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Rise of the Potters

Marco Van Basten heads stoke to glory
Started on 2 April 2013 by tcage
Latest Reply on 7 April 2013 by sedsosedso
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Episode 1:

A landmark day for fans and the people of stoke as Marco Van Basten has been announced as the new manager of Stoke City. An uproar of support has gone to legendary Marco Van Basten as stoke look to achieve with their new legendary manager.

" I am flattered to be taking over a prolific club like stoke. A very indigenous tactic to football is currently being played here which hopefully could be overturned by a more modern short passing style. The boys aswell as the fans are excited by a potential change in footballing mentality as stoke, so its only going to get better here at the Britannia Stadium"
Picture's broken mate. Good luck, but try and slow down making stories, you've done a couple in the last few days.
Good start. Like Toon said, slow down when making new stories. Bit more description on the club maybe, don't be afraid to use Google. Compose the start better maybe by using a bit of Wiki, the club website and what the Chairman gives you in you inbox at the very start.
Good luck m8 :)
As far as I know, after a bit of persuasion tcage will be just be focusing on this story. Good luck and please don't give up anytime soon as I think you could do well with Stoke City!
Good start tcage :) keep it up!

Episode 2:

A quick summary of the key players as well as our tactics to help us play the beautiful game and change our classic mentality of the long ball and cross.

Our primary tactic, requires creative full backs but also allows us to play a free flowing attacking game,on the floor!
This secondary tactic will be used when we are heavily opted for a heavy loss or see out vital wins in the last quarter of the games.

Key Players:
Though Micheal has struggled to regain his fitness as well as his form after leaving Liverpool, I am to use him as my primary threat due to the natural mentality of a goalscorer. Hopefully he regains his form.
The heart of our midfield. His all round brilliance makes him the beast in the box the box position, not only being creative with the ball but off the ball, his defensive prowess was up to standard.
Technically, he is one of the best in the business at his defensive work, and will only get better with age.
Brilliant, well rounded keeper and could help with our hopes of euro league football with some clean sheets.

Episode 3:

Marco Van Basten has delved into the stoke city bank by signing 4 players for a combined total of 7 million pounds.

"I have signed these players because not only are they very sympathetic and at growing ages but they fit the philosophy of passing I want to implant here at stoke. Some say it is virtually impossible to change a "one ball" club like stoke into a passing maestro. But hopefully buy confirmation of the signing of these players, it takes this vision one step closer.
Bought for 600k.
Bought for 1.3m
Bought for 5m
Free Transfer
Good signings good luck.

Episode 4:

"Average August" the phrase on the stoke fans lips after a month to which would be forgotten. The month originally kicked off well with a narrow win against derby in a friendly ending in 1-0, this feeling off Superiority was short-lived as they were beaten at home 5 days later in a friendly against Getafe which ended 1-0.

"Though we enter the season with a average pre-season, we aim to overturn that with a win against Newcastle"

Though the managers words inspired many across the Britannia Stadium, they suffered a heavy deafest against Newcastle, 3-1, to round off a miserable start to the season. Ryan Shawcross and Robert Huth recently featured in a short advert to liven up a poor morale in the stoke hearts. This proved to good as it seemed stoke had learnt from their mistakes and consquently came back with a 3-0 win against Everton away from home! The fans were jubilant as their loosing streak came to an abrupt ending.

The glimmer of hope that flickered for a better end to august was vigorously turned off as they
were shaken by a determined Burnley who gave stoke a premature end to the captial one cup. With an emphatic 2-0 loss away from home.

"Though we are out of the capital one cup, we have recorded a win in the premier league this month, which will give us grave encouragement, going into September"- Marc Van Basten said after the 2-0 loss against burnley.

Episode 5:

Satisfying September

The fans wanted a better month for the ever-changing club named stoke. Did they get it? Well it looked more than viable, when their month kick started beautifully with an truly emphatic 2-1 win against the league champions, man city. Footballing Pundit, Alan Shearer, quoted "A truly amazing victory for stoke as they out- witting the "millionaires playground"

A familiar slice of form came back to reality at the Britannia Stadium, as they welcomed Southampton to a 3-2 defeat. Though they showed great courage as well as determination to come back from 2 down they couldn't hold a draw and Southampton finished a truly tantalizing victory with an magnificent goal from Adam lallana.

Stoke bounced back to win away from home, and a total opposite of what happened in their previous match as they show, once again great determination coming back from 2-0 down to reading, but not only coming back in a superb fightback but ending any possible late winner by reading by silencing it with a goal, to make the final score 3-2. Marco Van Basten quoted "It is truly remarkable and brilliant that we could come back from what seemed like an over away loss"

Lastly stoke traveled to the DW stadium, where they dominated but due to their profligacy only could manage a draw. Pundits have valued the fans at the DW stadium for their up-most backing of the players and said that the fans were the true unsung heroes of the match.

Micheal owen outstanding form during the month of September has not gone unnoticed at the Britannia Stadium, as the 33 year old striker notched up an excellent tally of 4 goals in 5 games. He has truly blossmened under the reign on the new manager. Marco Van basten added: "I am truly honored that I was capable to have at least gave Micheal Owen a month of brilliance which he has deserved. He still has that special touch, and in my opinion still one of the best around at what he does"
Good start tcage :) keep it up!
thanks man. truly appreciate it
Nice mate, if you have an extra tactic free, I would put 5 at the back, a tactice for those teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and United and Chelsea.

Episode 6

Overview of team-July- November

Stoke have been doing relatively well in the premier league, registering wins against the likes of Man city and Arsenal as well as domination possession. Despite our early sucess in the preimer league, we have recieved some real shockers with a premature end to our cup run with a heavy defeat away from home to Burnley in the Captial one cup.

" Hughes has been in exceptional form for us, and has shown what a quality player he is at his young age. Credit has to go to our amazing scouting team for finding such a talented player. Better than Beckham? Yes. I have been around the blocks many times but I have seen a player with so much potential and finesse in their play. Pure Brilliance."

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