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In-game real time data editor beta

Started on 21 November 2008 by Celestrian
Latest Reply on 22 November 2008 by thedangerous
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Well i dont know if someone has got this working. But i think people should wait for FMM if they really want to cheat.
But if someone could post a few screenshots and such about this so we could see more.
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12 yearsEdited
Sorry, I totally forgot, you need to install as well (.NET Framework 3.5 SP1). This takes a little time to install (as framework updates usually do), but it might be worth it if you want a modifier now.

You can also check out this forum for both links and screens:

You will notice it's a beta, but if you install the microsoft frames thingie as well, it should at least work. It works for me with 9.0.1 and vista x64.
well it doesnt look good =P

are people really so desperate to cheat?
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In my opinion, whether people cheat or not is rather irrelevant. If cheating makes the game more fun for people I'd say go ahead, enjoy. And whether or not an editor looks good or not, is, in my opinion, even more irreleveant... ;-)

Personally I cheat on two accounts. I use scout programs (not the in-game ones, well I use them now until a utility is released) to see what CA my players have and what PA the potential players I wish to buy, have. This is really just to save time from using only the in-game scouts, and I think it's fun to start in a lower division, gather a bunch of high-PA youths and use them from day one. I've been playing these games since the beginning (CM93), so I think it's fair to say that I've done my share of scouting and searching for promising youths up through the years, as I didn't know of any scouting utilities before the last couple of seasons... ;-)

In my opninion, using editors to edit finances and players, really makes the game far too easy, thus no fun to play. But if that's what makes people happy with playing the game, so be it. :-)
i wasnt making a point about cheaters or anything, was just asking why people were so desperate to cheat so early =P
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Hehe, ok. No worries. 8)
dreams give people new feelings=D

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