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Why is the help on FMRTE so unhelpful?

Never realy wants to help
Started on 6 July 2013 by britpol
Latest Reply on 6 July 2013 by Ziechael
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Hi People,

Has anyone noticed how unhelpful the help people are on the FMRTE forum are. All you get is 'type in the problem and use the search box.' And if you don't know the problem... what then?

I think a well thought out mass email to encourage them to be kinder would be in order. I love the product and paid for it. However, a little more patience would be nice.

Support anyone?

I don't have FMRTE personally, but what do you mean 'you don't know the problem?' What do you need help with?
Hi Louis,

Thank you for your help. I actually have 4 saves... 2 with FMRTE 2013 and 2 without.

I wanted to know if it was possible to change a transfer date. After a lot of searching, I didn't bother to post as I've always been told to use 'search', I didn't find it but I did work it out. The point is, if someone donates/pays for something and that's OK, there should be help. They know the answer but choose to make people search and sometimes never find what they need. I thought we helped each other when we can.

Thanks you again for responding,

I'd recommend doing what you did here, ask on a forum with a strong community of FM players... the FMRTE forum would technically be the most sensible place to ask but since technical support is rarely top notch on indy products like FMRTE you are always better off asking 'users'. Only 25% of people here might actually use it but i'm sure out of them someone will know the answer to your problems.

Luckily the community is strong here so if someone can help, they certainly will :) And even if they can't, they'll try... and thats the main difference between here and a site dedicated to the sale of a product.

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