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A tale for the future

Started on 26 April 2013 by crisrko
Latest Reply on 7 June 2013 by Rablador
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This is a tale for the future. We're in July, 21th July, year 2024. No, there are no spaceships and no flying cars yet, but England's as shady as always. How did I end up here?

"I wanted to know the world, after my career as a professional player ended, I decided to take over the reigns at Steaua, and hell what a good job did I do. From 2013 to 2016, Steaua won it all, consecutive league titles for a span of four years, backed up with an impressive homegrown squad, and four Romanian cups, but I then decided to step it up. I took over Romania, where I decided to stay for two short years. I stepped my game up for the world cup, where we did the impossible, we reached the knockouts, only to be kicked out by an incredible Spanish squad. I felt miserable loosing 1-0 to the Spaniards, so I decided to move out. Didn't win any silverware there, but hey, life goes on.

The same year, I took over Norwich, and did nothing impressive. I flopped completely. We were the 15th team in the table, so I quit my job. Its funny.. I was desperate to get another job in 2020. What did I do? I applied for international soccer again, England and Ukraine. The brits's egos were too high, and they laughed off my interest. So I ended up at Ukraine, where I managed to set a great, attacking phylosphy based on counter attacks and clinical finishing. The Romanian experience repeated. I was kicked out not by Spain, but by Belgium, 3-2 after extra time in the Euro knockouts. What happened? I quit the job.

So, I returned to Romania for a short span, at U Cluj. From battling relegation, we managed to reach 6th spot in only ten matches. I was extremely pleased, but it was time to move on. I wanted to keep going, and coming to help a team that was fighting relegation in a country like Romania, could do nothing but damage. BUT, I made sure that Mario Gaman was the one to take over. Now, what happened? Hehe, well, UCluj are the champions for the 2023 season.

Shortly after, more specifically, next year, I took over Tottenham Hotspurs. What a brilliant squad I had. Brilliant throughout. Lloris, old but phenomenal, the great Alderweireled commanding my defence, Bale on the left wing and Rondon upfront. But who were my stars? Nicholas Nieto, oh, what a player. Phenomenal, a mega-star, yet so under-rated by the world wide soccer fans. In my views, he had the world at his footsteps. Besides him, Gordillo. Oh, what a player.. My favourite right winger. What a pace, what a dazzling skill, incredible.

Now now, lets get back to the story. As I took over the Spurs, I was facing a terrible race for Champions League football. I failed it though, despite reaching the semis in the Euro Cup, kicked out by a great Liverpool side, I finished 5th in the league. The board was angry, and they were ready to kick someone out. Luckily for me, the fans stepped in. So I managed to keep my job. And next season, I made history. We once again progressed to the Europa League, where in the semis were again, unluckily, kicked by the german side Dortmunt. Long story short, the season was phenomenal. The great distribution of Nieto, the goalkeeping of Lenin Garcia and the dazzling skill of Gordillo secured us the 2nd place and the Capital One cup trophy.. Fans were cheering, players too. But deep inside, I felt anger. Why was that? I still don't know. Maybe cause we lost the title to Man UTD on a two point difference. "

For now, this is my story.
Excellent work, sir. Excellent work. The only thing I would be worried about, if I were you - How are you going to top this? The entire piece, from top to bottom, was written well. If your next update is a let-down, I'll not be happy! :x

Can't you stay at one club, Cris? :D
2013-04-26 21:07#95086 Akash : Excellent work, sir. Excellent work. The only thing I would be worried about, if I were you - How are you going to top this? The entire piece, from top to bottom, was written well. If your next update is a let-down, I'll not be happy! :x

Can't you stay at one club, Cris? :D
Not stopping till I'm not reaching Bayern Munchen, or win the Champions League. I have three goals, as a manager. THREE SIMPLE, but difficult goals. Win Champions League, win the World Cup, and join Bayern Munchen.
For the ones curious, I will gladly present you how what's the shape of things until now. Things have surely changed, except ManUTD fucking winning titles, but hey.

For the past few years, Man UTD have been a recognizable force in Europe, bigger than Barca and Real Madrid. To be quite frank, ManUTD and Bayern are the most inform teams at the moment, and surely are dominating Europe.

The manager of the year award, prestigious award, I tell you, has quite a preference towards the Man United manager Montella, and hey, as much as I want this award, I still haven't got it. But I got years ahead, my friends.

For the past years, ManUnited and ManCity, both had a quite good spree of winning the prestigious league, but for now, Man United is the force you must reckon, because its winning for quite some time. AND ARSENAL ACTUALLY WON SOME SILVERWARE.

German division. Never managed in here, nor have played. But seems like Bayern has this on lock.

BBVA. Yikes, one league that I surely don't like. But, Valencia seems to have stepped up their game.

The Romanian First Division, oh the memories, oh they joy of dominating with Steaua. All fell apart after two season from my departure. Marcovici, the supposed "key", surely flopped, and Chiajna did it. The Romanian man city, the club bought by the peruan tycoons bought everything they could, but this year, UCluj, through hardwork and dedication, showed everyone what they're capable of.

Seria A, a league that is constantly decaying for the past years.

The euro cup, a really nice cup, but never something as inciting as the Champions League.

The Champions Cup.. now we're talking. But again, Man United holds a two year spree, which is surely heart-breaking. Better than having City leading the Europe, isn't it?

Lets get to the international soccer, shall we now? As you can see, at the moment, Germany is the best team in Europe.

Ah, the World Cup. What a competition, phenomenal. But what do I see? Is Europe taking control? Brazil failed to win the World Cup since 2002.

Now, lets get to the more familiar fronts. Atleast for me, and the people that manage clubs. What can I tell you about this? Well, people still consider Barcelona to be the best team in the world, despite them not winning a god damn European competition for some while. As you can see, we got a respectable position, and Spurs are above us, cause I lead them there, OBVIOUSLY!

And finally, the national world rankings. Great times for France and Germany indeed, while Brazil are trying to get back on track. Shocker though, Ukraine are the 6th world wide.
The Steaua experience /FLASHBACK#1

Let me continue the story. I will go in depth about my first venture, so please, bare with me. It was 2012, June. I decided to hang up my boots after the Champions League final, where Bayern Munchen were defeated by Chelsea. Great match, and I loved each bit of watching it. I was no big name, I never played for a team bigger than Steaua. Fifty caps as a right wingback, but no goals.

Becali, the club's owner rang me up. "Cristian, I got a proposal for you. Are you interested in taking over Steaua?"
I froze, I was overjoyed by what I heard, but at the same time, scared. I always wanted to be a headcoach, but so quick? My pro-player career was short itself, only six years till I hang up my boots due to my heart problems. It was a gamble, but I answered:
"Are you even questioning my response? Hell yes."

George chuckled; "Alright, drop by Ghencea tomorrow. We got some papers to sign.", and so he hang up. I dropped in my bed, staring with joy at my Marius Lacatus poster, next to my laptop.

The big day arrived. I entered my Dacia Logan, and made my way over to Ghencea. Bucharest was beautiful as always, but the traffic was a killer. Being late to the meeting, George rang me up desperately: "Are you coming?". "Of course, but this traffic is fucking killing me". He hang up immediately, and I could feel the doubt in him. Heck, I was doubting myself.

So, I arrived. George was waiting in the office along Mihai Stoica and Helmuth Duckadam. For the ones that don't know, Stoica was the general manager of the club, and Duckadam was the sports department president. What a legend he was. Remember the '86 Sevilla final? Steaua Barcelona? Yes, he was the one that brought the trophy home. Phenomenal keeping, my friends, PHENOMENAL. He gave me a contract till the end of the season. I was supposed to mount a title challenge, with an average budget of 1.200.000$ and a wage of around 150.000$ p/w. So far so good. He was willing to give me 5.000$ per week. I accepted. It was nothing compared to my 15.000$p/w at Steaua, when I was in my prime, but it was better than nothing. I signed the contract.

George and me went over to the locker room. Bourceanu, our captain, was waiting alongside Tatarusanu and Chipciu for my arrival. I shook their hands, and called a team meeting. I made the objectives known to the players, and called for a training camp in Austria, for two weeks. There, we played against Red Bull Salzburg, where we won 2-1. Two goals from Rusescu brought us the victory.

I looked once again at the team sheet, then rang up George; "George, I looked over the team again, and I got some announcements to make." "Go on." "Well, first off, I wish to sell Adi Rocha, Mihai Costea, urgh-.., Doru Bratu and Stanca." "Alright, I'll work on it. Anyone else?" "Well, I want a few players. Kehind Fatai, he's easy to get, maybe Maxim." "Right, I got to go." "Bye."

So I started small. Kehinde Fatai. What a player, and what a transfer fee. I managed to get him for 750.000$ from Astra, and he became my top scorer with 24 in 35 matches, followed by Rusescu with 20 in 36. First season, complete success. We manage to win the league and the supercup. George announced a profit of 5.500.000$, so next season I got a real kitty. A kitty worth 5.000.000%, since the rest of the money went in the facilities. Who did I bring? Hehe, I brought Alex Maxim and a real gem of a player.. Tim Walther. Timmy, oh Timmy. Austrian, young, fast, composed, deadly finisher. On the way out was Adi Popa, for 3.200.000$, which is quite a nice sum for a player like him, and Kehinde, for 4.500.000$. I was sad because of the transfer, but the momey could be reinvested.

So the season started. We won it again, and our big rivals, Dinamo, were on their way to the second league after more than sixty years. The atmosphere in Bucharest was phenomenal. Steaua and Rapid fans were cheering for Dinamo's decay. But still, I wasn't satisfied with our Champions League showing. We qualified for the knockouts, but Dortmunt was a side far better than ours. So we lost.

At the start of the third season, I brought in a handful of players. Beciraj on a free, Sabin Iordache, a GEM, Leonard Bar, another gem, Alexandru Iacob, one of the most under-rated players I met, and finally, Luis Flores. A phenomenal keeper, a complete coup d'état for a team like ours. I was stupid though, incredibly stupid.. I favoured Tatarusanu over him, and at the end of the season, Flores was on his way out to Norwich for 6.500.000$.

Third season marked the three titles spree. We won the supercup each year, and won the Romanian cup again. Not many transfers were done. Everything went on as normal. Our money was raking in, and we were continuously dominating the league.

The hell began in my fourth season. We were in a dip of form, and were 2 points behind CFR in the last two matches of the year. The title seemed lost. Becali called me: "You'd better do something about it, or you're off." " That's what I get after all I've done, right? I'll go like Zenga, right? You're being the same old scum you've been." "What did you say?". I hang up, and tossed the phone against the wall. I was outraged. So we rallied the troops, and in the end, we were equal to CFR, 72 points in 34 matches, but the problem was, one final match must be played. That's the RFD rules.

So we did it, we won 5-4 on penalties, after a 2-2 draw. The players were overjoyed, but I was not. Becali was cheering in his lounge, when I slapped my resign papers infront of him. He stared blankly at me, not knowing what to say. Finally, he said: "Wha-.. What's this?" "I'm resigning. I'm not taking shit from anyone, especially from you after all I did." "Look-.. lets work something out. You want more money?" I chuckled. "Stick the money up your ass, George, I'm done."

And so I left Ghencea. I entered my new Volkswagen Passat, and drove to my house in Brasov, where I would stay some time to chill out.
That is some nice writing :)
Future kinda thing. Subscribed. Loving it loving loving it mate. Good work.
First and second venture in international soccer /FLASHBACK#2

After I resigned at Steaua, I went to sleep. I was exhausted, emotionally exhausted. All the stress I've went through because of Becali was atrocious. As I woke up, I turned the TV on. The headlines everywhere: "Cazan quits Steaua spot after four years. Watch to see the reason and the loose hell in Ghencea." I grinned. "Apparentely, after a huge argument with the Steaua Owner, Gigi Becali, Cazan decided to put an end to his venture, as the Romanian millionare threatnened to fire Cazan if he didn't win the league. Cazan, as an ultimate jab to the guts, resigned from Steaua after winning the league for a fourth time." I shook my head, and switched on to . Same, all the talks were about me. I shook my head, and went to the kitchen to get some coffee. I look through the newspapers:"Victor Piturca goes into retirement, FRF is now on the look for the next headcoach!" I quickly dilled Mircea Sandu, and so I got the job.

I stayed as the Romania coach for two years, resigning after loosing 1-0 to Spain in the knockouts. The team, despite the defeat, had a great morale. I felt so happy to see the joy on the face of Leonard Bar. That kid was like my son at Steaua, along Walther. I decided, although, to resign. FRF understood my decision, so my departure took place right away. Outside, Bar was waiting for me: "You're leaving, aren't you?" I nodded approvingly. "But why? Why won't you stay?" "Well, people come and go Leo. I'm going to take a new job soon, Ukraine's Federation already contacted me regarding it. I can't wait for this experience." "But-.. what about us?" I pat him on his shoulder, "Don't worry. You have a bright future, keep doing what you're doing. If Marcovici dares to treat you like shit, let me know. I have unfinished business with that son of a bitch anyway." He chuckled faintly. I was trying to hold my tears in, and finally pat him once on his head, and gave him a fatherly hug. I left for Kyiv.

Arriving there, in 2019, I found a great amount of talent in the squad. But something was missing. Future players were missing. There were a few gems, but nothing big. The team was relying HEAVILY on old players. It was time to make some changes. I rang up Ascoli and Vasili, and gave them a job in the national team. Ascoli, for the third time, was my ass-man. And so I was ready to bring Ukraine to the world cup. I didn't spend much time, since in the knockouts, Belgium knocked us out, 3-2 after extra time. I was again, incredibly sad. I was ready to return for Romania. I bought myself a little villa in the city of Cluj. Beatiful city, so much history behind it.
Great start! I love it :D
Welcome to Perryman arena

It was 6AM, and my usual insomnia kicked in. What will I do next? Will I retire? Will I get another team? I'm still young, god damn it. I browse the internet for the latest news, and the headlines on "Javier Aguirre sacked after poor performances." I bobbed my head, until I received a call from Bar. "I made it Cris'! I made it! I got transferred to Betis! This city is fantastic!" "Good job, Leo. I knew you got it in you." "And uh-.. I heard about Tottenham. You're going to apply?" "Not sure, Leo. I might get rejected-.." "Oh come on, you know you can do it." I chuckled faintly. "Alright, I'll do it. Keep in touch, alright Leo?" "Alright. See ya."

I quickly called Nicola. "Nicola, heard about the Tottenham job? What do you say? Lets do it?" "Heard about it, and I think you'd be picked. But I won't join you. I'm retiring". I frowned "W-.. why? Why did you retire?" "You know how it is. Family comes first, I'm old." "Alright.. I'll apply. Catch you soon." "Bye."

So I quickly rang up Luke Newton, and applied for the job. The next day, I took over Tottenham hotspurs. Oh, the joy. I checked out the facilities, and then I was presented the terms and the financial part. I was offered a 60.000% p/w deal, a budget of 90.000.000$ and a hefty 3.000.000$ p/w wage budget. I was on to meet the squad. They presented me the captain, Nicolas Nieto. OH, WHAT A PLAYER. A phenomenon, the best player of this age. A professional, and a leader attitude. Newton presented me my assman, Steven Freund, and later on, the staff. I was happy with my staff, to be frank. Indeed, some transfers followed up. Jose Duarte, from West Ham, came in for 18.250.000$, Lenin Garcia from Sevilla, 11.000.000$ and Bjorn Mathieu, from Newcastle, 31.000.000$. Of course, some players had to leave, but that's the cycle.

The first season was incredible. We didn't win any silverware, but we failed to qualify for Champions League football. We finished 5th, and had to play Euro Cup football. Gardillo, the gem, Nicolas Nieto, the pass master, Gareth Bale the veteran, and Rondon the goal machine secured us this spot. The board wasn't too pleased, but the fans were on my side, so I kept my job.

The next season, history. We finished 2nd, won the FA CUP, and the Capital One Cup. I was OVERJOYED. Such a great performance, only to be disrupted by a fluke season ending. Man United came on top in the EPL battle, beating us 2 points to the title. They had 81, we had 79. We screwed it all up at QPR. But oh well, that's how life is.

The departure for Liverpool

Third season arrives. We're having a pretty modest start to the season, and Newton was already applying pressure to the players about how important it Is for us to win the champs league, the title, and the FA cup. Everyone was stressed, until I rose: "Luke, you're doing nothing but disrupt the team. Leave this to me, I'm the coach." He started blankly, and chuckled. He shouted at me, infront of the players: "Noone asked you anything, "coach", get back to your soccer before I fire you. You're not having an attitude to me". I laughed. I shook my head disappointed, and walked over to him, only to whisper him this: "I'm resigning. Find another headcoach". Luke froze completely, staring at me as I was making my way out the club.

So I left the club. Gordillo rang me up, asking me what happened. "Why are you leaving? Just cause of that?" "Look, I won't talk about this. I'm leaving. You got my word, as before. If Tottenham fail to qualify for continental soccer, I'll bring you at my next club." "Okay-.. I'.. I'll see you."

I remained in London, at my expensive flat. A few months passed. It was already June 2024, when I was cruising through London in my expensive Maseratti. An anonymous phonecall came right in. I answered: "Who's this?" "Its Thomas Werner, the owner of Liverpool." "Hello, how can I be of your service?" "I'm offering you a job." "Oh really?" "Yeah. Head down to Liverpool, Anfield. We'll talk there." "Alright. Bye." I swiftly turned the steering wheel, cutting infront of a truck, and dusted off to Liverpool.
Let a new age begin.

It was a sunny day in Liverpool. I arrived at Anfield to talk to Thomas regarding the job. As I stepped out of the vehicle, I noticed the fans were awaiting my arrival. I arched an eyebrow, and then made my way towards the building.

Inside, Werner's personal assistant was waiting for me. "You're ready? Thomas's waiting for you." I nodded approvingly. Quickly, we arrived to his personal office. I shook his hand, and sat down in one of the comfiest leather seats I ever seen. I grinned. "What's funny?" "Nothing, nothing." He sniffed. "Alright. We're offering you a contract for the next five years. We're offering you 65.000$ per week, boosted by a budget of 75.500.000$ and a payroll of 3.600.000$ p/w." "Alright, sounds neat." I signed the paper, after reading the clause: "If to be fired, Liverpool is due to pay the sum of 500.000$ in maximum a month to the respective heacoach." I coughed in my fist, saying: "Also, do you have any demands? Regarding the play?" "Oh yes, we expect you to play offensively, but also develop players using our facilities. For the past decade, as you may know, we have the most advanced youth system in England." I signed the paper.

Werner smiled. "Alright. We prepared your meeting with the staff, and also a chance to meet the Liverpool media tomorrow. The scouts prepared you a list of targets." "Well, I already know who I want in my team." "Who's that?" "Nicolas Nieto, Juan-Ramos Gordillo, Lenin Garcia, Jose Duarte and Thanasis Vasiloupolous." "Alright. We'll work something out and let you know. We don't guarantee anything."

I stepped out of the office and inspected the facilities. After Ascoli's recommendation, I hired Alfredo as my ass-man and Monchi as my director of fooball.

The transfers were said and done. Nieto arrived for 45.000.000$ and Ebezener as a part transfer. Gordillo arrived for 16.500.000$ and Cvetanovski, Duarte for 30.000.000$, Lenin for 17.500.000$ and Vasiloupolous on a loan.

New Liverpool kits announced!

Liverpool FC

We're far too average

November is approaching fast. Until now, we've been far from perfect, we've been extremely average, and I feel that the team is letting us down. After eight matches in the premier league, we only have 11 points, three wins, two draws, and three defeats. Our poor form started with our defeat against Watford, 2-1. After that, we seemed to pick up, but we lost again to Fulham and Norwich.

We're dreadful. Despite Malara, Gordillo and Battisini doing their jobs, its not enough. I feel we're not incisive enough. Nieto has been injured for the past months, leaving us with only Goretzka and Cirigliano to dictate the play. Maybe once he's back we'll be back on track.
In the Euro Cup, we have nine points out of nine, winning all of our matches. Defeated Rangers 3-0, defeated Dnipro 3-0 and defeated Chiajna 2-0.

The board is disappointed with how we're doing in the league, and told me to fix the situation up by January, or I might find myself without a job. I don't blame them. I didn't motivate the side enough, and the same old curse Liverpool has affects us too. We're playing well, then we're dreadful and loose points.

Have to fix this up pronto.

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