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Saints: living up to the name, the stripes are back.

Started on 17 January 2013 by LiamB
Latest Reply on 23 January 2013 by LiamB
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The Sun reports that Nigel Adkins has resigned from his post at Southampton after 3 years
of being in charge at the club.

After interviewing the likes of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Roy Keane and Andriy Shevchenko, the job was given to Ex Chelsea coach, Liam Brocklesby, because of an agreed low yearly wage to manage the club and his excellent experience of the Premier league.
Hello Liam Brocklesby.

A Manchester and Rotherham united fan from birth, Brocklesby was a former manager with notable teams such as, Sc Heerenveen and Malmo FF, however was signed by Chelsea under the reign of Joese Mourinho as a Coach. Mentoring and training such players as Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole.

His coaching and managing abilities and efforts were noticed Nicola Cortese and Les Reed. Also his enthusiasm and technique were captured, which may have clinched him the job.

According to Sky sports news, Liam Brocklesby was the least favorite for the Saints job, but has proved us wrong.
Season budget: £4 Million.
Wage: £498,120.
Season aim: Top half of the league.

With a low budget, the fans can't see many big named transfers on their way to St Mary's.
However, Brocklesby aims to make at least 2 big name transfers to boost this squad and
keep them up in the Premier league this season.

First on the shopping list is the dubbed' next Frank lampard, Ruben Yteggard Jenssen, and the Norwegian wonderkid Ole Kristian Selnaes, from Tromso and Rosenborg respectively.

Also signing for a combined £7.3 Million is Vegard Forren and Wellington Nem.


Liam Brocklesby claims that these fixtures, all would have been won by a considerable amount of goals, if his team was at what he would say finished...until the January transfer window.

The squad are healthy and ready and are in good spirits ahead of their opening league game in 3 days against the experienced club West Brom.

Southampton kick of the season at St Marys and grab the lead after a magnificant strike from Midfielder, Adam Lallana just after 8 minutes, West Brom pull one back to make it 1 each way in the 62nd minute, then Yteggard Jenssen pops in the late winner in the 88th minute.

FINAL SCORE: Southampton 2 : 1 WestBrom.


Arsenal kick off the game and leave the pitch at half time with a thunderous 3 goal lead. However, the Saints get a bollocking off of Brocklesby in the changing room. They come out for the second half fired up and ready to go. The advanced striker Ricky Lambert pulls one back for the saints in the 77th minute, and midfielder Steven Davies strikes a lucky second goal for the away team.

FINAL SCORE: Arsenal 3 : 2 Southampton.


Brocklesby doesn't put his first choice squad out today, as he is resting them for the Swansea match next week. Brocklesby takes players such as Callum Chambers and Ole Selnaes and you can expect to see these two in the line up or on the bench at least.
Southampton kick off the game annd leave for to the changing rooms 2 goals up. The teams come out after half time, Peterborough bring one back, but isnt enough as Nicklas Helenius scores the final goal.

FINAL SCORE: Southampton 3 : 1 Peterborough.
Meeting with Nicola Cortese.

Brocklesby : Hello, Nicola. How are you?

Cortese : Ciao Liam

Brocklesby : I was wondering if you could pump a few million pounds into the budget.

Cortese : Why Liam, you dont need any money. The squad is fine as it is.

Brocklesby : No, I want to assure you of a top half finish this year, and we are lacking ability in goal, we need a substitute goalkeeper.

Cortese : You can ask as much as you like Liam, this is not going to happen, now you have put me in a bad mood, i would like you to leave my office please.

Brocklesby : Are you really going to be this guy?! Ughh, ill just have to scrounge a keeper from the youth team, i guess that will do.

Cortese : Yes it will have to do! Because you arent having any money until i see the squad performing well, consistently, every game. Ask me again before the January transfer window and i will be very angry.

Brocklesby : Ok then, sorry boss.

Cortese : Go then get out! Uscire dalla mia vista. Vaffanculo!!

(Brocklesby leaves the office)
(then re-enters)

Brocklesby : Boss, are you ok? Boss, are you crying? Oh lord, Ill see you tomorrow boss.

Good luck!!! COYR!!!! I like how you signed Forren, who they have just signed IRL :) Unlucky v Arsenal
loving it mate keep it up
Hahah cheers mate! and i signed them before, then noticed that they signed him in real life! WTF :L haahhahahaah :)
2013-01-18 20:19#77833 Roberto85 : loving it mate keep it up

Cheers to you to mate!

Due to recent month long injury of Luke shaw, Liam Brocklesby decided with the 200k left in the bank that he was going to buy maybe a first choice left back who also plays left midfield beside Luke Shaw.

Welcome : Maksim Bardachow.


Brocklesby: I only had 200k in the bank left, however, Nicola Cortese arranged a meeting, the day he found out Luke Shaw was injured and offered me a sum of money in return for a favour. The favour I did for him for the club is confidential but I can at least say the stadium will be upgraded majorly in the next 2 years.



Brocklesby: I am very, very pleased with Wellington, he has shown and proven to me that he deserves to be first choice every game! I can surely see him being the next Kaka or even bigger, Watch out Southapmton, Barcalona will be after him soon:L.

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