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Arsenal FC, trophy drought must come to an end

This is my story about a young inexperienced chap becoming the next Arsenal manager.
Started on 11 January 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 24 January 2013 by Seni
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First day of training. I met all the players and watched them go through their paces before the real intense training started. If we are going to win anything the whole team must work hard and train hard.

I also met with the coaching staff and more importantly, Steve Bould, my assistant manager who I have great respect for.

" Mr Bould can we have a meeting in my office?"


" I think in he past the current 4-3-3 fornation has not been very effective, therefore I would rather change the formation to a 4-3-2-1 or ecen a 4-4-2. I understand the 4-3-3 allows us to use the pace we have in the team but Arteta's natyral position is bot as a DM, therefore we will have to buy a DM. Possibly Yann M'Villa?"

" I believe we should send scouts to watch M'Villa play before making an offer. We can play a 4-4-2 with Giroud and Walcott up front, pace and power."

" That is brilliant idea, the next thing I wanted to talk about is about us getting rid of deadwood, I feel we should sell players such as Rosicky, Santos Chamakh and Squaillaci, it would increase both our wage and transfer budget."

" I agree, I will let the. Know they're going to be transfer listed. What about Arshavin?"

" Andrei Arahavin still has some magic in him, he will not be sold. I want Jack Wilshere to be back fit as quick as possible, he is a huge player for us"

"No problem I'll work on it, I have to go now these players need to be drilled!"

"You're free to go"
Transfwr Targets

I would love to sign Thierry Henry and then offer him a coaching role once he retires.

I need another CB, This will increase the competition and also I think Shawcross is a wonderful defender and is of a good height.

I will be getting rid of Chamakh therefore I need another striker.

This is my main transfer target, I need a young strong defensive midfielder, to break up the play and to help the defence.
Hope you do well here as an Arsenal Fan i would like to see a trophy. :)
I strongly suggest Henry, he still has it in him.
2013-01-14 21:12#77180 wellsy1498 : Hope you do well here as an Arsenal Fan i would like to see a trophy. :)

I'll do my best to win one :)
2013-01-14 21:26#77183 TheChosenOne : I strongly suggest Henry, he still has it in him.

Yes he does, he also will add experience to the team, something the squad lacks! Hopefully I'll get about 2 years out of him and then I'll offer him a coaching role.

By far my favourite player. Jack Wilshere's work rate and determination is amazing. The he wins the ball and drives in is amazing to watch. I visited the gym to talk to him.

"Morning Jack"

"Morning sir, I'm trying my best to get fit before the new season"

"Jack, I must say, I love the determination you show on and off the field. I want to let you know that as from next season, not the one coming up, but the one after you will be captain ofthe side"

"Thanks boss thats great I really appreciate it!"
While doing some work in my office my assistant manager Steve Bould came in telling me Chamakh would like to see me about him being transfer listed

" Sir, I know happy you transfer list me, what I do? I better than err Giroud"

" Listen, you have no right to compare yourself to our new striker. He's better than you aerially and physically. He also works harder than you. Unless you want to be the star striker in the reserves?"

" You do not know what you doing, I the better, what do you know, you just a young inexperienced manager"

" I know you have no future at Arsenal and you're the worst striker we have, get the hell out of my office Marouane!"

" You an idiot"

" I may be an idiot but I'm your manager, therefore you're fined one weeks wage"

Marouane flew a fist but I dodged it and immediately pinned him to the floor.



Reports say Marouane Chamakh and new Arsenal manager were involved in a verbal fight and things even got physical.

We understand that Chamakh was unhappy about being transfer listed and questioned Arsenal's new signing Giroud and Seni Oyewumi's role as manager, Seni hit back and this lead to a physical fight.

We will try our best to get more information on this.

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This is brilliant!
2013-01-18 10:35#77755 Sammmm : This is brilliant!

Thank you vou very much! I'm just waiting for steam to start working on my laptop so I can finally start the story

Marouane Chamakh will leave the club after his unprofessional behaviour towards our manager Seni Oyewumi. He also has been fined one weeks wages.
As I opened up my new acer laptop, I checked my email, I was shocked. What kind of people would send such horrible things to me, what did I do to them. That's when I realised who had sent the email.

"Hello Seni Oyewumi.

You made a huge mistake choosing Arsenal over us! You're a f******* w***** and a huge d*******.

I hope we smash you, we approached you first and you just went were the money was you f****** gold digger!

I promise you if we see you anywhere we're gonna f****** murk you till you admit that spurs are better than you fake ''GOONERS''





I was disgusted by their lack of their respect. Steve Bould and I decided that I should write a complaint to the FA about the abusive language used against me and I did exactly that!


The FA released a statement earlier today following the email received by Arsenal's manager.

"Following the unruling behaviour from a Tottenham fan towards Arsenal's manager, Tottenham Hotspurs have been fined £20,000 and have been warned to issue a warning to their fans about their behaviour"

Arsenal fans are said to have reacted very well to this.

One tweeted:

@AFC_96 Just heard sp*rs have been fined 20 k, hahaha this day couldn't be any better!

Arsenal FC have confirmed the signing of Robert Pires (Free), M'Villa (Undisclosed) and Demba Ba (Undisclosed) Reports also say Thierry Henry rejected the chance to join Arsenal again. Arsenal beat Tottenham in the race to get M'Villa, this will make Spurs fan hate Seni Oyewumi even more.

Reports also say Arsenal are set to sign Wellington Nem for a fee around 3.5M

Gervinho has joined Juve for a fee around 12.5 M

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