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Poll: Make Something Of Yourself - FC Bayern Munchen

Started on 11 April 2013 by RossDocherty
Latest Reply on 18 April 2013 by RossDocherty
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Will Ross Docherty Succeed? (15 votes)
RossDocherty's avatar Group RossDocherty
9 yearsEdited
Today new Bayern Chairman Abdul Alhin Has Appointed Ross Docherty as Manager of the club. Mr Docherty is Keen on getting back into to football but he has never managed a club before and starting with Bayern is a very hard task. Ross Docherty was known as a "Genuis" By scottish team mates and some people have expressed there anger about having Mr Docherty as there new manager.

So Ross How does it feel to be the new bayern manager?
Greatest feeling in the world.

Emm Okay ... Are you looking forward to working with such big names like Mario Gomez Frank Ribery And Philip Lahm?
Yes Of course Who Wouldn't be?

Mr Canio new manager of Sunderland Released Publicly that you are not the right man for the job and are also not deserving of the job what do you say to this?
Well He may be right but i choose not to listen to this man, because i have never heard of Sunderland in my life.

Would You say this is your dream job?
Would i? Great question! Em It depends on how successful i am. If the trophy cabinet is full and im sitting on a boat somewhere in 30 years time smoking a big fat cigarette and drinking some fine whiskey you could say it was my dream job.

What do you have to say to the Bayern fans who disagree with your appointment?
Tell them to put there seatbelts on because this is going to be a hell of a ride.

Sir Alex Ferguson Says he thinks Bayern will be an excellent fixture now your in charge what have you to say to this?
Its not everyday you get a compliment from one of the best people in football is it?

Now new Chairman Abdul Alhin has cleared all of Bayerns debt and has promised you 100m to spend this summer what have you to say to this?
Its always better to manage a team with such little debts and high amounts of cash.
Good luck
good luck
RossDocherty's avatar Group RossDocherty
9 yearsEdited

Genoa 0-5 Bayern
Incheon 0-1 Bayern
Dortmund 2-2 Bayern Dortmund on penalties German Super Cup

Transfers In:
Marouane Fellaini 27.5m
Robert Lewandowski 35m
Raul Albiol Loan

Transfers Out:
Diego Contento 2m
RossDocherty's avatar Group RossDocherty
9 yearsEdited

Barcelona 3-1 Bayern
Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern
Bayern 2-0 Saitama


Rostock 0-2 Bayern
Bayern 1-1 Nurnberg
RossDocherty's avatar Group RossDocherty
9 yearsEdited

Dusseldorf 1-1 Bayern
Hannover 1-3 Bayern
Bayern 4-1 Red Bull
Bayern 3-2 Leverkusen
Wolfsburg 0-0 Bayern
Bayern 1-0 Ausburg
RossDocherty's avatar Group RossDocherty
9 yearsEdited

Juventus 0-0 Bayern
Werder Bremen 2-2 Bayern
Bayern 3-1 Schalke
Bayern 1-1 Shaktar
Bayern 2-1 Furth
Werder Bremen 1-1 Bayern Bayern win on penalties

Bayern 3-0 Mainz
cemberBayern 1-1 Shaktar
Hoffenheim 0-1 Bayern
Stuttgart 2-2 Bayern
Red Bull 0-1 Bayern
Freiburg 0-2 Bayern
Frankfurt 1-1 Bayern

Hsv 0-2 Bayern
Bayern 0-3 Juventus
Gladbach 1-1 Bayern
Bayern 1-5 Dortmund
Frankfurt 0-4 Bayern
Janurary Transfers In:

Carlos Puyol 8.75m
Jefferson Farfan Loan
Fernando Torres 11m
Stephan El Shaarawy 21m
David Beckham 250k
Frank Lampard 10m
Dider Drogba 7.5m

Ross Docherty Claimed that he needed more experienced players in his team

Signing At The End Of Season:
Falcao 35m
Ivanovic 11m

Transfers Out:
Mario Mandzuckic 8m
Anatoliy Tymoschuk Free
Daniel Van Buyten Free
Claudio Pizarro Free

Injury Update:
Robben And Ribery Are Out Of Action.
Are you a Chelsea fan? you seem to buy alot of Chelsea players?
Im Not a Chelsea Fan im a Celtic Fan, And i will not give up the fight till the board sack me

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