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The Long Road...

My first story about a young managers search for glory.
Started on 13 May 2013 by MinusZ3R0
Latest Reply on 13 May 2013 by MinusZ3R0
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Hello fellow managers, this is my first attempt at a Football Manager story. This isn't a story about a club rising to the top, this is a story about one young manager wanting to prove himself and climb to the top and be hailed as the best football manager in history.

So here goes.....
Good luck with this :)
Good luck, hope it goes well for you. :)
The Long Road to Management Glory!

Finding My First Job

Young and Immature:

Fresh out of the coaching acadamy with my shiny new badges I immediatley went about handing my CV into every club I could. Even top tier clubs.
As you can imagine most of my applications were laughed off, no one knew who I was, "Who's this nobody failed Sunday league player who thinks he can replace Sir Alex at Man U?" was the generall feeling. Although i had expected as much, but anything can happen in football right?

Ok so I wasn't really taking my job search that seriously but at on the 10th of July I recieved a phone call from Chelmsford City's chairman Mansell Wallace:

MW: Hello Mr fairbairn?

Me: Yes speaking, how can I help?

MW: Hello Mr Fairbairn, my name is Mansell Wallace, chairman of Chelmsford City FC. We have heard you are applying for your first management job
and I would like to personally invite you to a tour of our club and an interview for the recent opening at the club for a new manager.

Me: Wow! definatley, when would you like to do this?

MW: Next Tuesday ok for you?

Me: Of course, see you then.

MW: Fantastic, see you then.

Well I was speechless. I suppose word got around quickly and this guy seemed willing to give me a chance, I recieved another reply in the mail from Bromley but I was determined to take the Chelmsford job after that phone conversation.

The Interview:

Well the day had finally arrived. Tuesday 17th July. Interview day.

I arrived at 9AM to the ground, pulling up on my 125cc vespa because I never did get round to getting my driving licence, (and vespas are awesome ..right?) There was a man waiting at the entrance who introduced himself as the assistant manager/player David Rainford. He seemed impressed with my grand entrance and complimented my scooter. He took me around the pitch and the club facilities. finally leading me into the chairman's office where Mansell Wallace was waiting for me. After the standard introductions and manly handshakes he got straight to business and handed me a contract to sign. i was fully taken back by this blind faith shown in me and I signed the one year contract and that was that.

I was now Chelmsford City FC's new manager.

I wasted no time in getting started in my new role. I was briefed on the clubs pretty impressive history and was exited about continuing this great success at the club. I met the rest of my backroom staff and talked to the players. Everyone was very welcoming and I could start to feel
a buzz that this is going to be a great season for me and my new club. I was determined to prove that the chairmans faith in me was not misplaced.

The last order of that day was to arrange an intra-squad friendly for tomorrow to assess the current quality of the players. I then hopped back on my vespa, and rode all the way home on cloud nine.
Good start, will follow
Good luck at Chelmsford. I like their kits.
Thanks guys, my pre-season update will come later tonight :)

A poor pre-season in terms of results, but overall the team played well in the games, we just didn't have the firepower to score enough goals. The lads are still getting used to my new tactics, I want the team getting the ball down and playing a fluid passing game. Not a usual style for a team of this stature but I believe in my players abilities and i am sure we will get there.

So far i have added attacking midfielder Ray Putteril to my squad as we were lacking quality out on the left wing. We are now two weeks from the opening game of the season and I plan to have a top class striker and goalkeeper by then.

The Season Fast Approaches:

Sitting in my office on a late Wedensday evening, the first game of the season against Havant & Waterlooville is only ten days away. I'm stressing out. I am still no closer to finding a striker and all the decent keepers think they are too good for this league. I pick up the phone and ring up our new parent club Crawley town to see if they have any players available to send us on loan. To no avail.

I have promised the board that we will challenge for promotion, I even went as far as to say that we will win the league. I have a difficult task ahead of me but i will trust in my players like the chairman trusted me. I call it a night, and head home for some sleep. Tomorrow will be another long day of searching for the two vital players I need.
ok was halfway through my first month in the league when the game crash dumped on me and now I have lost my save :( I will have to start again.

I knew my first story attempt would go wrong somehow.

You are reading "The Long Road...".

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