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need a winning formation can only ever do well with 4-4-2

Started on 20 May 2013 by chrisfm13
Latest Reply on 22 May 2013 by RandydeB
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hi there i can only ever seem to do well when i play 4-4-2 have won treble with chelsea, but getting bored of that formation, every other one i try just isnt winning me matches. i like 4-2-3-1 but can never get it to work

can anyone help?
Boring but successful might not be fun but hey football is a business ;)

If you are truly determined to change it up look at the stats and skills of your players and see how they could work in different formations, it isn't enough to just move them around the field and say "Hazard is an AML so he'll work in any tactic with that as an option".

For example for a left winger you need to make sure his stats are centred around what you want him to do, to power down the wing and put crosses in you'll need pace, acceleration, agility/balance, crossing and a couple of favourite moves: likes to run with ball on left, likes to take players on etc....
If you wanted someone in the same position to drift into the centre to create options there you would be looking at the exact same AML but with stats centred around creativity, passing, decisions, team work and favourite moves like: cuts inside and plays one-twos or looks to pass rather than score etc....

It may be that you'll need to gradually change your whole team in order to create a more successful formation or interesting one anyway since success isn't your problem.

In short, if you want a new formation either look at where your players are best of the field and build it around them or build your squad around a new formation.

Sorry it wasn't a 'hey have you tried 2-5-2-1' or something like that but i hope i've given you the tools to create your own wonderfully unique formation!
4 4 2 is not the most succesfull.this is how it looks a tactic that scores goals and is succesfull
fb dc dc fb
cm dlp
amr(ap ) aml( ap)
this tactic i.m using and it.s a killing machine..but you have to figure what instructions to use and what player instructions to not enough to choose cm or have to change movements passing etc..good luck..if you dont figure out text me..

give it a try the tactic seems to work well used it for 2 seasons now
and with chelsea you should have the players for this tactic

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