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Story with FMC?

Started on 11 June 2013 by Gurdit
Latest Reply on 11 June 2013 by Ziechael
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Hi guys,

I'm in office, so the chat doesn't load, which is why I have to post this as a thread. I am planning to start writing a story on FM-13 while playing it in FMC mode so that the story moves faster and I don't get massively bored while writing it.

I have 2 questions:

1. I have never played Classic Mode. Can someone give me a quick review on whether it makes sense to play this mode to write a story? What are the features or limitations that could get in my way of writing a story with FMC?

2. Suggest a team I should start with. It can be anything, I'm not picky. But just a warning: I've never done LLM.

PS: I hope no rules were broken in the posting of this thread.

Inputs highly appreciated! Thanks!
1. In my experience Classic is just a slimmed down full mode, you won't have to worry about individual training or overly complex tactics etc which ultimately makes the game a lot faster to play through (especially since you can only have 3 leagues loaded at a time).

2. You've dropped yourself in it with the 'i've never done LLM' bit, so i challenge you to explore that side of the game, maybe try to get Bradford's season replicated (C1 cup final and playoff promotion) or better (win the cup and auto promotion ;) ). Failing that be Newcastle, they had a rough season and could do with an ego boost.
Actually, I would fancy a career with Newcastle. They have some interesting players that I want to manage in FM, like Cisse and the horde of French players. I'll also check out Bradford once I get home.

And tell me something...if only 3 leagues are playable at any given time, then doesn't it reduce the database size (thus impacting scouting)? And what happens if I load Championship, League 1 and League 2 and I win promotion to Premier League? :P
I just read up a bit about Bradford on Wikipedia. Sounds very interesting, especially with the size of their stadium and they seem to have some history. It could be fun bringing about some knowledge about this club through my story.
Sorry, i meant 3 nations loaded at a time lol... 3 leagues would suck wouldn't it!

I'm glad you liked both of my ideas for your story :) They are just examples of how the game can reflect or improve reality, i'll keep an eye out for your story regardless of the direction you take.

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