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Can I play without this rubbish called Steam?

Error code (3)
Started on 23 February 2013 by britpol
Latest Reply on 24 February 2013 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Please will someone tell me there is a way to never need Steam to play fm 2013. Again I am getting this Error Code (3) message. This is the third time I will have to uninstall and probably lose hours of game play because of this c..p program. I have a friend who is a solicitor and he's checking if Sega are breaking the law because they know and allow a third party company to distribute their products knowing full well there are inherent problems with the service.

Please, could someone on this forum tell me how to solve this problem. In easy terms please, I know very little about computers.

thanks in advance,

First, the only way to play without Steam is to use a crack which we do not allow anywhere near FM Scout. It is illegal and anybody found using it, will be banned.

Secondly, Football Manager is not distributed by Steam. It is RUN by Steam. Steam is what powers the game. If you have a problem with Steam, I recommend you contact Customer Service.

Thirdly, un-installing and re-installing Football Manager/Steam does not delete your save games. They go in to your documents in a folder for Football Manager.
If you want to contact anyone regarding steam you have to contact valve. Although I seriouslydoubt it is a problem that serious and can probably be fixed by other means. Uninstalling and re-installing will not help it will probably be something to do with the files that aren't included in steams 'local content'. I have never experienced this error due to my sabatical of fm but my guess would be the error is related to the above.

I think you're trying to say I have a crack. What is a crack? I'm a pensioner and I don't know this term.

Sorry but to use a company to distribute your product, then you accept their shortfalls. As for Steam 'running' (and please do not use capital letters with me) makes it worse. You do understand that to willingly and knowingly to permit a third party to run, distribute or service your product and as such, makes you, the producer, liable by law. FM cannot say that they know nothing about Steam's actions. The forums are full of complaints. Therefore, I do not need to contact Steam, rather Sega.
And as for your last sarcastic comment, as I always state when posting, 'I am not good with computers so please answer in an easy fashion' or something meaning the same thing that is understandable.

But I thank you for your time to answer, but as a moderator, your tone stinks.

A crack is the following

(1) To break into a computer system. The term was coined in the mid-80s by hackers who wanted to differentiate themselves from individuals whose sole purpose is to sneak through security systems. Whereas crackers sole aim is to break into secure systems, hackers are more interested in gaining knowledge about computer systems and possibly using this knowledge for playful pranks. Although hackers still argue that there's a big difference between what they do and what crackers do, the mass media has failed to understand the distinction, so the two terms -- hack and crack -- are often used interchangeably.

(2) To copy commercial software illegally by breaking (cracking) the various copy-protection and registration techniques being used.


Rookie is not steam, nor does he reprent them. To be frank if you contact sega there is a good chance they tell you to contact 'valve'(the company that owns steam). It depends where the fault lies. Now lots of games are filled with bugs, and game companies don't get sued over a bug.

e.g. when diablo 3 came out and everyone got the error not allowing them to play there game blizzard did not get sued.

My guess would be that it is a problem easily fixable, and may already have a fix. If I were you I would contact 4 or 5 admins of sports interactive and ask them to look into your problem. As well as surfing the bug page.

And to an observer I am sure rookie meant no harm by his comments or tone, its just this knowledge is pretty general knowledge for steam users, and I'm sure he doesn't have the time to know how computer / steam 'savy' everyone on this site is.
Thanks and I take on board your valid comments. However, in answer to your final comment in support of the individual's sarcastic comments, I wrote this 'Please, could someone on this forum tell me how to solve this problem. In easy terms please, I know very little about computers.' Is that not clear to him? If not why is he a moderator if he does not not understand English or does not want to give correct opinions. One of these options has to be right.

I have carefully research the meaning of 'crack' but I thank you for taking the time to enlighten me further.
Why would I need to contact Valve? FM know full well their (Valves' shortfalls but by continuing to use their services, they do, in the eyes of the law, accept and condone Valves inapproptiate actions. Ignorance, in law, is not a valid defense in court.

But we are taking this to the extreme here. I have to say though that words written in capital letters is shouting. I'm now checking to see if this site actually says that 'Shouting, by that I mean capital letters' is not permitted and rightly so. If this is the case, why are you supporting a moderator who shouts at members. That is of course unless there are rules for moderators and members.

But again, thank you for your interesting reply,

You said you know little about computers, to me what he says is a basic explaination (one that would suffice to someone fairly new to steam) and perhaps this is how he saw it also. Nothing is ever judged in one light, this is about opinions and interpretation, therefore sometimes the answer isn't as black or white as it may seem to the indivdual such as yourself.

Again whoever you contact could blame the other, but I am 95% sure its a bug, as these games are tested a fair bit (I have been involved in this test in fm last year) which means that there is a fix and don't jump to conclusions.

Sometimes capital letters can mean bold to emphasise a point, for those who don't edit their posts with such detail. I have seen so many members use capital letter frequently in their posts, and the rule applies to entire posts in capital letters, or something along those lines.. Admittedly I haven't read the guidlines in a while, but that is because I write with a certain style.

Anyway if you would like to continue this discussion could you please do it over personal message as I don't think this is an issue that should be displayed in this manner. I will lock this topic, with a view to deletion once this dispute has ended. If you want to ask for fixes about your bug please do so in another thread or post a thread on sports interactives forums, as this thread has become increasingly off topic.

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