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FM Scout United Introductory Thread (FULL!)

Started on 2 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 11 July 2013 by Kane
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Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

This thread is purely to find out if people are interested more detail will come later


Right guys, this is more of an introductory paragraph than an actual opening. Basically Im going to create a team on the editor with all the members of this site in it. Put your name forward and what position you want, max squad size of 35.

3 Best Attributes
Hair Colour
Shirt Number
Left or right footed
Favoured Club
Favoured Personnel

GK - Kevin Parada
GK - Louis Ostrowski
GK - Felipe Contran
RB - Nick Raven
RB - Ziechael
SW - Professor Troll
CB - Moe Lester
CB - Matt Valentine
CB - Mike Litoris
CB - Shane Swanston
CB - Marcus Van Choke
CB - Alex Murray
LB - Jozef Ostrowski
LB - Mitch Leathem
LB - Raphael Scott
RM - Mohammed Elleithy
RM - Paul Bolsens
RM - Dan Smith
RM - Lucas Crosbie
DM - Roy Keane Jr
DM - Drew Peacock
CM - Nathaniel
CM - Bebe
CM - Mike de la Parra
CM - Lee Chatters
CM - Vasil Nedialkov
LM - Sheldon Cooper
LM - Matt Wells
LM - Jason Lippitt
LM - Carlos Suarez
AM - Paddy Da Costa (Padster)
AM - Eskil Niequist
AM - Venator Noctis
ST - Chicken Pie
ST - Mike Hunt (First XI)
ST - Jayden Lynch
ST - Timmy Bendis
ST - Bruce Smith
ST -
Name - Sheldon Cooper
Age - 18
Position - LM/AML
Nationality - USA. 2nd English
Weight - 70kg
Height - 170cm
3 Best Attributes - Pace, Agility, Flair
Personality - Balanced
Ethnicity - White
Hair Colour - Brown
Shirt Number - 11
Left or right footed - Right
Favoured Club - FM Scout/Norwich
Favoured Personnel - Messi/Hoolahan
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited
Name: Mike Hunt

Age: Should be set to 18 by default.

Position: Striker. The star striker!

Nationality: Uruguyan

Weight: 13 stone

Height: 6 foot

3 Best Attributes: Pace, Finishing, Composure

Personality: Sexy, with the swag of Justin Bieber and the screaming fans of Niall Horan, combined with the style of David Beckham. Because somehow that's my personaltiy.

Ethnicity: Whiter than white chocolate

Hair Colour: Blonde

Shirt Number: 69. And as I am the first to ask, I win!

Left or right footed: Right, but also excellent with the left.

Favoured Club: Manchester United (100), Woking FC (95), Rubin Kazan (90)

Favoured Personnel: Diego Forlan (100), Sir Alex Ferguson (100), Aaron Howe (95), Marco Verratti (90), Alexander Buttner (90)
bebero's avatar Group bebero
10 yearsEdited
Name - Bebe
Age - 18
Position - MC/AMC
Nationality - Romania
Weight - 70kg
Height - 170cm
3 Best Attributes - log shot, log pass, acceleration
Personality - Usain Bolt-style
Ethnicity - White
Hair Colour - Black
Shirt Number - 8
Left or right footed - Right
Favoured Club - Steaua,Milan
Favoured Personnel - Andrea Pirlo
Name: Moe Lester
Age: 17
Position: CB
Nationality: San Marino
Weight: 69kg
Height: 6"9
3 Best Attributes: Strength (I lift), Tackling, Head (No Homo Intended)
Personality: Politically Incorrect
Ethnicity: African-Asian (or just White if you'd prefer)
Hair Colour: Bald with ginger sideburns and a goatee
Shirt Number: 96
Right Footed
Favoured Club: Staines, ABC FC
Favoured Personnel: Titus Bramble, Emile Heskey
Name- Kevin Parada
Pos- GK
Nation: USA
Favored club- Ny red bulls
Favored Personell- Thierry Henry
Shirt number (1) or if taken (23)
Right footed
Hair- blonde

Everything else random but some for GK. Reflexes,Handling,Kicking
Name: Mike Litoris
Age: 16
Position: CB
Nationality: San Marino
Weight: 101 kg
Height: 6"2
3 Best Attributes: Anticipation, Tackling and Strength
Personality: Factually incorrect
Ethnicity: White
Shirt Number: 4
Left or right footed: Right
Favoured Club: Roma
Favoured Personnel: Moe Lester
Nick's avatar Group Nick
10 yearsEdited
Name Nick Raven
Age 18
Position RB
Nationality English
Weight 71kg
Height 175 cm
3 Best Attributes Pace, Tackling, Anticipation
Personality Resilient
Ethnicity White
Hair Colour Long brown hair
Shirt Number 6
Left or right footed right
Favoured Club Tottenham
Favoured Personnel Gareth Bale, AVB
Name: Jozef Ostrowski
Age: 16
Position: LB
Nationality: England
Weight: 63 KG
Height: 5"9
3 Best Attributes: Anticipation, Tackling and positioning
Personality: Screw you!
Ethnicity: White
Hair Colour: Blonde
Shirt Number: 6
Left or right footed: Left
Favoured Club: Chelsea
Favoured Personnel: Jose Mourinho.
Name : Jayden Lynch
Age : 17
Position : ST (starting XI) ;)
Nationality : Antiuga & Barbuda
Weight : 75kg
Height : 181cm
3 Best : Pace , Finishing , Heading
Personality : Ambitious
Ethnicity : African
Hair Colour : Blonde
Shirt Number : 17
Foot : Left
Favoured Club : This club
Name: Daniel Smith
Age: 17
Position: RM/CM
Nationality: English/Australian
Weight: 72kg
Height: 162cm
3 Best Attributes: Passing, Creativity, Influence
Personality: -
Ethnicity: White
Hair Colour: Black
Shirt Number: 94
Left or right footed: Both
Favoured Club: Norwich
Favoured Personnel: Gareth Bale (Idol), Jozef Ostrowski (Friend)
Name Matt Wells
Position LM/LW/CM/LB
Nationality Englsih
Weight 72KG
Height 170cm
3 Best Attributes Pace, Passing, Crossing
Personality Moody (or the equivilant)
Ethnicity White
Hair Colour Blond
Shirt Number 14
Left or right footed Left
Favoured Club Arsenal Eastleigh
Favoured Personnel Thierry Henry Arsene Wenger Glen Southam
Name: Professor Troll
Position: Sweeper
Nationality: Democratic Republic of Congo
Weight: 69kg
Height: 6'9''
3 Best Attributes: Dirtiness, Aggression, Controversy
Personality: Likes to think he is Captain Underpants
Ethnicity: Bright Green
Hair Colour: Dark red w/ purple stripes
Shirt Number: 69
Left or right footed: neither
Favoured Club: MK Dons, Leeds Utd, Wigan Athletic
Favoured Personnel: Joey Barton, Rodrigo Possebon, Jay Spearing

tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
10 yearsEdited
Name: Timmy Bendiš
Position STC
Nationality San Marino
Weight 119 kg
Height 217 cm
3 Best Attributes Heading, Jumping, Strength
Personality Born Leader
Ethnicity Mediterranean
Hair Colour Brown
Shirt Number 9
Left or right footed right
Favoured Club AC Milan, Liverpool
Favoured Personnel none


Changed the nationality, as I intend to lead San Marino (and the other two FM Scout players on it) to victory! Also, if one more person could join and just thrown the "three best attributes" as Corners and free-kicks, I can promise you more national team assists than ever recorded...
Name: Mitch Leathem
Position: LB
Nationality: Aussie
Weight: 80kg
Height: 5"7
3 Best Attributes: Tackling, Pace, Strength
Personality: Pro
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Hair Colour: Blonde
Shirt Number: 2
Left or right footed: Left
Favoured Club: Sydney FC, Leeds united
Favoured Personnel: Mark Viduka

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