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FM Challenge - Youth Development and Producing own talents

Talent Academy and youth development
Started on 22 May 2013 by Passion4FM
Latest Reply on 12 August 2013 by ANYMAN22FM
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There is nothing more satisfying than developing your own youth talents and wonderkids and see them progress to become world class players. In this Football Manager Challenge we ask; Who is the best in the Football Manager Community to develop new talents? This challenge will turn the regen dates and the yearly youth intake to the most anticipated day of the year!

The Football Manager Challenge Talent Factory will be a great scenario for all who favour scouting and youth development. This FM Challenge will certainly test your Football Manager skills, but the final aim is to compete with the famous La Masia Talent academy of Barcelona and Ajax Academy by producing a team consisting of only homegrown players of the highest quality!

Lead your squad of homegrown talents and regens to new glories in the The Talent Factory Football Manager Challenge!

Talent Factory - Rules and Limitations

Your mission in this Football Manager Challenge is to pick any team from all eligible nations and leagues in FM13, preferably a minor club where the facilities need to be upgraded through the first seasons, and turn the club into a world leading talent factory.

There are some limitations and guidelines though;
  1. You cannot do any transfers, loans included. You have to rely on your own youth products in order to compete.
  2. So buying some of the Promising Talents in Football Manager is a big NO-NO!
  3. You can be assisted by your parent club, who might give you players on loan on their own initiative, you cannot ask for the loan yourself.
  4. You can however improve the clubs backroom staff by signing better coaches, scouts etc.
  5. The last one is not a general rule as you might be forced to do this in the future anyway, but you should try to let your Youth Talent get first team experience as often as possible, to aid their development.

The Aim of this Challenge

The main goal of the Football Manager Talent Factory Challenge is to achieve the best possible results with the players you've developed yourself. Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than to see your developed players be called up for the national team. So in this Football Manager Challenge the mission is to produce new talents and nurture them into players who can compete at national level for the years to come.
How you succeed (or fail) with youth development and player development comes both down to the youth intake and the potential of the regens coming through the youth intakes.

As mentioned earlier, you can use any starting league and club, but obviously the lower league and club you start with, the harder it will be. Being Barcelona won't be as big a challenge as for example Portsmouth or Rostock.

Examples of other future goals to aim for and reach after;
  • Get as many of your players to be called up and feature in the national team of the nation you're playing in
  • Have one of your players trusted with the captaincy of his national team
  • Earn promotion to the top division with a team with an average age of below 20 years old
  • Get your team to win as many trophies as possible, even the Champions League
  • Have one of your youth products win the Player of the Year award(continental and domestic), or even the World player of the Year
  • Get 3 or more players selected in the Team of the Year(continental or domestic
  • Finally it would be a great achievement to see one of your players win the Golden Boot as the top scorer at World Cup or/and World Cup Best Player

FM Challenge - Talent Factory Achievements and Results

When I started this Talent Factory challenge I chose AFC Wimbledon in League 2.
I wish to point out that all results in this save, and every promotion, is achieved with the FM13 attacking tactic Earn it 3-6-1. You can download and read more about this exceptional teamwork tactic here.

To show you a little bit about my talent factory and how important scouting is, I will display screenshot of some of the regens acquired through the different youth intakes. When I became able to scout Europe, after upgrading the scouting range, I got a Greek and a Spanish regen in the next youth intake, due to maxed out scouting knowledge of those countries. I've also got players from Burundi, Swaziland(!) and Sierra Leone, among others

What do you think about these regens?

Here is screenshots of how an ideal Transfer history will turn out:
Just keep in mind, if you purchase or buy a player, you have failed in this Football Manager Challenge

AFC Wimbledon Facilities Development 2012-2018:

Here is a screenshot of my scouting knowledge in 2018:

I have to say it's been the most fun I have had with Football Manager in years! So hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to share your progress, results and achievements and post your own results in the comment field below.
Don't be afraid to ask for advice and check back for more Football Manager Challenges and related guides and articles about team management youth development, scouting and youth intake!

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I have a suggestion to modify this challenge slightly, what if you could bu free agents under the of 17?
2013-05-22 20:15#103939 LFCsedso : I have a suggestion to modify this challenge slightly, what if you could bu free agents under the of 17?

it is up to you, but it is against the rules of this challenge. no transfers at all!
i need your help.. i try your challenge with the same team but i have problem with tactics..
would you share your tactics detail? please..
I'm going to start this tonight with Brighton, a bit ambitious as its a championship team.

you could share your Earn it 3-6-1 Tactic?

2013-07-15 18:20#120229 oldskoolhero : I'm going to start this tonight with Brighton, a bit ambitious as its a championship team.

you could share your Earn it 3-6-1 Tactic?


I've had to re-sign Adam Al-Abd, hope you dont class that as cheating?
Just starting this with TNS.

Next Gareth Bale here we come!

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