 Rotherham
L2 - Northampton 2-0 Morecambe
L2 - Aldershot 2-0 Morecambe
L2 - Morecambe 0-1 Bradford
L2 - Morecambe 3-0 Accrington Stanley (Jack Redshaw 27, 33, pen 76)

Terrible Month. 6 games without a goal, bad performances, and needed changes. Before my game with Accrington, I changed my formation from 4-3-3 to a 5-4-1 plus a change in the line up, including a first game of the season for jack Redshaw! I think it might of worked! Team that faced Accrington:
I'd love some more screenshots man. How is the league looking?
Pretty good, just below the Play-Offs! Thanks for the feedback!
Good story mate, will be following!
November Update:

FA - Morecambe 2-1 Accrington Stanley (Keammar Daley 41, Andy Fleming 84)
L2 - Barnet 1-0 Morecambe
L2 - Burton 2-3 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 25, 57, Nicholas Bignall 89)
L2 - Morecambe 3-1 Wycombe (Nicholas Bignall 17, 22, Kevin Ellison 43)
L2 - Oxford 3-1 Morecambe (Nicholas Bignall 47)
L2 - Exeter 2-3 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 61, 82, Nocholas Bignall 77)
L2 - Morecambe 1-1 Plymouth (Keammar Daley 47)



Well, a decent month, the high points being the 2 excellent away wins at Burton and Exeter, also 2 good home wins against Accrington and Wycombe. An excellent month for Nicholas Bignall and Kevin Ellison. Well, these results put me where I want to be. Come On Morecambe!
Good going man. Will definately be following :)
December Update:

FA - Wrexham 2-1 Morecambe (Ian Westlake 32)
L2 - Morecamne 0-2 Dag & Red
L2 - AFC Wimbledon 6-2 Morecambe (Kevin Ellison 29, Nicholas Bignall 77)
L2 - Morecambe 1-0 Chesterfield (Nicholas Bignall 45)
L2 - Morecambe 1-0 Gillingham (Vincent Pericard 90)
L2 - Fleetwood 1-1 Morecambe (Nicholas Bignall 23)
L2 - Rochdale 2-1 Morecambe (Nicholas Bignall 77)



Terrible month, slipping down the table, needs vast improvement immediately!
You're still fighting for a play-off spot, which is still good :D
Yeah I guess, I think I need a couple of Good Signings in January to bolster the squad!
January 2013 Update:

L2 - Morecambe 2-3 Port Vale (Richard Brodie 82, 87)
L2 - York 1-2 Morecambe (Nicholas Bignall 15, 61)
L2 - Morecambe 0-0 Southend
L2 - Cheltenham 0-3 Morecambe (Lewis Alessandra 39, Nicholas Bignall 74, Andrew Wright 90)
L2 - Morecambe 0-0 Bristol Rovers



A much better month! Climbed back up the table and now only 3 points off the Play-Offs! There has been some changes within the squad. Dan Parkinson has returned from Droylsden and Joe Mwasile has returned from Hickley. Richard Brodie has returned to Crawley after his loan expired, and added 5 Loan signings to Improve the current team and add backup:

Stephen Dawson - Rest of Season Loan from Barnsley:

Andre Wisdom - Rest of Season Loan from Liverpool:

Liam Ridehalgh - Rest of Season Loan from Huddersfield:

Junior - 3 Month Loan from Everton:

Nathan Tyson - 3 Month Loan from Derby:

You are reading "Bring Me Sunshine II".

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