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Recommend a player.

Started on 31 October 2008 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 3 February 2009 by SAMAVFC1874
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RedArmy20's avatar Group RedArmy20
12 yearsEdited
Here you can recommend a player to other members. State some things about the player:

- Name
- Age
- Overall Strengths and Weakness
- The team they play in
- Some statistics about them from the game

this if for FM 09 just so guys know. And dont just point out players. u have to know them from FM 09.
Name: Mario Balloteli
Age: 18 (wonderkid)
Position: Striker
Overall Strengths: Posses Great Pace
Overall Weaknesses: None
Team: Inter Milan
Stats: n/a

Bought for 7.75 million pounds. Potential quality player.
Name: Jack Wilshere
Age: 16 (wonderkid)
Position: Attacking midfielder
Overall Strengths: Posses Great Pace Great Shots, Gets into good positions
Overall Weaknesses: None
Team: Arsenal
Stats: n/a
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Name: Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Nationality: Greek
Age: 16
Club: Olympiakos
Specific Position: CB
Price: £2m
Notes: Could be better than Pepe

Name: Luca Tremolada
Nationality: Italian
Age: 16
Club: Inter
Specific Position: AMRL
Price: £2.5m

Name: Fausto Rossi
Nationality: Italian
Age: 17
Club: Juventus
Specific Position: ML
Price: £4m
Notes: Could be better than Sneijder

Name: Tabare Viudez
Nationality: Uruguayan
Age: 18
Club: AC Milan
Specific Position: AMC
Price: £4m

Name: Daniele Ragatzu
Nationality: Italian
Age: 16
Club: Cagliari
Specific Position: ST
Price: £2m
Notes: Will go to most top league sides in England, Spain and Italy

Name: Danny Rose
Nationality: English
Age: 18
Club: Spurs
Specific Position: AML
Price: £3m

Name: Jack Rodwell
Nationality: English
Age: 17
Club: Everton
Specific Position: DC/DM
Price: £5m
Jose Baxter

Henri Saivet

Steven Jovetic

Axel Witsel

Alex Teixeira

got any bargain to recommended?

here are my list
Miguel Veloso 12m pound - Sporting Lisboa
Joao Mautinho 12m pound - Sporting Lisboa
Lassana Diarra 6m pound - Portsmouth
Micheal Owen 3m pound - Newcastle United (try buy him early season)
duh! I knew some of u pity Owen in dis list. Hell yeah he's the top scorer in Man United ahead of Tevez and Rooney. Berba? sold already
Name: Victor Manon
Age: 16
Strengths: Speed
Weakness: Aerial Ability
The team they play in: Pachuca
Position: AMR,ST
Some statistics about them from the game: Havent signed him yet scouts only just found.

Got those asci symbols over some of his name just find him through club. 5 stars.
John Fleck

Chinedu Obasi (previously chinedu ogbuke and edu)

Joe Mattock

Ignacio Camacho

Sergio Asenjo

Giorginio Wijnaldum

Ivan Rakitic

and a question, does anybody know if Cahais, Augusto Fernandes, Gabriel Torje, Marko Marin and Tarik Elyanoussi become any good again?
Just thought i'd give a mention for good players below the Premiership standard.
Name: Dexter Blackstock
Age: 22
Strengths: Is extremely fast and tendsto out muscle most players.
Weaknesss: Finishing can be eratic and unreliable at time.

Altough goals maybe aren't his speciality he can rip defences apart with his speed and movement - I'd recomend this player for Mid-Table to Promotion level teams.
Kevin Doyle! Just signed him for Ipswich 6million sound hefty BUT he scores shit loads!
spiranovic..defender.. tower back defender..
really great for mid-team in EPL
hi there! i have just started a new, rather testing game with burnley.
now i need help with signings. so far i have got fleck on loan from rangers, kozumi from celtic, and a free signing who i cannot remember.

but i need a versatile midfielder, a versatile defender and possibly a left winger. i have around £650k to spend and £26k wage budget remaining, no one wants to come to my club and loans from premiership clubs looks doubtful as they ask for stupid amounts of money just to loan a youngster who will not play e.g. from arsenal randall and merida, over £1m is required to get 1 on loan.

help would be appreciated a lot and thankyou in advance.

ohh btw i have a medium database.
you wont get many good versatile players at the moment with that kind of money to be honest.

try looking in the swedish league, you might be able to find a few good and cheap players from there.

other than that you can buy an attacking midfielder "gerard" hes spanish and 29. quite a good backup.

and to be honest, save the money, play with the players you got, and of course you can rely on loans at this point. so try to search for a few loan players.

and after 1 season you will know exactly what type of player you need and you will most probably have a bit more money by then.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
try seyfo soley (free and low wages). quite a good stats all round for lower league clubs. marvin andrews is a good free defender to get. his stats look really bad but his heading, marking and tackling are all above 16/17 which is what you want for a good centre back. luca tremolada is a really promising left winger you can get for around 500k. dont know if he will come to burnley tho! hope this helps
Deleted's avatar Deleted
michael morton from orlando pirates, very gd prospect for future and gd in CM, DM, CB and RWB. very consistant too, costs bout 21k and wages of between 500 p/w and 2k p.w ... very solid layer, is sout african but will get w/p

gd luck
Asmir Begovic
All-round solid young goalie
Excellent first teamer for lower leagues, good backup in the prem.

Fabian Delph
Young MRC
Quick and skillful, scores some belters occasionally. potential wonderkid.

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