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FMScout's Got Talent v2.0

Started on 19 May 2013 by JamieFMS / First Post
Latest Reply on 12 July 2013 by Khejan / Last Post
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2013-05-24 11:43#104476 MrJK :

Update 34: Summer transfers

Liam Brocklesby - LiamB
Zenit To Chelsea - £30m

Sheldon Copper - OnTheBallCityNCFC
Watford To Man UTD - £33m

Mithras Vanik - yuttra52
Torino To Tottenham - £23m

Zdenyak Zebroski - The Czech
Celtic To Man City - £10.5m

Michael Hyland - BFC_Michael
Wigan To Chelsea - £20.5m

Henri Ho - lolbaconboy
Southampton To Liverpool - £27m

Dylan Herremans - Dylan
Inglostadt To Real Madrid - Free

Nick Dabool - Glenn T
Granada to Porto - Free

Stefano Gagliardo - gambit84
Leece To Fiorentina - Free

Corey Briggs - corzo2727
Carlisle To AC Milan - Free

Lothar Matthaus - Blue
Bielefeld To Schalke - Free

Delroy Wilberhand - Chris
Toulouse To Real Madrid - £34m

Andreas Esbech - a_esbech
Vitesse To Barcelona - £13.5m

Cosmin Marian Stanila - Tellak
Fenerbache To Manchester United - £15.5m

Seni Oyewumi - Seni
Nottingham Forest To FC Bayern - £19m

Marcus Pyelli - MarcusLFBA
Cagliari To Real Madrid - £28m

Craig Embleton - craigemb_u_redzz
Norwich To Chelsea - £33m

Sideways move seeing as I'm going to Liverpool, if even that! I'd rather have stayed at Southampton...
£16m value, no transfer yet, but european football too! David Beckham woo
Damn! Why doesn't any club want me........#sobs#
Tottenham... no. just no.
Just so you know, it's not because I hate Tottenham, it's because I wanted to continue my career at Torino and bring them to even more success (and preferably not to play in the Premier League at all)
I am quite clearly on peanuts.
JamieFMS's avatar Group JamieFMS
6 yearsEdited
I am quite clearly worth peanuts.
Whey highest valued player and third highest paid. And to think two seasons ago I was at Barnet. :)
Good to see players at diff clubs this time like Porto and Dortmund rather than the top 4 in England, Real and Barca and P$G

Update 37: Your Player 1st Half

Adam Stubbs - WeAreFev

Akash Vidyasagar - Akash

Alejandro Estrada - Inquisition

Alex Ferguson - Devil.

Andreas Esbech - a_esbech

Arvind Krishna - Arvind

Bruce Smith - edu1878

Claudio Conte - PaukerJ

Corey Briggs - corzo2727

Cosmin Marian Stanila - Tellak

Craig Embleton - craigemb_u redzz

Cristian Lupu - CRistian000

Daniel Atreidas - Atreidas

Danny Owini - dan4rmnaija

Darren Northwood - crisrko

David Beckham - 93:20

Dean Byrne - DeanByrne1995

Delroy Wilberhand - Chris

Derrick Porritt - MCFCDAP

Dhruv Singh - Samuraikag

Diego De Rayas - TheFMBeast

Donat Qorrolli - Donatt

Dylan Herremans - Dylan

Ed Balls - LFCsedso

Francisco Abreu - Murtagh

Hamoudi Fayad - HamoudiLFC

Henri Ho - lolbaconboy

Jack Payne - FootballManagerN00b

Jaco Costa Santos - Louis O.

Jamie King - MrJK

Jason Hunt - The Madridista

Jason-Nezo Di Vinci Kyler - CFClynch1000

Jeff Carstensen - jeffc

Josh Sleightholm - TCO

Joshua Bean - BeanyUnited

Kevin Parada - Couragesand

Krupesh Shah - k1rups

Lee Chatters - Lee The Bee

Liam Brocklesby - LiamB

Lothar Matthaus - Blue

Marcus Pyelli - MarcusLFBA

Mark Peter Kolatowicz - MarkKolatowicz

Matt Le Tissier JR - The Special one

Michael Hyland - BFC_Michael

Mithras Vanik - yuttra52

Nathan Newman - ANYMAN22FM

Neal Hasan - neal09

Nick Dabool - Glenn T

Paul Bolsens - Caelis

Peter Esbech - pesbech

Randy Bierstekers - RandydeB

Raphael Scott - Sonalexwild

Richard Greenhough - kasewene

Ryan Chance - chancey9871

Ryan Walters - ryan1998

Sam Prince - Michael

Santo Salvatici - Toon

Seni Oyewumi - Seni

Sheldon Cooper - OnTheBallCityNCFC

Stacey Louise Hitchins - Stacey

Stamatis Kritikos - Stam

Stefano Gagliardo - gambit84

Timmy Ivo Bendis - tbendis

Warren Fairbairn - MinusZ3R0

Will Edmondson - Khejan

Zdenyak Zebroski - The Czech

Ziechael - ziechael
15 goals in 27 games! Not bad for an AMC :D
Good first half of the season.Finally given an international cap.Just hope Inter have a solid defence this time.

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