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Jason Kavanagh My Journey

Started on 4 January 2013 by 2nd Rookie
Latest Reply on 5 January 2013 by JasonRM
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Who I Am

My name is Jason Kavanagh I come from Dublin Ireland. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a professional football Player. Now I had my chances got trials wilt Barnsley when I was 15, but did not work out when I was at the trails I twisted my knee and that was that over before it even started. I kept on trying to make it and when I was 16 got another chance when Hull asked me over, I went over and got asked to come back in two weeks for a week trial. So when I did all that the answer was no. simple because I was too small to be a defender. So when I got back home I thought to myself Fuck it. And that was me done with football before it even started.

When I turned 18 I finished school and thought about going to collage but it never happened I kept saying I go next year and yeah you know yourself every year was the same. Now 21 I have been doing my coaching badges and have them all done. I got work experience with a club called Longford town for two weeks just to see how they run things. After seeing what they did I knew I wanted to become a manager. And no one can tell me I am two fucking small.

Another year gone by and I am a manager now of Oatfield F.C it’s a local club with a under 21 side but now under 13 side so that’s what I did I went to the Committee and I asked them if I could put it together and they said yes. So 3 years later I am still doing it the team now all under 16 and some of the players going to the under 21 team. We have one the league twice and the cup once. Are best achievement was beating under 15 Celtic in a friendly 3-1 I was so proud of the team lost two players that game who went to Celtic.

So I am sitting in the pub I get a phone call from the committee of Oatfield asking me to meet me tomorrow at 9, I can’t do that am sorry am out having a few tonight can 11 do. So we agree on 11 tomorrow morning. As the night start I am twisted drunk can’t stand up straight. I get a taxi home and hit the floor as soon as I walk in. my alarm goes off at 10, so I am in the shower and away I go. Hi Jason we called you hear to say what a job you have done with the younger players but we a new manager need for the senior team would you do it. Yes of course, that’s great.

So I am the new manager of the senior team and in my first season we came 2nd in the league and made it all the way to the semi-finals in the Milk Cup. That was great I am 25 years old and I am a manager but I want bigger things. The next season was better than my first we won the league for the 1st time in 9 years and again we made it to the Milk Cup but it was the semi Finals again were we lost.

I am 26 years old I have played teams such as Celtic, Chelsea, Leeds, Manchester United, and more. As a manager not many can say that I know they were the youth teams but still it was great. Two more years pass and what can I say 1 league title and one final of the milk cup in them two years we lost 3-2 to Manchester united in the final and 3 of players went to England. I am on the up I know it, I want to be a manager in England.

People tell me 28 is too young to become a manager in England I tell them to shut the fuck up. Noting is impossible I look back to a quote of Michel Jordan (To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”) And I know I will get a lot of no’s all I need is one yes so that is why I know I will make it.

Thanks for Reading More to Follow
Some of the stuff in the story is real life and some is not.

My Chance

As I leave Oatfield I leave with a lot of good times and bad times. I am moving to England the reason I want to become a manager. Sitting on the plane ride over I think we am I going to stay with only 2,000 pounds that will get me past for two months I think. What if I don’t make it, and the plane lands I get off and go look of a hotel to sleep in tonight. I get out my laptop and I start looking online I see there is a few jobs going so I ring up and ask and to my surprise Stockport ask me to come in for an interview I don’t have a clue were that spot is, the next day I found out where I am going and got the bus. When I am there I see 5 people in suits they must be here for the job. A women comes down and asked me for my C.V I give it to her Linda I think her name was and she was Sexy as Fuck.

Mr Kavanagh we are sorry to say you are not what we are looking for we thought you were going to be older. We are really sorry for wasting your time. Aw fuck that I thought I travelled 4 hours and I did not even get an interview. This is going to be hard.

As 3 weeks went past the same shit had interviews with Lincoln and Dartford and the same thing we thought you would have been older. This is all happening again first it was your two small to be a goal keeper and now it’s your two young to become a manager. Well fuck all of you I taught two myself. And then out of the blue my phone rings HI Jason this is Phil Sonsara chairman of Ebbsfleet we would like to meet you can you make it in tomorrow at 3. Yes one more chance I am going to make this one work.

As I sit and wait to be called in, I think about how Oatfield are doing. And then Jason they will see you now, so I sit down and before they say anything I say please don’t say your two young that’s all I got the last Mount, and they look over my C.V and see what I have done we talk for about 3 hours and then, well done Jason, I said what, you got the job, really wow thank you I will not let you down. Can you start next week he said, yes I can sir.
As I am on my way home I let out a big FUCKING YES I DID IT.

It Starts Now

As I make my way to work as a Manager, I think and I think I can’t believe this is happening to me I walk in the door and there to greet me is Owner Phil Sonsara and Assistant Manager Paul McCarthy, welcome Jason here is the contract I open it, and it says

17 July 2012
Welcome to Ebbsfleet your role at the club Is Manager, we are all very excited with you her and we want the club to grow and we hope you can be the man to do it. We have giving you deal until June 2013 and we will offer you £850 pounds a week. We hope you have a long and successful time here with us.
Goals: Midtable

Signed: Phil Sonsara Signed:Jason Kavanagh

Thank you very much I will do all I can and the some to make the club grow, as I make my way to meet the team, hi lads my name is Jason Kavanagh I hope we can have a great season and show what we are made of. There is great players at this club and we are going to prove that, I am going to give use all the day of today, but don’t get use to that tomorrow the hard work starts.

As the players leave I call my Assistant Paul and say right I need a list of players marked 1-10, 10 being the best I also want the scouts to meet me. As the scouts come in I tell them what I want and send them out to find it. I am going to turn this club around.
Keep at it mate. Good luck.

Pre-Season And Transfers

As I sit down after a preseason and I evaluate the team I knew we need some improvements if we were going to stay up this season, first thing I did was cancelled all the friendly’s and got bigger teams to play us, get some extra money into the club, and that worked playing teams such as Fc. Bayern 11 and we won that match 4-0, also played Saint Etienne lost 2-0 and last we played Wimbledon and we won that 2-1. They we good matches for us getting are fitness up and get extra money and the team played really well in all the games.

Next I had to bring in some new faces and after looking at a lot of players I brought in 3 good players for the team that will boast are squad up and give us extra back up to the first team, players I brought in are Yann Nsaku a young Centre back comes with great potential and will fit straight into the team also got him on a free transfer, next we got a young Irish goal keeper Gareth Deane also on a free will be back up to are number one keeper, and last we got Mark Hingley a defensive Midfielder who will also play a big part in the team this season. I am happy with the players I got this season and maybe there might be one more to come in I am not to sure yet.
Gareth Deane
Yann Nsaku
Mark Hingley

So over all I am happy with what we have done in the first mount and I hope it will keep going the team are playing as a team. I have not sold any players yet as I have not looked at them all I will see who fits in were come January and the we will see who stays and who goes, but at the moment they are all playing great football. Have no injury’s and everyone is fit to start the new season and that is great news let’s hope it’s a good season.
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With the mount of August over the team showed me that they are no push over’s with every player wanting to start every game it’s hard to pick my starting 11 and that is the way I want it players fighting for their position. Five games played and I am a very happy manager at this point I can’t really complain about anything, the only thing I can think about is the 3 injury’s that we have picked up not long term though a few weeks and I have cover for that. We are sitting in 3rd at the moment and looking good after 5 games. We have won 4 and lost 1 in the last five games here is a look at them





Here is the League Table

As you can see some great wins there and I am so proud of the team showing what they can do let’s keep it up. Other news the broad are upgrading the youth as I asked them it start looking into getting players from our own team and turning them into 1st team players. I am happy the broad agreed I now know that they are behind me.
Good luck Jason :)

28th August 2012
A Man On A Mission

Jason Kavanagh is the new man on the job at Ebbsfleet United and he is looking to make as big an impact as possible with a club looking to get back in to the Football League. Ebbsfleet is a club which is looking up the leagues thinking "Why can't we be up there?" and Jason Kavanagh has been asigned to get rid of all the questions.

Since Jason Kavanagh has arrived at the club from Kent, the board has been no less than supportive. They have handed him enough money to sign players which he has, signing players such as Gareth Deane, Yann Nsaku and Mark Hingley. These players look like great purchases, especially for a side looking to get promoted to the NPower League One. Aswell as the signings, the board have also promised to upgrade the youth facilities to gaurantee a brighter future for Ebbsfleet United.

Mr. Kavanagh's Ebbsfleet side has already played five league games, winning four and losing just one. This leaves them in a respectable 3rd place where they can mount a title challenge from. Can they gain promotion? Can they become a success under Mr. Kavanagh? All will become clear in the future.

Nick Johnson The Daily Mirror.


With the month of September over and what a month it was playing a total of seven league games the players were getting tired but they kept at it. I am proud of the team and the attitude towards me and the club showing that they are real professionals. And with the broad behind me and the team are not holding back, we are going for it we want it, and we will get it. With no injury’s the club is healthy, we could make a good go of this and we will. Here are the games.








Now that was a tough month for us, not the best one, but we are still doing really well in the league and after having a meeting with the broad they agree that the team is doing very well. And the fans are also happy and that is the main thing. If we can keep this up we might be able to reach the play-offs and that is the goal now. Well here is the league table.
You're grammar and story writing ability has improved dramatically. Keep It Up! :D

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