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The Climb Of The Towners

Enfield Town
Started on 12 June 2013 by Lynchy
Latest Reply on 22 June 2013 by KrisConnolly
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Enfield Town

My last story on FMscout was a fail as I didn't have a clue how to post pictures but I'm back with a new story! Ill be taking the reigns at a club called Enfield Town. I am a guy called Jayden J totally made up. I hope you will enjoy the thrills and the lows on are way up the English football pyramid! Welcome to Enfield Town, the home of the Towners.
Woot first post! good luck with the story, lower league saves often have a lot of lows but at least are interesing :)
Good luck with this! Going to be tough :)

Enfield Town have announced a new deal with Umbro and Newstalk. Umbro who jump at any chance to sign a deal with clubs have really pulled out the stocks this time. Newstalk were very excited with the project laid out by new Manager Jayden J and the Chairman. The owner of Newstalk said, "Enfield Town hope to go forward in the future and they want us to be part of that."

Enfield Home Kit

Enfield Away Kit

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment :P

2013-06-12 12:02#111545 ziechael : Woot first post! good luck with the story, lower league saves often have a lot of lows but at least are interesing :)

They do but hopefully there will be highs to! Thanks :)
2013-06-12 12:06#111547 Okikos : Good luck with this! Going to be tough :)

It will but hopefully we will pull it of! :)

I may bring in a new tactic when I have all my signings in. As you can guess none of the players are going to be playing where it says. Thanks for reading! :)

Enfield Town Welcome and Background


Not a great pre-season but don't mind as my squad isn't complete yet. Very eventful last game! :P

August Fixtures

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)
Ryman Teams

The teams that will be joining us in the this seasons league! :D
Good luck. Like a lower league story!
Krisconnolly: Thanks! Hopefully we can go far! :P

Life at the bottom

By: Glenn Justice

Life down in the very low leagues of English football is always going to be a challenge for any person are club. Some clubs are happy where they are and enjoy going out every Sunday morning with nothing to lose. Others have the football league in there mind. For some clubs it could be a realistic target if they can afford it, for others while attempting it could all go to the dogs.

Recently Enfield Town F.C. Have recently appointed Jayden J. As there new manager. Like the club itself, Jayden has only played Sunday League football. When talking to the man himself he believed that the club and the chairman were in the right frame of mind and now that there is no point of languishing in the lower depths when there could be a window of opportunitys for the club to move forward to the Dizzy heights of the Football League.

It should be a very stiff competition this season and no team are certain of a place in the league on either side of the table this season. There are sure to be a lot of thrills and spills in this years non-league. This is a year not to ignore as the quality of players coming from Sunday leagues as they are called is growing rapidly.
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Good luck. Enfield is my place of birth so you automatically gained a follower
Who the hell is Glenn Justice? :P

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