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Hajduk Split - Awakening A European Giant

My Hajduk Split story :)
Started on 21 April 2013 by Blue
Latest Reply on 1 May 2013 by Blue
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2013-04-22 20:43#94073 Devil. : Definitely need some new underwear on reading that. If updates keep coming as good as them, I'm out to buy some nappies. :P

Excellent update Ben, keep them coming. :D
Why is everyone who comments so weird? :/
Nice interview Ben. Can't wait for the rest :)
2013-04-22 23:14#94096 Sonalexwild : Nice interview Ben. Can't wait for the rest :)
Cheers Alex :)
Great start, and a good story Blue.

Good luck with it, hopefully you can emulate Rookie's success =)
Sorry about the lack of updates guys, been a bit pre-occupied in the last couple of days. Will try to update tomorrow :)
Great start mate :) keep it up and good luck in Croatia!
Good start, all the best in Croatia.
Great start with Kovac Blue. I hope that you stay at Hajduk this time!
2013-04-25 23:10#94881 PaukerJ : Great start with Kovac Blue. I hope that you stay at Hajduk this time!
|I am aiming for that :)

Hajduk Team Meeting

NK - Niko Kovac

GB - Goran Blazevic (captain)

HS - Hajduk Squad

NK - Alright guys, just wanted to call this meeting to tell you what I'm here for. We all know the club isn't in it's best state. That's a given. We're in big debt, we've not won the title in years, and we're going through manager after manager. I don't think the club has ever been in such a bad state. But together we're going to sort it out, I know it. But I need your support, and I need to know I have it.

GB - Of course you have it Niko, we all trust you, you've proven it throughout your career, and now it's time to prove it on the big stage, to shut all those idiotic critics up. Together we can all fix this club, and take it to unprecedented highs.

NK - Cheers Goran, great to know you're all behind me here. I would like to announce that Goran has been chosen as the captain for the season here at the club, as I agreed with the other staff before the meeting. I want you to all give him your full support in his new role, as he'll need it. Now, who are we?!


NK - What are we?

HS - Prvaci!

NK - I can't hear you!


Great update mate. I'm hoping a great story out of this!
2013-04-27 23:54#95680 PaukerJ : Great update mate. I'm hoping a great story out of this!
Bet you couldn't understand the Croatian bits :P

Google Translate FTW

Kovac: "This Will Be Our Year"

New Hajduk Split manager has stated his intentions after just days in the job by announcing "this year" will be Hajduk's year after no title win since 2004. Kovac has been installed by the board at the Croatian club with the order to make Hajduk the top dog in Croatia once again.

Speaking at his first proper press conference, ahead of his side's friendly against Anderlecht, Kovac started to out of the blue speak of his intentions with his new club. He said "the last few years have been poor for this club. We haven't won the title since 2005, and we've had a succession of managers since then. The clubs finances have been run into the ground, making it even more difficult for the various managers. But despite all this, I can feel a change coming on. We lost the title by 20 points last year, and since then the previous manager bought new players to improve the side, and I think this will be our year. Everything is in place for us to once again challenge Dinamo for the title, instead of surrendering it. It might be difficult at first, as it often is under a new manager, but I'm sure it won't take us long to get into our stride and get the monkey of our backs of not having won the title in seven years."

This comes after measures were taken by Kovac within a day at the club to improve the finances at the club. One of his first tasks was to start raising funds against big teams such as Anderlecht, whilst also adequately preparing for the 2012-13 season, which will be his first in club management. There are also rumours in Croatian media that repayments towards Hajduk's debt are due to start within a matter of days.
He sounds like a Liverpool fan. :/
2013-04-28 00:11#95696 Toon : He sounds like a Liverpool fan. :/
I don't have 20m to spend on crap wingers from Aston Villa though.

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