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Player Contract Buyout

Started on 25 January 2013 by Robp
Latest Reply on 29 January 2013 by Robp
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Does anyone know if FM13 has this feature ? Basically to allow extremely unhappy (and wealthy) players to buy themselves out of their contract ?

This exists in real life so with SI so focused on making the game as realistic as possible, i would have thought it would be in place.

I know they have a feature where i had Xisco at Newcastle United and i sold him to Deportivo but he had to take a pay cut and then the cheeky git expected me to continue paying him the wage difference till the end of his current contract, but surely if the player was really adamant they wanted to leave and i wasnt prepared to let him go, he should be able to just say to me "ok, ill pay you £10m (or whatever his salary multiplied by the remaining duration on his contract) to let me go"

Is it possible ? I cant see it as a contract option (when you offer a new contract), so if it does exist, i can only imagine that all players would have access to it.
You can pay them compensation to release them from their contract, but as far as I know they can't buy out their contract.
yeah i knew that about the compensation to release them and the compensation for them to pay them the wage difference till the end of the contract.

Ive read the ruling im talking about is referred to as the Webster Ruling or Article 17 in the fifa rule book. Apparently this rule was in previous versions of FM but not in this one (there was the contracted protected yes/no option).

I know it doesnt happen often in real life but the fact its still possible, and the fact it allows really unhappy players to leave if they want (and can afford to), it SHOULD be in the game for realism.

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