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Genie Scout 2009 Localization

Started on 2 December 2008 by Stam
Latest Reply on 2 December 2008 by Stam
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Need some people to perfect FM Genie Scout by translating it into foreign languages. Everyone who wishes to donate his help may post a message entitled 'language: ______' or send e-mail to Alterus.

The translation must be grammatically correct and come in time (the text is uploaded by parts). If words or sentences in FM Scout correspond those that are included in Football Manager and the language you want to translate to is in FM, you should take the expressions from the official translation. Especially when speaking of skills.

For translation you don't need programming knowledge, all you need is talent for editing of the txt files.

Translation Instructions

Language file must be saved in the unicode format. So you need an editor which supports unicode. For example, you can use MS Word, but I recommend to use AkelPad Editor. It is very small, simple and useful editor.

Before translating you must edit [LANGUAGE_INFO] block. It contains next values:

NAME. Language name in English. For example, 'Ukrainian', 'Spanish'.

NATIVE_NAME. Native name, for example, 'Українська', 'Español'.

FONT_NAME. Change it if the language doesn't support your language codepage (Default - 'MS Sans Serif').

FONT_SIZE. Font size

FONT_CHARSET. Change it if you translate into english which uses non-standart symbols. You must choose right charset from the table and set Value of the charset (Default - 255).

Multiple languages table
Charset Value Description

ANSI_CHARSET 0 ANSI characters
SHIFTJIS_CHARSET 128 Japanese shift-jis characters
HANGEUL_CHARSET 129 Korean characters (Wansung)
JOHAB_CHARSET 130 Korean characters (Johab)
GB2312_CHARSET 134 Simplified Chinese characters (mainland china)
CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET 136 Traditional Chinese characters (taiwanese)
GREEK_CHARSET 161 Greek characters
TURKISH_CHARSET 162 Turkish characters
VIETNAMESE_CHARSET 163 Vietnamese characters
HEBREW_CHARSET 177 Hebrew characters
ARABIC_CHARSET 178 Arabic characters
BALTIC_CHARSET 186 Baltic characters
RUSSIAN_CHARSET 204 Cyrillic characters
THAI_CHARSET 222 Thai characters
EASTEUROPE_CHARSET 238 Includes diacritical marks for eastern european countries
OEM_CHARSET 255 Depends on the codepage of the operating system

GUI_FONT_NAME. Font which is used in the graphic part of the interface (Default - 'Bitstream Vera Sans Bold').

GUI_FONT_BOLD. Set '1' if you want to use bold style of the font (Default - 0). Ensure that in the selected charset the current GUI-font supports bold style.

GUI_FONT_CHARSET. GUI Font charset (Default - 255).

LIST_DEFAULT_NODE_HEIGHT. Node height of the player, staff and club lists (Default - 14).

BUTTON_CAPTION_VERTICAL_OFFSET and COMPARING_CAPTION_LEFT_OFFSET. These values are used in purpose of equalising fonts of different sizes

AUTHOR. Your name

VERSION. Additional information about language version.

About the '&' symbol. In the menu captions you can use '&' symbol. '&'-symbol defines which letter will be underlined. For example, '&File' means that in the menu it will look like this - 'File', and if you press 'F', the File-menu will be activated. You must use double '&' if you want to insert '&'-symbol in the caption. For example '&Physical && Other' will look like 'Physical & Other'.

About formatted strings. In the language file there are several formatted strings. Formatted strings contain predefined variables that must not be changed.

For example,

Game loaded successfully! <%value#1> Players, <%value#2> Non Players and <%value#3> Clubs in the database.

<%value#1>, <%value#2> and <%value#3> are predefined variables which will be replaced by appropriate values. You can swap them, but not rename.

For example,

<%value#1> Players, <%value#2> Non Players and <%value#3> Clubs were loaded from the savegame.

It is still correct.


You must download last version of the Scout and actual version of the language file.
Then rename 'English.lng' to your language name and place file at the 'Languages' directory of the Scout.

Text editor with unicode support: AkelPad

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