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Tottenham Hotspur - The King is Back

Started on 22 January 2013 by Dalnoth
Latest Reply on 23 January 2013 by Dalnoth
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10 yearsEdited
Hey guys. I'm back again with another story. Hopefully this won't be a flop.

Up until now I've used teams I've supported, liked or at least didn't wish were relegated.(Except Man United) :P But those stories/saves haven't lasted long, so I have used the team I hate most in the Prem - Tottenham Hotspur - in hopes that this save will be longlasting.

Originally, I planned to use Judas a.k.a Sol Campbell, who left Spurs on a free transfer to join Arsenal(I don't blame him tbh :P). But a_esbech advised me against it, saying something similar to this.
"Just for the idea you deserve to have your balls cut off with a rusty old spoon. By an old lady with arthritis, so that way, it'll take forever."

So I decided to change my character to someone else.

Who is that someone? Well, that should be obvious by the title. ;)


Episode 1: WTF?
Episode 2: Vacation
Episode 3: The Plane Tickets
"Just for the idea you deserve to have your balls cut off with a rusty old spoon. By an old lady with arthritis, so that way, it'll take forever."

Just epic

Episode 1: WTF?

I was on the chair, with my suitcase beside my right leg, fiddling with my thumbs. What was I even doing here?

Sure, "techincally" I was qualified for this job, but I had no fucking idea how I was gonna go about it. I was scared about the interview, scared that I wouldn't get the job. But the thing that scared me more was the fact that I could possibly get the job, and then screw up terribly.

The door infront of me opened, and a tall man with glasses walked out. He was freakishly tall, looked about 6'4". He was followed by a short fat man. The former looked like he aced his interview, and was confident of the job, and the short man I assumed, was his agent. As he walked by me, he tapped me on the shoulder and said "Good luck" in a strong French accent, displaying a cocky smile on his face.

Then, I figured it out. That was Laurent Blanc. Former Manchester United player, Bordeaux manager, and France manager until a couple of weeks ago.
I applied for this job with the hope that I wouldn't have to compete with the likes of Blanc and other top managers around Europe because of the way our last boss left. André Villas-Boas was just two weeks into the job when he went insane and was admitted into a mental health instutution. There are rumours that Daniel Levy was the reason. I thought that these other candidates would like to keep their sanity, but by the looks of it, they didn't. Why was I here, then? Because I loved the club, of course.

I declared defeat. No way I was getting hired.. There was no point wasting my time, the board's time, and throwing my self-respect out the window. I picked up my briefcase, turned around and started walking away.

"Mr. King" said a voice behind me, stopping me in my tracks. I turned around.

"The board will see you now." said the receptionist.

I reluctantly walked back towards the room, cursing the receptionist in my head.

I put my hand on the doorknob, still trying to decide if I should walk away. It wasn't too late.

My brain said "Run". My heart "Run". But apparentely, my body said "Go in" as I found myself twisting the doorknob and pushing the door open. I screamed "NOOOOOOOO!" in my head, but I was already in the room. There was no running away now.

In front of me was a long table. On the far side, there were seven men seated, all dressed in expensive suits, and none of them seemed very enthusiastic. The only reason I even had an interview for the job was because of my playing career at the club. None of them were going to take me seriously. At the centre was a bald man. Daniel Levy, The chairman.
"Come on Mr. King, we don't have all day. "

I took my seat on the opposite side, waiting for the first question to be fired.
"So, let's keep this short and sweet, shall we? Why should we hire you?" asked Levy.
I don't know what I said, or what happened for the next thirty minutes or so, but this is how my interview ended.

"Congratulations, Mr. King. At this point, we can offer you a one year contract, worth £40,000 a week." said the Chairman.
"£90,000 a week" I demanded.
"Meet us in the middle. £65,000."
"Alright. And I want my own backroom team."
"Of course."
"And a paid vacation. Brazil. Two weeks."
"Done. We'll prepare a contract and send it to you by tomorrow." said Levy, with a satisfied smile on his face.
I shook his outstreched hand firmly, and left the room before they changed their mind, still wondering what the fuck had just happened.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
good luck with Spurs :)
Good luck with this :)
Good luck Ledley "The injury prone" King :) Hopefully you can get a good dfensive system in :P
Good luck, looking forward to see what you do with the team, who you keep/sell and buy :D
Dalnoth's avatar Group Dalnoth
10 yearsEdited

Episode 2 : Vacation

I stepped out into the arrivals hall of the Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo. Even though it was supposed to be winter in Brazil, it was suprisingly warm. I searched around for anyone carrying a board with my name on it. Glenn Kolatowicz..nope..Joe Bob? What the fuck?..Lidly Keng. Huh. That must be me. I looked down from the cardboard to the man holding it.

Okay, he wasn't exactly posing like that, but that is the only picture I have of him. Valdir de Moraes. My new assistant manager. And my personal tour guide for my trip to Brazil. Hehe. From what I've heard of him, he doesn't speak much English at all, but he's got plenty of experience. He was a goalkeeper from 1951-1967 and from then on he was a coach. He spent all his time in either Brazil or Saudi Arabia. You must be thinking - waitwhut? 1951? - Yep. He's 80 years old.

I went up to him.

"Hi, Valdir, right? I'm Ledley."
"Olá Ledley. You here to buy player right? I show you best player."

He started dragging me outside the airport, and boy, for an 80 year old he was freaking strong.

"Woah woah woah. Hold on there." I said.
He stopped and looked at me.

"I'm not here to sign players. I'm here for a vacation." I said.
"Vaca-tion?" he tried pronouncing.
"Yes, a vacation. A holiday." I insisted.
"Okay, I take you to football match."

I sighed. No point trying to make him understand. An hour later we were off our cab, with the cab driver hurling insults at Valdir in Portuguese for not leaving him a tip. He took me into the 'Morumbi' stadium, where a match was already underway.

"The player in white shirts. That is São Paulo team. They have best player." he said, pointing out to a man wearing the #12.

I strained my eyes to read the name.
"Ya! That him. He and Neymar, best players in Brazil." he said.
"Nonononono. We can't afford people like Ganso." I said, waving my hands in disapproval.
"Why no? He be good player in Enga-land."
"England." I corrected. "And while Ganso is indeed a great player, we don't have that much money to spend."

The crowd suddenly went nuts, and the drum-beating started. São Paulo had just scored a goal.

"Who's that there?" I asked, pointing to the guy running towards the fans in jubilation.

"Ademilson. Good young striker. Only 18. You buy?"

"Well, I haven't seen enough of him. We'll send a scout to watch him in more matches. Now, time for the beach." I said, getting up, ready to get some relaxing done.

"No no." he said. "We see him again and we see other young player too." he said.

"Oh, great." I said sarcastically, with a fake smile plastered all over my face, getting ready to give up on my vacation.
Good writing so far, I can't wait until you get to the matches!
This has the potential to be a great fm story. Good luck Dalnoth.

The Plane Tickets

I was expecting to travel first-class in British Airways along with Valdir, but due to a "slight" change of travel plans, I was instead flying economy in a budget Brazilian airline. Daniel Levy had assigned me a certain amount of money for the airfare, and well, it wasn't two people I was bringing back to England. During our "scouting mission", we ended up signing three Brazilian players.

18 year old striker Ademilson was signed from Sao Paulo for £5.25m

17 year old Adryan will join Tottenham from Flamengo for £875k on his 18th birthday.

Twice-capped Brazilian attacking midfielder Wellington Nem joins Spurs from Fluminense for a fee of £3.5m.

But that still only made up 5 people I had to buy tickets for. Valdir knew some people who he thought would make an excellent addition to our backroom team. So that meant 3 coaches, 2 goalkeeping coaches as well as a physio and a scout joined us on our plane.

I'm just hoping we will get back safely to London on this bucket of bolts.
This has the potential to be a great fm story. Good luck Dalnoth.
Good writing so far, I can't wait until you get to the matches!
Good luck, looking forward to see what you do with the team, who you keep/sell and buy
The FM Rookie:
Good luck Ledley "The injury prone" King. Hopefully you can get a good dfensive system in
Good luck with this
The Boy Wonder:
good luck with Spurs

Thanks for all the support guys, hopefully I can turn this into a really good story. :)

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