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FM Scout United Introductory Thread (FULL!)

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its me's avatar Group its me 2013-07-02 23:05
au 194 posts 6 likes joined Aug 03, 2012
Name : shane swanston
Position : centre back
Nationality : australian
Weight : 83kg
Height : 195cm
3 Best Attributes. technique, passing , composure
Personality . evasive
Ethnicity : white
Hair Colour : brown
Shirt Number : 2
Left or right footed : left
Favoured Club : Newcastle united
Favoured Personnel : andres iniesta
Mvan12's avatar Group Mvan12 2013-07-03 07:13
au 83 posts 7 likes joined Jan 15, 2012
Name: Marcus van Choke
Position: CB then?
Nationality: Australian
Weight: 93kg
Height: 193cm
3 Best Attributes: Speed, Vision, Tackling
Personality: Outgoing, eccentric
Ethnicity: European
Hair Colour: Brown
Shirt Number: 2,3,4,12,13,14,22,33,53
Left or right footed: Right
Favoured Club: Arsenal
Favoured Personnel: Arsene Wenger
FM14 KOTW Week 9 - 1st
Atreidas's avatar Group Atreidas 2013-07-03 07:57
gb 574 posts 63 likes joined Nov 01, 2011
Name: Eskil Niequist

Position: AMC

Nationality: Swedish

Weight: 78kg

Height 188cm

3 Best Attributes: Passing, Vision, Technique

Personality: Resolute

Ethnicity: White

Hair Colour: Brown

Shirt Number: 10, 20, 23, 9, 1

Left or right footed: Left

Favoured Club: West Ham United

Favoured Personnel: Mike Hunt, 'Professor troll', Timmy Bendis, Michael de la Parra, Lee Chatters.

if not too late :P
Caelis's avatar Group Caelis 2013-07-03 08:08
be 246 posts 14 likes joined Dec 11, 2012
daim I think im to late to register
do you need and assistant manager?
Caelis's avatar Group Caelis 2013-07-03 08:14
be 246 posts 14 likes joined Dec 11, 2012
my fault counted badly
Name Paul Bolsens
Position M/AM RLC
Nationality Belgium
Weight 85kg
Height 2m10
3 Best Attributes crossing, creativity, finishing
Personality professional
Ethnicity white
Hair Colour blond
Shirt Number 8/10/11
Left or right footed either
Favoured Club FM Scout United/ RSC Anderlecht
Favoured Personnel none
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel 2013-07-03 09:54
gb 668 posts 89 likes joined May 08, 2013
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel 2013-07-03 15:05
gb 668 posts 89 likes joined May 08, 2013
Going to make a thread for the actually story and how we get on probably tomorrow or firday at the latest :)
kamotero's avatar Group kamotero 2013-07-03 15:34
mx 29 posts joined Jun 30, 2013
Name: Carlos Suarez
Age: 18
Position: LW(left winger)
Nationality: Mexican
Weight: 78kg
Height: 1.82m
3 Best Attributes Speed,Passing,Pace
Personality: Loyalty
Ethnicity: white
Hair Colour: brown
Shirt Number: 16,23,15
Left or right footed: Left
Favoured Club: América (MEX)
Favoured Personnel: Sir Alex Ferguson, Miguel Herrera, Miguel Layun,Cuauhtemoc Blanco
Cuauhtemoc Blanco, My Hero<3
TCO's avatar Group TCO 2013-07-03 15:43
gb 487 posts 30 likes joined Mar 20, 2013
Name Roy Keane
Position DM
Nationality Ireland
Weight 80kg
Height 178 cm
3 Best Attributes Passing, Vision, Tackling
Personality Resolute
Ethnicity White
Hair Colour Black
Shirt Number 69
Left or right footed Both
Favoured Club Man Utd, Celtic
Favoured Personnel Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fergie/Moyes
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TheStyleR's avatar Group TheStyleR 2013-07-03 16:08
bg 34 posts 5 likes joined May 31, 2013
Name - Vasil Nedialkov
Age - 17
Position CM
Nationality Bulgaria
Weight 74
Height 184
3 Best Attributes Passing, Creativity, Technique
Personality - Calm, Loyal
Ethnicity - White
Hair Colour - Black
Shirt Number - 30, 66, 95
Left or right footed Left
Favoured Club Napoli
Favoured Personnel Edinson Cavani, Carlos Fierro, Lorenzo Insigne
swag's avatar Group swag 2013-07-03 17:19
gb 163 posts 22 likes joined Jan 31, 2013
Name Drew Peacock
Position DM
Nationality San Marino/ North Korean
Weight 72KG
Height 193CM
3 Best Attributes Creativity, Pace, Determination
Personality Loyal
Ethnicity White/Asian
Hair Colour Green (and I mean LUMINOUS)
Shirt Number 69 or 99
Left or right footed Left
Favoured Club FMScout United/Crawley/San Marino Calico
Favoured Personnel Professor Troll, Michael De Parra
JamieFMS's avatar Group JamieFMS 2013-07-03 17:26
00 2103 posts 94 likes joined Mar 29, 2013
Name: Jamie King
Position: ST
Nationality: English
Weight: 75kg
Height: 183cm
3 Best Attributes: Finishing, Pace, Dribbling
Personality: Ambitious
Ethnicity: White
Hair Colour: Black
Shirt Number: 9
Left or right footed: Right
Favoured Club: Mansfield
Favoured Personnel: Paul Cox
Matt K Valentine's avatar Group Matt K Valentine 2013-07-03 17:32
00 3 posts 1 likes joined Jul 03, 2013
Name: Matt Valentine
Position: CB
Nationality: Welsh/American
Weight: 72kg
Height: 181cm
3 Best Attributes: Tackling, Heading, Pace
Personality: Overreacts often
Ethnicity: White
Hair Colour: Brown
Shirt Number: 16, if not 72
Left or right footed
Favoured Club: KuPS, Sutton United
Favoured Personnel: Ryan Babel
Kane's avatar Group Kane 2013-07-11 12:47
gb 1562 posts 163 likes joined Jan 10, 2013
Unfortunately some players had to be removed. With the Reserves and U21 teams, the database wouldnt work properly, so I have had to remove 8 players. I cant name right now who they are, and I am truly sorry, but it had to be done. I looked at everyone's account individually, and removed those who are on, or have posted the least, so if you know you are a regular member, don't worry. You will see if you have not been included in the update soon with the list of all players. Sorry!

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