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Going on holiday

Started on 5 December 2008 by _dusan_
Latest Reply on 16 December 2008 by monkeyme
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I have a problem about going on holiday, i click on the GO ON HOLIDAY button and it just gets me back to GAME STATUS screen and guess what it does - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... Is there a way to do something or is that a bug that I just have to live with...but just imagine life without holiday...
I have exactly the same problem... I thought it was just me but i'm glad it's not that case... I also get redirected to Game Status screen and although I'm sorry for not being able to help you solve your problem now you know you're not the only one! :p
if you have downloaded a pirate version of the game, then you wont be able to go on holiday. Thats a thing they added on the game if it was to be cracked.

so if u really want to go on holiday you have to buy the game.
Smart SI... But I don't think that alone is going to make pirates buy the game... But it's a good start. :p
haha, they wish...How much does the real game costs, I got mine for 3 euros :D
in romania i think its about 50 euros.....:@:@:@
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Any other bug discovered except for the Holiday Bug? Like being fired after 1 season? Heard rumours about that... :/
nope only problem i had was the holiday bug everything else is working perfectly
i went well into second year
i got dat on my demo...
When i have played an online game with someone on the crack sometimes when you go to offer a player a contract, at the top it says the player wants 0k p/w but then when you give them that funily enough they reject it.
i have a cracked version(cost me no money),and i have the same problem,but who cares...i don't think it's a big problem :) ...there are lots of bugs,hopefully they will be fixed in the next patch...i had 13 wins in a row(arsenal),and after that Man Utd had 16 wins in a row,so i got second...crapy stuff...
Im interested in how many of you guys with the cracked version got past 24-26th of July 2009. For me when i was using it my save would crash whenever i got to this date, so i went out and brought the game. But i still had to start a new game which i then went on holiday past this date to test if it still was happening which it wasnt :)

So if you dont have holidays i wouldnt be suprised if your save will fuckup at some point. Just a friendly warning :)
I'm curently playing my 4th season with Arsenal,so i guess my cracked version works fine :) ...except "go on holiday" option...maybe other guys have another cracked version that crashes...:wink
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there are some patches can fix the " Go on holiday" problems, you can search it from the website and fix it.

but for me, I don't care the bug, I rarely use this function,I am a professional manager,uha
Dont be tight and go out and buy it :) £20 most places

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