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Let's have an 'If you want to' help centre

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Started on 6 May 2013 by britpol
Latest Reply on 9 May 2013 by joeyraptor
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Hi again people,

Just had some contact from three guys who helped me a lot. It made me think. Why doesn't the forum create a folder called... 'If you want to'. On this site there are many knowledgeable people who can do difficult things easily. But the trouble is it's easy for them but not us. Imagine a folder where we could go and all those actions are explained in a very simple way. But if what you want isn't there, make a nice request and someone will do one. These forums are about help too so let's have some positive input from the experts here. I know so little and I really don't want to search for hours for an answer.

Hoping it happens,

I agree, it is a good idea, but of course you can always ask on the chat and you might get a quicker answer, but some knowledgeable people don't really go on the chat so yeah, this might be a good idea. :)
We already have one of these, check the help desk at the top, or search your queries in the search box, to bring up any old threads that might have your question, and most likely an answer.

Agreed my friend but you are missing my point I think. Rather that spend ages, if you're lucky, more if you're not. My way would mean everything is in one neat place. Find what you want in 2 or 3 minutes. Easily done during playing too.

Wouldn't call myself an expert but I do get around a bit in terms of FM so if there is any questions I can answer I will do.
Yeah, I agree with Toon, there are lots of members on the General Chat that can help, I'm on there most of the time, but Toon and I aren't in a position where we can add a forum for that, try asking members such as Stam, Akash, or Blue etc. Hope the idea does go through, wouldn't be a bad addition to the site.
I am willing to be a part of this idea. This would be beneficial to many people looking to expand their knowledge of FM, and not to mention the new FM players. If there is anything I can do, I'll always be available to help. :)
Isn't that what the guides/tutorials sections are for? It'd definitely be a good idea to have a forum where people can request them though!

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