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Consistency, determination, and important matches

Started on 26 April 2013 by SaveMeJeebus
Latest Reply on 1 May 2013 by joeyraptor
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Thought i would ask another question. I am wondering how important these are to people when buying players. What do you look at least for? What's more important?
I never look at these, not gonna lie!
Determination is useful for almost every position, so the more the better.
Depends on the position but I pay attention to it mostly in a striker.
Determination, work rate and team work are my 3 must have ! Certainly if you want 11 " do or die" players on the pitch.

Consistency also comes in handy if buying a first team player because a low value means he's shite most of the season.

"Important games" only if you're playing cup finals and title/promotion games. I love lower league management so these aren't that important for me personally.
Very Important attributes it guarantees the player you purchase is going to perform and you get value for money .
I always look at determination, i only want players who want to play and want to win. For key roles i ensure a good consistency as no-one wants a Torres now do they ;)
I agree with everyone saying they're important! Determination is particularly important. Put it this way: a footballing god with perfect stats in everything who happens to have a Determination attribute of 1 would often just not bother doing anything.

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