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The 11:11 Challenge ~ Pentagon Variation

A variation from the Pentagon Challenge
Started on 5 July 2013 by jpms666
Latest Reply on 23 April 2014 by jpms666
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1 - Introduction
1.1 - Description

Why the name "11:11"?

Simple, it's 5+6 big competitions to win!!

The main goal is similar to the Pentagon Challenge ,that many of you probably heard about it before, but I'll use a quote I randomly found on Internet to explain it just in case you didn't(just use the "Pentagon Rules" button). Otherwise you can skip to my resume.

1.2 - The 11:11 Challenge
Adding to the "Pentagon Rules", I just decided to spice up the things a little bit (like if it wasn't hard enough already) with the National Cups objective, which consists on winning all five Continental Cups plus the Fifa World Cup.

I'll sum up things a little bit with a bullet list:

Club competitions (From Pentagon Challenge)
Win Asian Champions League
Win African Champions League
Win North American Champions League
Win South American Champions League
Win European Champions League

Nation competitions (The 11:11)
Win "AFC" Asian Cup
Win "CAN" Africa Cup of Nations
Win "Copa América" South American Cup
Win "Gold Cup" North American Cup
Win UEFA Euro Cup
Win FIFA World Cup

2 - The Career

So, it begins! Here you can follow my career by choosing a chapter from the list bellow, which I'll update as soon as I finish a season (sometimes mid-seasons, funny/important events, etc.).

NOTE: I want to apologise in advance, because my first 4 seasons have been played before I made this post here (I wasn't really planning on doing it so..). Some ingame screenshots(not all of them) are in portuguese, because it's my native language and I took them before, so I want to apologise for that but I'll try to make it simple and perceptible. The next seasons (e.g after 4th) will be totally in English, so, until then, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


Seems interesting, good luck!
Can't wait to see the updates!
Looking forward to this one!! Good luck :D
Can't wait! Good luck ;)
This sounds interesting, good start! Just a question, will you be only take charge of a national team in the continent you're already in, or just take charge of anyone?
Louis O. , I guess that will depend on my "Career State" and mood ;) I can always pick the national team from the league country I am in at the time, but as said, it depends if my reputation is high enough for that or not and many other factors. When the time comes, I will decide. After all, we all play this game to have fun! Thanks for reading ;)
that's one very tough challenge
Good luck nice to see some challenges keep with it
jpms666's avatar Group jpms666
10 yearsEdited

Why Indonesia?

After deciding I would start by the Asian Champions League conquer, I still had to choose one asian league to start with so, by looking at the available countries I decided to check from FIFA's official ranking which one was the "weakest"(no offense) league available in Football Manager 2013. Indonesia is number 168 according to FIFA's ranking, as you can check on the image by clicking on the button bellow.

By looking at this table I was a bit surprised to see Indonesian National Team as one of the weakests teams in the world, chasing teams like Malaysia(#159), Hong Kong(#148) and Singapore(#156). After that I checked the best/worst results ever since FIFA has this ranking, as you can see bellow.

With all this, I only needed to check with the FM2013 database and see if this ranking matches the game database.

As we can see, there are slight differences ingame since Malaysia and Singapore are bellow Indonesia in the World Nations Rankings. But according to FIFA they are not, and to untie things I decided to check ingame "World Competitions rankings" (since I didn't find any official source for this).

I selected Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to compare their respective competitions in order to define which one has the lowest ranking in Football Manager 2013.
The selected league is the lowest league available ingame in the Indonesian context, its called Indonesian First Division (there are two more above, Premier division and Super League) and as we can see it is the lowest ranked league available in FM2013 since you cannot play with the other leagues bellow this one. And after all this analysis, it can be concluded that in fact the Indonesian First Division and Indonesian National Team are, in overall(ingame and real life), the lowest team/league available, again, with all due respect.

Finally, we have enough material to answer the question "Why Indonesia?". Because it is challenging, the most challenging career I've ever played since Championship Manager. The real question is "Why not?", and to answer to this new question I'm going to bring you some "Cultural Time" because sometimes Football Manager can get us to know civilizations better too!

I'll quote the big words for you:
The Indonesian economy is the world's sixteenth largest by nominal GDP and fifteenth largest by purchasing power parity.
The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the 7th century, when Srivijaya and then later Majapahit traded with China and India.
Following three and a half centuries of Dutch colonialism, Indonesia secured its independence after World War II.
(this one is interesting, since we might find some indonesian Robbie Van Persie ;p )
Indonesia's history has since been turbulent, with challenges posed by natural disasters, corruption, separatism, a democratization process, and periods of rapid economic change.
Sports in Indonesia are generally male-orientated and spectator sports are often associated with illegal gambling.
It has 34 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country (The first among Islamic countries)

With all this in mind, I guess it's a good chance to build a reputation with this country, not only with his clubs but also contributing with some quality players for their national team. I would like to leave you some side objectives I would like to achieve in this country:

  • Build a good formation basis (e.g youth facilities)
  • Create good players for the national team
  • Build League/Team/Country reputation

Who knows, I might be assuming control of the Indonesian National Team and win something important with them later... ;)
Hope you enjoy it,

See you back soon with the beginning of my campaign!!
I finished the Pentagon Challenge a few months ago, it'll get easier if you stick to it, but anyway, good luck mate :D
2013-07-06 02:58#118300 JL00 : I finished the Pentagon Challenge a few months ago, it'll get easier if you stick to it, but anyway, good luck mate :D

Really? Have you posted it in here? I would like to hear some of that adventure ;) Where did you start?

Thanks !

Chasing an opportunity

I started as an unemployed Sunday League Footballer as promissed before, looking for a club where to start my hopefully successful career!
These are the available clubs at the moment, as you can see there is one selected ...

There are some rumours that they might be very interested on having me as their new manager. In order to make this post a bit more appealing and interactive I'll let you guys try and guess which club I'll be coaching the next season.
I already gave you some hints about my career choices, also my "banner" and profile picture might help you guess which club is this I'm talking about!

Do you Want to know more about this team? Can you figure it out? WHO IS IT ? ;)

HINT: One funny fact, I assume Indonesian First Division was as unknown to me as to Footbal Manager 2013 creators, because these team I'm talking about use a wrong "kit color" ingame ( it's RED! ) instead of their real colors ( which are ... :P )

Good luck!
Is it Persepar? They have a ? on their shirts :P
Louis O. : No mate, it's not :P Really, they have? Never noticed ahaha Who wants to give it a another shot?!

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