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Everton ~ The Strength from within

Started on 20 May 2013 by TheFMBeast
Latest Reply on 23 May 2013 by Ziechael
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Breaking news down here at Goodison Park as Sky Sources understand that David Moyes has resigned from his position as Everton manager.

Rumours suggest that he left due to a disagreement with Bill Kenwright over funds, and David Moyes now seems to believe that he cannot take Everton any further than they are all ready.

Now let's get the opinion of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson

"Well, I have to say that I am simply shocked with this. I honestly thought that David would do what I am doing at Manchester United and create a dynasty. I mean we all know that Everton are in slight financial trouble and don't spend much money on players anymore, but he's dealt with this for several years, why quit now?

This has been Sky Sports stay tuned for further updates on the Everton situation.
Such an inspirational title, Beast.
Will follow.
2013-05-20 19:30#103167 Toon : Such an inspirational title, Beast.
Will follow.

Haha thank you Toon, this should provide a clue to who the new manager of the club is!
Could it be Phil Neville?
2013-05-20 19:35#103171 Toon : Could it be Phil Neville?

Wouldn't make it that obvious :P
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Big Duncan Ferguson?
2013-05-20 19:41#103175 KingPadster : Big Duncan Ferguson?

The tension!

Now it's time to go through the replacements for David Moyes as Everton Manager.

We have Charlie Nicholas here with us to see who he personally would like to see get the job at Everton

RED = Charlie Nicholas

Well personally, I think somebody like Roberto Martinez from Wigan should get the job, due to the fact that he has worked miracles on a low budget with Wigan similar to David Moyes at Everton. He makes sure his team always play good football even when they are getting hammered by 4 or 5 goals, he also seems brilliant at motivating his teams and making sure that they play to their full capabilities. Also, I would love to see Martin O'Neill from Sunderland to get the job. Because he is also a brilliant man manager and he has done a cracking job at Leicester and Aston Villa, and in the few months hes been at Sunderland he's not done half bad either!

Roberto Martinez watching his Wigan team play their usual passing game

Martin O'Neil, could he be heading to Everton?
Wow. Good start. Hope to see you do great things with the mighty toffees. Good luck.
Good start mate, this will be hard due to the lack of finances at Goodison Park!
Good start there mate looking forward to seeing who the manager is!
Excellent start Beast. Good luck. Is it someone already within the club, hence the title? :P
Brilliant start so far! Looking forward to this one

News here at Sky Sports suggest that neither Roberto Martinez or Martin O'Neil are interested in joining Everton and want to stay with their respected clubs.

Roberto Martinez came out with this to say.

"Err, well, err, I like Everton very much, but I love Wigan Athletic and err hope to well err complete my ambitions with them."

Martin O'Neil has came out with a similar statement denying his interest in taking over as the Everton manager.

"I have come out today to say that I am not interested in taking over as the Everton manager, no disrespect to Everton here but I've only been at Sunderland for a few months and have no where near finished my job with them.".

Interesting news here, hopefully some news will be released in the next few days on who will be the new Everton manager.

2013-05-21 08:15#103301 OnTheBallCityNCFC : Brilliant start so far! Looking forward to this one

Thank you!

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