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Anderlecht Dream Team: The Story

Started on 5 April 2013 by Caelis
Latest Reply on 5 April 2013 by Caelis
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Caelis's avatar Group Caelis
11 yearsEdited
Hi all,
First of all English is not my native language so forgive me if some sentence are not making sense.
My updates will be simple text and screens (screens can also be given on demand).
Feel free to make comments or give tips/hints to improve my story/save, but keep in mind I do not always have much time to write.

Caelis's avatar Group Caelis
11 yearsEdited

First a bit of secret history...

It was the year 1990. It was dark room without any windows and only an old light bulb to illuminate the room.

They were scientist and billionaires (in this story called The Masterminds) developing a plan to create a race of footballers who will take the world and be the best to ever walk on the face of the earth. The scientists had created a bullet proof plan to create football players with extraordinary skills but they would need to be raised birth on so the soonest the plan would be giving result would be in 2012. They started with looking for couples who wanted to raise those children. The billionaires where going to fund it all and be the anonymous bottomless “sugar daddy” for ‘the yet to decided’ club.

To decide what club and competition to take was not a simple task and was discussed over and over for many years. It was around the year 2010 when most of the players were starting to show some promising results that finally the club and competitions was decided. It would need to be a big name in an upcoming competition. They had chosen Anderlecht who are playing in the Jupiler League in the equivalent of the English Premier League.

Talks began with the current board to form an alliance. They proposed that the current board could stay on and keep making the foregroundppearance while The Masterminds pull all the real strings. They decided they would start in the season 2012-2013. They had up till then to make sure the infrastructure would be upgraded and that the staff was up for it. They succeeded and by the season 2012-2013 9 players were deemed ready to play in this team and where send introduced into the team. The press was surprised by it because they were all unknown players.

The board, working as puppets on a string for The Masterminds, also announced that the current stadium would be increased in capacity and that new sponsor deals and money was made available for transfer and wage and it seemed to the press and the outside world that the club had found a bottomless pit of money. As manager they signed an unknown 31 year old Belgian guy named Paul Bolsens which had only the name in common with one the new found players.

The manager (who was appointed by the The Masterminds to overlook everything) stated that he would be looking to sign high profile players and young wonder kid prospects. He will also play attractive football. This also sounded like masterpiece music in the ears of the fans. The fact that al lot of players from the current squad would be shipped our aroused some doubt with the fans but they gave the board and manager the benefit of the doubt.

Of course this led to an increased reputation of the club and competition making in more attractive for the star players.

Next update: Screens from my adjusted/created players, tactic, transfer overview up till the end of the first season, and all the fixtures of the first season and player/staff rewards, etc…
I still don’t know on what frequency I will do updates from then on but I will work something out.
The next updates will probably be written from the view of the manager. With some side track views from The Masterminds.

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