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FMScout FC - A Small Club with Big Dreams

Started on 5 April 2013 by swag
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Chapter I : Lolbaconboy's Introduction

"Gather round lads and lassies, as I tell you a story. Now, you may have heard of a football club called FMScout FC."
"Duh, hasn't everyone?"
"Do you want to hear about the story of the club?"
"Right, FMScout was founded in 2007 and beat a club called FC-Base to the chance to become a football club. FMScout FC powered through the Evo-Stik leagues, until on one day in July, 2012, FC-Base grew envious of FMScout FC. They decided to bribe some detectives with sweets and chocolates and FMScout FC's chairman, Stuart Browning, was banned from the beautiful game in every shape and form. FMScout FC were also handed a fine and had to sell all their players and release every single man who worked there as staff, even the janator, to not fall into debt. A brilliant start to the new season(!) They were in trouble.

"From there, it looked as if FC-Base had won, they would be the next big thing.
But then, one day, one man, one fantastic man, saved the club. His name, Stam. He was brilliant, he knew everything about football and helped get the team back on track, by buying a few players and hiring some staff. It was a dream to play for his club."
"Wait, what?"
"Huh? What?"
"You just said, 'it was a dream to play for his club.' Why?. Oh, did I not tell you? I was one of their keepers. Look it up, 'FMScout FC Squad 2012-2013', and there I am, with the Number 1 shirt. Oh those were the days... 'Ho, kicks out to Oyewumi, now back to Justice, to Beirstekers, and here comes Vidyasagar down the wing, unmarked, sprints down, cross come in, and Hunt is there to finish it! Listen to the roars of happiness around Stamfield Road! I can barely hear myself above this noise!'"
"Erm, Mr Ho?"
"Tell us more please?"
"Yeah, come on!"
"I can't wait."
"This is going to be brilliant!"
"Oh, fine, listen up then."
"Oy, guys get over here, Mr Ho played for FMScout FC, and he's going to tell us all about it."
"Come on then, spill the beans!"
"Well this is what happened..."

Quick Links

1. The Squad

Credits :

Creator and Videos : Seni
Graphics and Database : Justice96
Story and Promotion : lolbaconboy

The Videos will be on Youtube and the story will be a little behind because I have to watch the video, then report back.
Great start pal
2013-04-05 18:29#90149 sedsosedso : AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks you very much. Justice96, Seni and I aim to please.

2013-04-05 18:30#90150 wellsy1498 : Great start pal

Thanks for your support!
The database is now available for download. Once you've downloaded it, you must go to your football manager 2013 folder. Create a folder called ''editor data'' place the database file there. When you click new game at the bottom you should see a box saying ''changes'' make sure that its ticked.

After this you continue normally.

Before taking control of a team make sure you check which team you're in. FM Scout is in blue square north, FM Scout II is in blue square south.

It is not first team and reserves NO. They are affiliate/brother-sister clubs.

If you check and you can't find yourself, check the under 19's. Once you find yourself put yourself in the team you desire.

Everyone's game is different. So the player attributes are different on everyone's game. This makes it unique so different people get different results.

Enjoy playing


Additional Graphics :
Great stuff Baconboy!! Thanks Senii!
Episode 1 of FM Scout FC is right here. Sorry about it being small, youtube messed it up!
Can't wait to play this Lads...thanks so much...where do I put the extra graphics?
Can i have a screenshot of my player please ??


Hey guys, I made a facepack for all the players in the two FM Scout teams. I used the profile pics, unless you sent me a requested pictures. Here is the download for the facepack:

FM Scout FC Facepack Download

Download this and extract the files to your graphics folder. Then go to your in-game preferences. Go to the "Interface" tab and click on "Clear Cache". After this, look down to the bottom of your screen and click on "Reload Skin". This should add the facepack to your game.

If you wish to change a picture, this is very easy too. Simply replace any picture in the file and then Clear Cache + Reload Skin. Pictures MUST be 180x180 pixels and .png.

I will be uploading FM Scout FC version 1.2 in the near future. I hope that you will enjoy this facepack. :)

Also, please PM me if you find any flaws. :)
Works brilliantly ;P
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11 yearsEdited

Version 1.2

Hey guys, I have made version 1.2 for FM Scout FC. Here is the download link:

FM Scout FC v1.2 Download

This update includes:
  • 1 New Player (Kevin Sobaci)
  • Upgraded Players (a lot were too weak for BSN/S level)
  • 6 New Staff Members
  • 3 New Injuries

NOTE: The three squads (1st team, U-18s, 2nd Team) are all mixed up. Please feel free to move the players around to which ever squad you fancy.

If you would like to be created for the next version, please contact me through Private Message.

v1.2 Graphics:

FM Scout FC v1.2 Add-on Graphics

This update contains six new faces (for the staff). Simply download it and extract the files to your graphics folder. This is NOT a complete set of all graphics made for FM Scout FC, just an add-on. (Only compatible with v1.2)

NOTE: If you find any flaws, please tell me. Also, if you have any suggestions on where I could improve the database/graphics, please tell me too. Enjoy :)
Nice video Seni, but I can barely hear it :(
2013-04-06 10:27#90264 LJO200 : Nice video Seni, but I can barely hear it :(

yeah I used window movie maker which reduced everything and messed it up. Next episode I won't use it
Great start :)

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