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6 continents, 6 champions leagues, 1 world cup, 1 manager.

Welcome, to my Hexagon challenge attempt, I will be updating as well as possibly streaming and uploading videos - don't miss it!
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So, for my transfers, I got rid of a whole bunch of deadwood (the 0.5-1.5 CA/PA players who were never going to make it, and brought in other players. Simples!

Players out

So here are the players I exiled (the deadwood):

(You don't really need to see individual profiles)

Players in

And here are the players I brought in this season:

Of course, I have a multitude of other signings, who sadly will be joining on the 2nd of April 2013.

Current squad


As you can see, I've played my friendlies, winning both by a 2 goal margin, and I've played my first league game, with a scraped win away from home against Hawkes Bay.

So due to the tiny amount of games I actually have to play, I will be returning to you after the season is over (with exceptions of CL/cup games if applicable this year)

NOTE: Due to an oversight by the maker of the DB, I may or may not get a spot in the CL, so that might mean I'll have to move to another club in Oceania :S
Some good results there mate.
That's an incredibly short season. Nice results so far! That's also a nice squad you're building up there.
YWNA - You'll never win away

Players out

The sharper eyed of you will have noticed the lack of a report for 3 players in there: Ian Sandbrook, Jamie Farrington, and Tristan McCormick. Why? Simple - I dumped them out with the rest of the unworthy deadwood, much like last season.

Again, I don't think profiles of the players I dumped out are REALLY in order here.
Season Fixtures

Matarweh was absolutely shocked, he felt the bitter taste of defeat after coming so close to beating Auckland City, but just missed out by one penalty. That one goddamn penalty that could've given Waitakere a much needed pre-season! Sean Lovemore the only one to miss the mark in the first penalty of the shootout that ended 4-5 taken.

Matarweh huddled the team around in the cold, dry 10C Breeze of a New Zealand afternoon and gave them the talk that the performance wasn't so bad as much as unlucky, but still, he felt sick. He didn't need a home defeat against one of the biggest rivals in the league, it wasn't a good indicator of the coming days and by God, if he had to spend another year in this $#!thole, well, "upset" would be an understatement for him.

That day he wasn't particularly happy, so he headed to the bar all alone, drink away the pain of the day, he wasn't feeling particularly good that day and he certainly needed not a loss against one of the club's bitter rivals.

The whole time Matarweh at the bar, a few groups of Auckland diehards were at their tables, having their drinks to a recorded replay of the game being shown at the bar. This angered Yazan Matarweh, but he stayed there, at the bar, on his stool, drinking away. His 2nd, his 3rd, his 4th, and his 5th. The whole time he was being taunted every so often by a random, slightly drunk fan of Auckland sitting at his table with his mates, constantly hearing taunts throughout the night like "Oi! What a shit manager you are!" and "Waitakere, eh? What an utter shite club!".

As the clock ticked, he was growing pessimistic. What if he never realises the dream of winning all Champions' Leagues and the World Cup? What if he is stuck in New Zealand for a long time, maybe his entire career? Or worse - What if he had to manage AUCKLAND? Sure, they're a decent club with decent finances, but their attitude is awful and they were just the spoiled rich kids of the league, much like their fans.

Then he realized, he was growing feelings for Waitakere, maybe Waitakere wasn't just a stepping stone for him. After all, their first club managed is always a fond memory for most managers. He was starting to love Waitakere, and hating their rivals.

In the background of Matarweh's deep thoughts, the insults and taunts were coming thicker and faster, the Auckland fans wanted to make him the laughing stock of the room, some of them shouting things like "Whipping boys!" and "3rd place fodder!"

Finally, one man had the audacity to walk up to Matarweh's stool And say "Oi, you, ye wanker! Put that alcohol down and pick up the pencil and paper and jot down some decent fucking tactics so you don't get ass-whipped as hard as you did the last few times we kicked your sorry fucking ass!"

Then he slapped Matarweh.

The whole of the pub starts laughing, Matarweh is infuriated. He gets up from his stool and flips that bastard off, before starting a brawl with the bastard, punches, locking hands and kicks, a lawless fight.
Pub workers are just as intrigued as the spectators and don't even think about calling authorities.

Matarweh was growing tired a few minutes into it, noticeably he was weakened, the other man was too, but not as much. Finally, a group of Waitakere fans who happened to be at the pub intervened, helping Yazan floor his opponent. As the man lay on the hardwood floor of the bar, the Waitakere boss utilised his boot to make the disrespectful Auckland fan bleed from the head, before stomping him in the stomach. He takes a swig out of the whiskey bottle he ordered and says "Whipping boys, eh? We'll see how you like it next season when you languish in second, you and your team of bastards!", and then pours the remaining alcohol left in the bottle on the now panting man's head wound.

As the man screams and pants harder, very visibly in pain, the gaffer walks nonchalantly to pay his bill, and calmly walks out the bar, taking a taxi home. He tells the driver his address, before passing out.


The next morning, Yazan stumbles out of his bed in his villa in the quiet, suburban part of Waitakere, he's forgotten about last night, but the headache is still there.

After lazily rolling in his bed for a few hours with his iPad, he decides to get some fresh air to ease up the hangover. As soon as he leaves his house, he is suddenly bombarded by the media camping out outside his house with no less than 7 journalists and reporters lining up to ask him about matters more, err... "on the pitch"
they either didn't notice or didn't care about the pub brawl, which was good, because Matarweh has already had enough trouble as it stood.

Mr. Matarweh, groggy from his hangover, goes "Oh for fuck's sake! Piss off! I haven't got time for you stinkin' reporters!"

They begged "Please! Just a few questions regarding tactics for next season".

The Manager sighs "Fine, but make it quick"

The Christchruch Daily: So, last season saw you go with a 4-5-1, a classic 4-4-2 sometimes switching to a 4-2-2-2, and a "total football" 2-2-1-2-3 formation which was attacking and very fluid in it's style, but that seemed to have been only a moderate success, but against Auckland you seemed to play a different formation, can you tell us more?

Matarweh: Well, what I played was a 5-3-2 based formations with 3 CB's, one of which plays as a limited defender, and 2 wingbacks who prefer a more attacking role, an anchor man, 2 central midfielders and 2 strikers, as for the other 2 formations, I don't reckon I'll be doing much more with them.

The Waitakere Report: Well, that didn't work against Auckland, how do you expect it to work in other games?

Matarweh: Well, it is experimental, I won't lie, but I believe we put in a decent shift against Auckland, I can't pretend the loss hasn't hurt us, but it did show the formation was sound at both ends, we were just a bit unlucky with the end product.

The Auckland Times: Final question: Do you think you might get crowded out in midfield or leave too much of a gap between attack and midfield?

Matarweh: No, I am certain of it that I will e to keep enough men behind the ball and in midfield, the gap between attack andm idfield is solved by playing one midfielder in a supporting role, and then there are those 2 wingbacks bombing up the line to assist with playmaking down the wing.





Current Squad]

Added Challenges

+ Added Challenge: No downloaded tactics. Slightly "inspired" tactics are allowed, but no downloading tactics allowed.

+Added Challenge: No loading up England: Only real men don't load up England.

So you know the drill, I'll be back at the end of the season to assess the season (As it is a fairly short one)
Nice Update, Unique to your other ones!
Jesus, surely they play each other 4 times no? :P
2013-07-22 00:58#121624 Rablador : Jesus, surely they play each other 4 times no? :P
Who are "They"?
2013-07-22 01:03#121628 Der Stern des Südens :
2013-07-22 00:58#121624 Rablador : Jesus, surely they play each other 4 times no? :P
Who are "They"?
I mean surely teams play each other 4 times, as it is such a small league.
Nope, short league, real short. Only 2 games as you will have seen in the fixtures screen.
What a brilliant update there mate. Great writing.

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