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The Savior Cometh...

Started on 5 May 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 6 May 2013 by Louis O.
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11 yearsEdited
Chapter 1: The Savior Cometh
Episode 1: Oh when the Saints, go tumbling down...
Episode 2: Starting Fresh
Episode 3: The Meeting...

Southampton's Savior

Lovely editing TCO :D

Southampton Board to start fresh

Gareth Rogers:
Les Reed:
Nicola Cortese

"Good morning gentlemen, it is essential we all contribute to each factor of this meeting for the best outcome. We will be summing up everything so far this season, and look at it from different angles. First of all the results.

"Simply not good enough."

"I agree, what fixtures have we got coming up?"

"We need a plan of action, the next 5 games we should be putting up a challenge for and be winning. We need a manager who can do that. If the next 5 go wrong, I'd say relegation is definite."

"Too right, but, what about that manager that was mentioned on the website, Josh Sleightholm I believe?"

"Ah yes, but at this time we need a manger who can strike confidence into the team with their experience, someone who will drive them on!"

"Nicola, be realistic, it's either him, or that guy who works at KFC that always pesters us when we go in..."

"Yes yes, you're right, we can't be picky. You know what? Call him, now do it, I will discuss the team with Gareth, you go call him Les.

"Righty O"

*Les Reed leaves the room*

"So, here's the Team Report"

"Hmmm, I think we're solid everywhere, we'll see who pops up in the market."

"Yes yes we sha..."

*Les Reed bursts through the door, cutting Gareth's sentence short.*

"He's accepted, he's coming tomorrow at noon!"

"Yes! Haha! Let The Savior Cometh..."
Crap results without you, hopefully you can turn it around :)
Very nice start, good luck :)
Cheers boys!;D

The Meeting

Josh Sleightholm
Nicola Cortese

This is it, my big break in football. I doubt I'll get Southampton anywhere this season, but, if I try my best, I'll know I've done all I can...

"Mr.Sleightholm? Come in!"

*Sleightholm enters the room, to find Nicola Cortese sitting legs crossed, glasses just below his eyes, staring at him.*

"Hello Mr.Cortese, it's a pleasure to meet you sir."

*Cortese breaks from his stern look into a more relaxed and welcome posture*

"No, no, the pleasures all mine, if it wasn't for you accepting the job, we'd have no chance at all!"

"Well I'm glad you trust me, haha, so, Southampton are in a difficult situation..."

"Yes, our previous manager didn't seem to be doing it right, at all, so, fresh of the course is you, I hope you can turn our season around, If you do, I don't see a reason why big giants such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United, and Chelsea come calling when their current managers leave, of course I'd hope you'd stay with us, if you can keep us up, every part of Southampton Football Club will forever be in your debt."

"Okay, so not too much pressure then, ha...ha... So, we have the Fulham fixture tomorrow?"

"Oo, yes we do, I'll let you go so you can introduce yourself to the team. Goodbye"

"See ya!"
That sure is a nice hallway :))
A nice start, keep it up! Can't wait to see your results, should be interesting :)
2013-05-05 20:20#97995 TCO :

Southampton's Savior

To be honest, I don't think the title of an article on the Southampton website would be so negative, try changing it to BBC Sport maybe? :P

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