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Road To Glory - Soccer Elite FA

This is a road to glory, with an academy which is based in Kent. I will be starting in League Two and try and lead my team to the Premier League.
Started on 3 July 2013 by imdxvid
Latest Reply on 4 July 2013 by AlexTHFC
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Soccer Elite FA hire Odumosu and their new manager

Soccer Elite FA is a supporter-owned English football club based in Kent. The club was founded in 2005 following a conversation between David Odumosu and Lee Spiller. The series you ask? To take Soccer Elite FA to the number one spot in the country and beyond.

The Conversation

DO: “Mate there are so many players that never make it because of lack of opportunities, there should be a place for all players to go to get the best training to prepare them for pro football”.

LS: “You know what it’s like, the better standard of coaching you get and the better standard of player around you makes you a better player”.

DO: “Yeah and some players just need more time to develop”.

LS: “So many players get overlooked by pro clubs because they are small or late developers and then miss out on the opportunity to be coached properly and then fall behind or lose interest”.

DO: “We were lucky but there were loads of good players who could have done more in the game if they’d had the right guidance at the right time and someone to believe in them” .

And so the seed was sown. . . . . . . . and now the evolution of SEFA has started to take the country by storm.

The fortress (The Stadium)


Odumosu Said:

"Soccer Elite FA was formed with the sole purpose of identifying, nurturing & supporting the development journey’s of talented youth footballers, offering them the best chance of success through quality coaching & having direct access to coaches having already ‘lived the dream’ who have a wealth of knowledge that could be readily shared. These ingredients have ultimately blended together & have in essence become Our Pledge to You which everyone at SEFA is aligned to.

The ups & downs of professional footballers & more importantly, the long journey connected with achieving it throws up many challenges & pitfalls along the way. We see a key part of our role being to help players & parents through their own experiences & to offer guidance through the inevitable highs & lows that you will collectively go through. These can all too easily be overlooked at youth level when actually the need is most great & the impact can be at its most beneficial.

We recognise that each player is an individual in their own right & therefore every journey will differ, something that we have years of experience of inside the professional game & more recently when supporting the journey of others. Expert advice & guidance in football normally comes at a premium & is invaluable. At SEFA we see this as integral to our role & with the knowledge & experience that we have within the SEFA team, we can partner & support you along the complex road of player development.

When players feel secure they play & perform to the best of their ability & player welfare, development, happiness & enjoyment remain centric to SEFA philosophy & we will continue to strive to improve all elements of our service so that you are proud to promote the SEFA experience.

We hope you continue to enjoy the whole SEFA experience………………we are with you every step of the way."
Nice start, good luck with the story!
A much improved start compared to your last story. Good luck with the campaign.
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Club Information



Story behind the players:

Arsenal, seeing the benefit of a club so local in the lower leagues, agreed a deal to allow some of the players who were upset at lack of games at the club to join for free. Supportive of Soccer Elite FA's aims, many of them took a substantial pay cut.

Pre-Season Results

Odumosu's manager lashes out at squad after poor Pre-Season

Odumosu said "It was embarrassing. Promotion is looking like a myth if we carry one playing like this. But we still have a chance of achieving promotion that is if we do make major changes to the way the beautiful game is played and run in this green and pleasant land.
Screenshots aren't working for me :/
2013-07-04 18:32#117992 Louis O. : Screenshots aren't working for me :/

Me neither.

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