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Glenn Hoddle: Back On Track!

Glenn Hoddle. International Management. What could possibly go wrong?
Started on 5 April 2013 by Louis O.
Latest Reply on 17 April 2013 by Louis O.
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10 yearsEdited

What is this?

Hi guys! This is my sub-story, a story that will not be updated as regularly as my Middlesbrough Story, and it will be written in a different style to my Boro story. I hope you enjoy it.

Who am I?

What, you couldn't tell from the title? In this story I am Glenn Hoddle, former Spurs (boo!) and England star. He later went on to management, he took Swindon to the Premier League, kickstarted Chelsea's revolution, and coached England at the 1998 World Cup before being sacked for controversial comments on the disabled. He then took the Southampton job before leaving for his 'spiritual home' of Tottenham, He was later sacked, but he was not out of the game for long as he soon took charge of Wolves. Here, he appoined his brother Carl as scout, but he died in 2008, 2 years after Glenn had left Wolves. His side drew nearly half of all their games, and Hoddle's reputation has diminished. Now he wants to get back in the game.

Quick Links!

Links to each update will be posted here.
#1: Thinking
#2 BeIN Sport
#3:The Interview
#4 Hoddle Takes Belarus Job
#5 Yurevich dropped by Hoddle
#6 Belarus announce new kits
#7 Belarus vs Poland
#8 Portugal vs Belarus
#9 Veremenko made captain
#10 Georgia vs Belarus
#11 Belarus vs France
#12 Hoddle berates Martynovich
Good luck pal
Good luck. Lots of mystery in this mate, we don't even know who he's managing. The fact that it will be a different style to the Chris Kamara will either turn out good, or bad. I think I know where its heading.

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Good luck mate, will follow!
Good luck mate
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I sat in the living room, all alone. The kids were out with my wife, shopping. I flicked on the telly. Football. Spurs vs Southampton. I used to manage both of those teams. I left Southampton for Spurs, but to be honest, I never really wanted that job. I was just waiting for a better offer, and it came, so I left. I got sacked because we weren't doing well, but we had started the season before so well, and we had finished 10th, which was great because we had not really done much better over the past decade. I looked at the screen. I needed to talk football with someone, but I wasn't doing any punditry anymore. Who else could I talk football with? Not Carl. He died. Tears are welling up now. I realised I couldn't talk football with anyone. But I didn't need to. I couldn't do football. I could manage football. But realistically, who would want me as their manager now? I could try playing Football Manager. But there isn't much to that once you have experienced the real thing. So there was only 1 option. I was going back to management.
Good start LJO, I'd like to see this going :)

BeIN Sport

I was in the bar, looking at BBC Sport on my phone. There wasn't really anything exciting there, no breaking news or anything. My mate looked over at me.
"Why are you on BBC Sport? There is a much better football news website. BeIN Sport. Have a look."
So I pressed the button in the top right that said 'Google'. I typed in BeIN Sport and it looked quite good, but I soon found an article that really caught my eye.

The Belarusian Football Association have announced the sacking of manager Georgi Kondratyev. The country has been rocked by the news of Kondratyevs attack on star player Aleksandr Hleb. He was reported to have been insulted by Hleb in a friendly interview, where it was clear Hleb was joking, but he soon turned up at BATE Borisov's training ground with the aim of attacking Hleb. The Football Association have stated how disappointed they are with Kondratyev's actions."We have officially released Georgi Kondratyev from his contract. We are humiliated by his actions which have brought shame to Belarusian football."

I knew this was my chance. I dashed out of the bar.
Great stuff mate!
Thanks for your support guys, unfortunately, my laptop died out on me so althouh I have not lost any important data, the date has been set back a bit so it may be a while before the first games.
Ah never mind, It's a really good story so far mate :)
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10 yearsEdited

The Interview

"Здравствуйте господин Ходдл"
I asked him to English. I still didn't understand Russian.
"Hello Mister Hoddle".
"Hello" I said.
"My name is Miroslav. I am president of the Нацыянальная зборная Беларусi па футболе".
"English please"
"I am president of the Belarusian Football Association. I want you Mister Hoddle to be as manager of my football team."
"Right. How much will you be giving me then?" I asked quizically.
"How much do you want?"
"I'd be happy with £1,000 per week."
"That sound is good to me Mister Hoddle"
"We has a deal."
"Good. What is your aims for me?"
"I want you to qualify for the World Cup."
"But we're in the same group as France! And Spain!"
"I want you to qualify" Miroslav barked.
"I don't think we can do that."
"Well I don't care what you think. We must qualify!"

I was confused. How on earth did Miroslav think we could qualify? France and Spain were two of the World's best teams! We couldn't get past them surely? So this is what proper International Management is like. In England, everyone knows who the players are. And the chairman of the FA wasn't mad.
*The bad grammar is on purpose. Miroslav is Belarusian so he won't speak perfect English.
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Great story bro!

Former England and Chelsea manager Glenn Hoddle has been confirmed as the manager of The Belarusian National Team. He has been given a 2-year contract on £1,000 a week. Hoddle has been out of management for many years now and only recently decided to get back in the game. Belarus have only just sacked Georgi Kondratyev after his attacks on Aleksandr Hleb, and they announced that they were looking for an ambitious and experienced manager to get them into the World Cup despite the threat posed by France and Spain. Hoddle said of this ludicrous target "You'd think that it was stupid but Belarus have many good players and a very well-run set-up, and don't forget that the French side has been poor in recent years and Spain always have trouble qualifying." It will definitely be a hard ask but the entire nation believes they are up for the challenge.

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