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Siena: The New Kings of Italy

Started on 6 January 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 11 January 2013 by Jer
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Brilliant start, but the description of the team I can see very clearly you copied all of it from Wikipedia ;)

I'm not saying it isn't right to copy. I'm saying you shouldn't make it so obvious, at least erase the citations and everything :))

Other than that, it's a good story but I'm a tad bit disappointed you abandoned your Norwich one.
please download and install some logos hehe
Well done mate, starting well. Despite a difficult pre-season you are surely back on the right track now! Good luck to you!!
Glenn, I didn't leave the Norwich one, I'll get back to it if I get relegated :P.
Good luck man,hope you do well as you did with Norwich :P
Month Report (October): I knew this month would be one of the toughest as we hosted a match and played away the other two. This month I didn't expect to have a win, as Sampdoria are a good side also. The start of the month was great, we beat Sampdoria. A Pegolo blooper against A.C. Milan let them take the three points home. We went to Turin and we were offensively good when we got the chance, but horrible defending led to that big margin loss. The results are down below. Rosina is playing some great football and I am happy he is at Siena.

Match Report #1: Serie A
Sampdoria vs A.C. Siena
16' Emanuele Calaio
FT: 0-1

Match Report #2: Serie A
A.C. Siena vs A.C. Milan
49' Massimo Ambrosini
FT: 0-1

Match Report #3: Serie A
Juventus vs A.C. Siena
14' Nicolas Gaitan
45(+1)' Vincenzo Iaquinta
69' Lucio
90' Sebastian Giovinco
FT: 4-0

Siena Player of the Month:
Alessandro Rosina
Why: He has been playing great football here at Siena and I am glad that he is here with us. He sometimes plays as an AP or RW, where most of the goals are scored by Mannini or Calaio.

A.C. Siena manager Jeremy Pauker has arrived at Madrid after his Pescara match was canceled and was greeted by an Atletico Madrid employee. More to come..
Press Conference at Atletico Madrid facilities
A.C. Siena manager Jeremy Pauker are holding a press conference with Atletico Madrid boss Diego Maradona at the Vicente Calderon.

JP: Jeremy Pauker
DM: Diego Maradona
J: Journalist

J: So Diego, why did you call us here?

DM: We all are here as Jeremy and myself are going to announce big news for both our clubs.

*Journalist rumble*

JP: *Italian accent* Excuze mes, we are here to announce that A.C. Siena and Atletico’s Madrid are announcing an affiliation between these two teams.

J: What?! What do you mean?

DM: Let me take it from here Jeremy, we will host two games annually. We will be playing two friendlies during the pre-season every year and with Pauker's ambition to take Siena to the top. It had to be done.

J: What if Pauker's accomplishments of taking Siena to the top fails, what would happen to this affiliation?

DM: Man, I wouldn't doubt Pauker's manager skills as he barely lost any matches as Siena boss. Plus, we will be helpful in any ways to Siena.

J:Why two friendlies?

JP: Let me take this one Diego, the pre-season friendly match is to show our new signings from the January transfer window and the summer transfer window.

J: So, with two friendlies taking place, where are this matches going to be played at?

JP: We will take turns at the Vicente Calderon and the Artemio Franchi.

J: Considering Siena's current financial state, who are the gate receipts going to?

DM: The gate receipts will be given to start a new youth academy in Siena and in Madrid, for young kids to use.

J: Thanks, that would be all.

*Maradona and Pauker shakes hands*

DM and JP: Thank you all!

*A roar of claps from the journalists.*

All Picture credits to or.dabool. Thanks for your help mate! I'd like to thank Rookie as well as he gave us permission to do this. (They did a similar story as well). Thanks!
I wish you the greatest of luck with this idea. It was a great one for me and Or and I'm sure it will be a great one for you two. LONG LIVE THE BOND BETWEEN SIENA AND MADRID!!
Month Report (November): This month will be extremely hard, as most of our matches are away. Though, I am confident that we can win all these matches because they are also relegation-tipped sides. A match I do expect a win is the Coppa Italia match against Padova. We played Cagliari and duly beat them. The match against Atalanta, was a hard one, after all they are in the top 10 at the moment. We drew them and we were climbing up clubs like Chievo and Pescara. We played our relegation-candidate team Pescara away and I knew that Vladimir Weiss was injured, which helped my team win. These matches were key as we couldn't lose any points for us to continue rising up the table. A win at home against Bologna tied the points and we climbed up to 13th, five places away from the relegation spots. Our final match of the month was against Serie B leaders Padova. Padova loaned the likes of Babacar, Farias and Granoche so I fielded a strong side. After our team pressured in the final minutes, we finally scored. We won, but drew Roma, who will be a tough challenge.

Match Report #1: Serie A
A.C. Siena vs Cagliari
36' Ze Eduardo
53' Lorenzo Ariaudo
57' Mauricio Pinilla
FT: 2-1

Match Report #2: Serie A
Atalanta vs A.C. Siena
38' Giacomo Bonaventura
78' Emanuele Calaio
FT: 1-1

Match Report #3: Serie A
Pescara vs A.C. Siena
17' Nicolas Belmonte

Match Report #4: Serie A
A.C. Siena vs Bologna
39' Emanuele Calaio
FT: 1-0

Match Report #5: Coppa Italia
A.C. Siena vs Padova
84' Ribair Rodriguez
FT: 1-0

A.C. Siena Manager of the Month
Emanuele Calaio
Why: He keeps scoring goals and is impressive. 8 goals in 13 apps is good for any team!
Great job Pauker, continue that string of wins. :D
Press Conference at the Artemio Franchi after the Padova win.

RS: Raphael Scott
JP: Jeremy Pauker

RS: How do you feel about your team against Padova?

JP: I feel great with my team, as we won and we duly deserved it. We had several posts, and that was just bad luck, as we scored late into the match.

RS: With the recent affiliation with Atletico Madrid, how do you feel about Diego Maradona?

JP: This affiliation sees that this club wants to go forward and shake off these recent debts we owe. Diego Maradona is a great manager, as you can see that he beat 6-0 to Sparta Prague, who have a great strike-power. Diego is one of the people that rocked the football world both as a player and surely will do in the Liga BBVA in the near future.

RS: Diego Maradona is currently sixth at the Liga BBVA holding an Europa League place, do you think that the Atletico Madrid are happy with him?

JP: Europa League football is attractive, and they are the current holders. I believe that they can finish up there, holding the trophy. Though, as Barcelona are still winning, I see it next year easily. Though, they will surely beat Real Madrid at the Madrid derby.

RS: Diego Maradona is what people call crazy, would you agree with the public?

JP: Absolutely no, he is such a good person. He made the wrong mistakes, but nobody said anything to Ryan Giggs when he fucked his brother's wife right? Plus, he is happy with his current job.

RS: How does Maradona handle his players?

JP: I've been there, in his half-time talks and I was about to pull an Atletico Madrid shirt and go out of the field, but he stopped me.

RS: That would be all, thanks.

JP: No problem Raph, see you soon.

Great Job Pauker you are doing a great job keep it up mate ;)
You're doing great :) Next time you see R.Scott, can you ask him to contact Alex Sonwild :D he would love to speek to this great journalist :P
Brilliant! :D

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