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Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Started on 25 May 2013 by Toon
Latest Reply on 30 May 2013 by Stocke
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Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Odone Purchases Portsmouth

Paulo Odone has confirmed that he is now Chairman of Portsmouth F.C. David James has been told that his job is safe due to his reputation in the footballing world.

Paulo Odone was welcomed by English media today as he made his first appearance at Fratton Park to announce his capture of the club. He met there with Iain McInnes, the Chairman of the team until today. The two businessmen shook hands as the rights were given over to the Brazilian.

Odone's appointment brings in a new board consisting of fellow Brazilian Directors, Alexandre Teixeria Santos, Aclomar Nascimento Santos, Cezar Rodrigues Moreira, Englishman Tony Bink and Brazilian Managing Director, Carlos Alberto da Silva e Silva.

"This is a mark of a new era." Odone began. "I will invest in this club what Iain could not, and it will return to it's former glory. I feel for Iain as I know he wanted to help reincarnate the club, but, selling it to me was a move that will see it rise again. I believe that wholeheartedly."

"On the topic of the club's manager, I have thought long and hard. I have come to the conclusion, however, that David James will keep the job. Odone revealed after he was questioned on James' job. "You have to respect a player like that, that has etched his name in to English football. He is also a friend of the fans and that will hopefully be a trump card."

"I love this club, but it's time for change. I believe the club deserves someone who can provide money to repay debts, and Paulo is that man. He, and David James, will take this team up to the top. I genuinely believe that. I will continue to watch the club play, but for now, I am not a Chairman. McInnes told press in his last appearance as Portsmouth boss.

In other news, Portsmouth have drawn Aldershot in the first round of the Capital One Cup. This will be their first competitive game of the season. The game will take place at Aldershot's stadium, The Recreation Ground, on the 14th August.
Nice update mate :)
Nice update Toon as always! Will be looking forward to your match updates
Really good story, liking the presentation of it as well :)

Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

James Says No To New Faces

David James, newly appointed manager of Portsmouth, has told fans and press that there will not be a single new name added to the wage bill, despite new money coming in to the club.

David James announced to public today that, despite Brazilian businessman, Paulo Odone's recent take-over of the club, he does not have the adequate finances to sign players. He told this to the dismay of many a Pompey fan, as one of the most exiting things as a football follower is to see your club bring in exiting prospects and experienced talents.

"I had a lengthy chat about this with Odone, but he gave me the choice in the end. I could either say, 'spend some money, stay in debt for longer' or 'hold on to our cash, repay the debts, and then, when we have payed them off, have even more to spend.'" James said this evening. "I have firmly believe our squad is strong enough to survive and I am good enough to lead them to that survival, so, I chose the latter."

"I know this is not good news for fans, knowing that they won't see any new exiting players, but, I have to remind the fans that once we save our money up, get back on track, then we will be able to spend on even better players. Patience is required."

James' managerial debut is fast approaching, a game against Aldershot Town in the first round of the Capital One Cup, a match that, despite Portsmouth being the away side, Pompey are expected to win.
Good luck with the squad you have, it's quite weak but I think you can do it!
A good start Toon, keep it up! I loved David James, so hope he succeeds!
Love it Toon, hopefully you'll keep them up! :D
I think it's great that you are trying to make the club rich again. I'm interested to see what it will be like 2-3 seasons down the line.
Toon's avatar Group Toon
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Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

August 2012

Aldershot Town 2-3 aet. Portsmouth

L.Walker (10)
D. Connolly (41)
P. Vincenti (46)
M. Uwezu (64)
J. Akinde (92)
P. Vincenti

Portsmouth 1-3 West Ham

M. Chamakh x2 (1, 43)
M. Jarvis (26)
D. Connolly (35)
M. Chamakh x2 (1, 43)

Portsmouth 2-2 Leyton Orient

D. Connolly (3)
M. Rowlands (pen 48)
J. Ertl (70)
L. McSweeney (74)
J. Ertl

Colchester 2-0 Portsmouth

J. Iberhe x2 (18, 88)
J. Iberhe

Bury 1-0 Portsmouth

N. Ajose (8)
A. Wesbster

League Table

Player of the Month

Johannes Ertl
Unlucky so far but the future is bright!
Not the greatest month in the league and I like the style of update.

Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

South Coast Manager Battle

Southampton boss, Mauricio Pochettino, has took a dig at David James, preaching that Portsmouth are doomed to relegation. The ex-Goalkeeper has hit back at the Italian.

Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Southampton, has voiced his opinions on new Portsmouth boss, David James, directing many bold statements at the fellow south coast manager. Many fans have suggested Pochettino has done this so to get Southampton fans on his side an build his reputation within the club.

"He is ignorant if he really thinks Portsmouth have a chance of getting back to the Premier League in the next few seasons. It is far-fetched to think that a club that is already getting battered in League 1 would ever make it to the Premier League." Pochettino said in a heated interview. "They are not spending and they are losing. Portsmouth will go down."

This may be the beginning of a bitter rivalry between the two managers, as many fans across numerous clubs in the past have seen two coaches once relatively friendly with one another turned in to enemies after they were exposed to the rivalry and seriousness of derby football.

"I think he can focus on his own club instead of watching us. I know we have a better style of football and generally a better atmosphere than his club, but it doesn't mean he has to be obsessed with us." David James said in reply to Pochettino's comments. "However, he was right about one thing. We are going down. In history, that is."

It seems that there will not be another derby between the two clubs in quite a while, Portsmouth recently being knocked out of the League cup, and on the league level, the Championship separating the two clubs. However, if both managers are still in-charge when the inevitable day does come, then it will be an interesting clash.
Brilliant response from good old Jamo. Come on Pompey!
Wonder what his problem is? :/ Hope you get the chance to shut his mouth!

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