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Poll: FM 2014: Any ideas

It's time to think about it!
Started on 11 April 2013 by raydenvm
Latest Reply on 18 May 2013 by britpol
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What FM 2013 area should be improved in FM 2014 most of all? (167 votes)
for me:

- more interactive player instructions: i want to congratulate players for good play or a goal, and kick their a$$ for conceding MID GAME. should be simple. also, one just saying RUSH GOALIE for a last minute corner...
- maybe add extra things such as nutritionist, sports psychologist etc (to stop fellaini from getting sent off every other match!)
- more variety in team talks and press conferences
- option to give ad hoc rewards to players abd teams e.g. warm-climate training in winter
- 'son' option. i want a mini-mynjdusta. 15 year old player, i get to pick his position based on looking at his attributes and train him up.
Just be better than the 2013 edition. I went back to FM 2012 in January as I thought it was a better game. Just my opinion.
I'd quite like to see more interactive stadiums, a little thing i know but something a manager could influence the board about.

Kit changes too would be nice without having to mess about with the source data :)
Interesting that the votes are in favour of the match engine, for me that's the least important part. Go figure.

What I've said before:

2013-04-03 11:33#89482 joeyraptor : The top of my wishlist is the same as it has been for years. A more dynamic and varied alternative to the CA/PA system. A better training system. A more detailed tactics system that allows different formations for different phases of play. I'd love it if the AI copied successful tactics, just like what happens in real life, so you'd always have the challenge of coming up with ways to break down the latest tactical trends. Dynamic team rivalries would be nice too. There's loads more, but those are the ones that would make the game a lot deeper and better imo.
Thought of another possible feature. As we know, in real life we fall out with people. What about having some form of button that changes from green to red that will tell us that a staff member has a beef about something. Could be anything really. That way we could keep an eye on our staff's morale etc. There could be another for the chairman. Might stop us getting the sack.


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