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Signing on...

An unemployed Manager's Story...
Started on 5 February 2013 by superallys_lovechild
Latest Reply on 15 March 2013 by superallys_lovechild
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Is there anymore updates coming for this story? I was really getting into this one really liked the style of writting.
Sorry guys! I've had a bit of a nightmare last 2/3 weeks with illness and was away from home so haven't been able to update. Fret not, I will get involved with writing over the next few days!

One of the most gripping stories I've read in recent years, if I'm honest. I think theres a degree of realism in the way your manager (I forgot the name of him) interacts with other people, something which I feel most stories lack. Will definitely be following!

Oh, and hurry up and get over your illness, you delfish man!
The phone pinged. The email had arrived. I didn't want to necessarily read it on the phone; too small, so I opened my Yahoo! account on the laptop.

My heart was pounding as I saved the documents and opened them up. Again, the first page flashed up with the Aswan SC logo. This time though, it was an official job offer! Quickly, I scrolled down the page...

SALARY TO BE PAID: 13,300 Egyptian Pounds per-week (Some negotiation available)
CONTRACT DURATION: Expiry date: June 2013 (One year)
REMIT: To try to alter the culture of Aswan SC by integrating younger players into the club and liaise closely with education establishments in the city to set-up coaching links with schools.

There was an added section which went on to explain that Mohammed would provide accommodation in the form of a villa within the grounds of his own home, just outside the main city and also two vehicles for which fuel would be paid for by his company. We would also have a shopping allowance attributed to us with a limit of 1,000 Egyptian Pounds per-week.

The pictures of the villa looked great, all I needed to do was see how the money checked out. A quick visit to showed that Aswan SC were offering me the sum of £1,300 per-week! It would basically equate to £1,000 per-week, in hand, after tax!

This was a serious consideration! It was already more than my wife and I currently brought home between us, coupled with the interesting experience of managing abroad, I felt as though I had to take it... But not before I asked for £1,500 per-week! Well, it did say that there was room for negotiation!
Another solid update. Keep it up, mate!
Great update. It will be interesting who you will sign :D!
Great story, really love the writing! Keep it up :D
Had a nightmare! For some reason there has been a database failure / collapse and I can't continue the game. I've tried everything but can't get past a certain save point in the game. Gutted really as I was enjoying both the game and the story writing :-(

Sorry guys, I was enjoying reading the comments and feedback so I might well start a new story at some point in the near future.

:( Please start a new story haha I REALLY loved your writing for this one :)
Sorry to hear you have lost your story when it was going so well. Keep this style for your next one, it got great well deserved comments.
Thanks guys for the support, like you, I was disappointed with the loss! I'm deliberating over where to go next really! I have England down to lowest levels so there's the temptation to start unemployed or pick a local club like Whitehaven / Penrith or the like... I also am tempted to go for my 'biggest' non-league local team, Workington and have a go with them.

Decisions!! Any advice or recommendations gratefully received!
I'd say go with a local club as it makes you want to succeed even more :)

Can't wait at all for a new story!
I usually holiday to January-time and then pick a club who are in a shit state. I remember taking over Norwich when they were bottom of the Championship on boxing day, still searching for their first win. Managed to guide them to a mid table finish in my first half-season in charge and thats what really kept it interesting for me. Just a suggestion!
Thanks for the advice guys; I'm torn between the two ideas! Some thinking to do now!

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