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FM Scout F.C. - The Family Story

Started on 1 June 2013 by STFCDan
Latest Reply on 5 August 2013 by Stocke
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'Big build up over Derby Derby match' i read in the local newspaper. Even though i am merely the manager, i'm still fighting with nerves and excitement over FM Scout's first home rival match. "If we manage the double over them this season" i thought "The board might finally see that i was the right choice."
A sharp rasp on the door awakens me from my daydream.

Abbott - Enter

The chairman pokes his head around the door.

Risdale - I'm just checking that you're sorted for tomorrows game.
Abbott - Why would i not be? I'm professional, i'm prepared for every game.
Risdale - Right, yeah. Sorry.

Something didn't seem right here. He looked nervous, worried. Almost stressed.

Risdale - This is our first League home game against FC Halifax, and i don't want anything to go wrong. Losing to a rival at home not something to board wants.
Abbott - Mr. Chairman, i'm a Swindon fan, i know exactly what it's like to lose to a rival at home. And away. In the same season.

Flash backs to Swindon 1-2 Oxford, and Oxford 2-0 Swindon ran through my head.

Risdale - Right. The board would just rather nothing goes wrong, things are tight at the moment.

"Tight? We're top of the league, how can it be tight?"

Abbott - Personal, or professional?
Risdale - Professional, the club is struggling for funds and if we don't find a buyer by March, we could face Liquidation, and possibly having to make the club extinct.
Abbott - Shit! How has this happened?
Risdale - That's the thing, we just don't know. We are doing our hardest to smooth it all out.

He turns to leave.

Risdale - This information does NOT leave your office, and expect pay cuts.

The door slams shut. Trying to ponder this information i start pacing my office. "What the fuck happened? Could it be down to my extra Staff?" I decided to call it a night, i figured if i go home and take my mind off it, try not to worry. As i go to turn off the light, i look around the room to check i have't forgotten anything. Then i saw arm and the tape recorder slide back out the window.

Abbott - Oh. Bollocks.

Crisis For FM Scout

FM Scout have reportedly entered a financial crisis according to our under cover reporter. The Manchester club are struggling with funds of late, and the Blue Square North side could face liquidation if not sorted by March.

FM Scout chairman, Peter Risdale jr, claims that he is unsure how matters go to severe, but he can confirm that the club will face budget cuts.

More on this story as it happens.
Uh-oh, a media leak... and at the worst time possible! Dun-dun-duuuhhh

If it helps, i have a fiver spare :)
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9 yearsEdited

January Report

Wow. What a month. Beginning it with a 6-1 win over Colwyn Bay was the spark to the rest of the month. Even though it was a rather busy month, we still came away unbeaten in 8 games, and the players really put in the effort! If we continue this way, the league is ours! But best of all, a 3-1 victory over our rivals at home. Nothing beats that.

Top of the league! Still, can't get head over heels. Guiseley still have a game in hand, and are only a point behind. What ever happens off the field, it's good to see the boys perform on the field.

January Round Up

Despite not getting the players i had hoped for, we still performed well, and the injured players are starting to regain fitness. The off the field chaos is certainly not helping how i go about managing these players, but it's good to see that it's not impacting the lads when it comes to football. Big things expected at the Bull Pit, big things.

FM Scout Confirm Financial Crisis

FM Scout chairman, Peter Risdale jr, has today confirmed that the club have entered a financial difficulty, but are working as hard as they can to avoid entering administrations.

"It is with great regret that i can confirm the latest rumours" said Risdale in his speech to the media. "We are working day and night to resolve this problem, and are meeting with several potential buyers in the next few weeks. It is the utmost importance that we sort this out before the deadline in March."

FM Scout are yet to confirm who the potential buyers are to be, but rumours suggest that Oliver and Paul Collyer are interested.
Looking around at the sea of blank faces i had gathered in front of me, i searched my head for the words to tell my players.

Abbott - I'm sure you've all heard the news, and i'm afraid to say it's true. However, i don't want any of you to worry. Your position at this club is not under threat and i want you to keep playing the same football.
Bolsens - But gaffer, how do you we know that we're not all going to be released next week?
Abbott - Because everyone here at the club know exactly how well you're doing at the moment. The last thing they want is to let anyone go.
Zet - But you can't guarantee that?
Abbott - Admittedly yes, i cannot guarantee that, but you need to trust that the board are doing everything in their power to avoid any set backs. They're meeting with possible investors all of this week, so you just need to say optimistic.

The once sea of blank faces, was now a sea of dissapointed faces. I had said what i needed to say, i just have to trust that this doesn't affect their performance.

Amod - The gaffer's right you know. We worked hard to get top of the league, and 8 games unbeaten, and the board must surely realise that. We can't let anything stop us from playing football!
Abbott - Exactly! Now when i see you in training, i want you to give me 110% to show everyone that we're not affected by this!

The room erupted with noise, each player was motivating himself. Happy with my work i smiled and left them to it.
Nice to see this come back!

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