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Attributes From Data Editor

Started on 20 November 2008 by roondog10
Latest Reply on 20 November 2008 by Celestrian
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Does anybody know why the attributes I change in the data editor are not always copied into the game itself?

For example; I tried to alter Torres finishing attribute to 20 along with a few other details, but when the game loads he only gets 17 or 18?

Is there a folder to delete that will allow me to enter the exact details as I've entered into the editor?

Is there a maximum attribute number that players much stay within?
eg: can you have a player with 20 for everything?

there is a thing called CA=current ability and a thing called PA=potential ability.

Those 2 things determine how good the stats can be on certain players.

So if you edit the stats for a player, then u will have to also increase the CA if not also the PA.

the CA means that there is a limit for their stats to go down and stay at. With PA it means how much the players stats can increase.

And no you cant have a player with 20 on everything, because CA and PA make such limits.
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If you set the CA and PA to 200 for a player in his prime age (ie 25-27 years for a striker) I am pretty sure you are able to get 20 in most, if not all, stats.

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