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Bianche Casacche

Started on 9 July 2013 by AlinAlbu
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by AlinAlbu
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Good raking,and good luck promotion !

Goo Serie B !

February began with a heavy loss.We've been defeated 3-0 by Grosseto. At this point I decided I will risk everything and will change the strategy. It seems it worked.
The team played very well with this strategy, I couldn't believe they accomodated so fast. The strickers start scoring again, especially Himcinschi.
The month of March was absolutly pefrect.Some great performances by the players.
Even the game against Como we played well, but the fatihue said it's word.
April was a good month also.Good performances, especially by Vinicus and Erpen.
Himcinschi started playing better and better so the offers start coming for him. There wer some offers, maximum of 100 k for a co-ownership, with him playing at Vercelli. I didn't accept.
Than one day, phone rings.I looked at the phone, didn't recognize the number. I answered and I heard: " Hello mister Albu, I am Antonio Conte and would like to discuss with you about singing a player". I was exited, of course I invited him at a meeting. This is what he comes with, so I couldn't refuse:
500 k for a co-ownership for 2 years, player playing at Pro Vercelli. This transfer will help very much the club with the finances problems. After this deal done,next day, I recieve a phonecall from Massimo Secondo, he congratulated me with the team standing and thanked me for bringing Himcinschi to this club.The prize was a new contract with much bigger wage, until 2015.
I accepted instantly!
The month of may was good.We played the last 2 games and we secured a play-off spot.Now will begin the hard part.
So guys, what it's opinion about Himcinschi's progress since he joined our club, and about the transfer of him to Juve?
Himcinschi has evolved quite a lot and well. I think it's help and Juventus is good to play with you.

You had good games, and promotion is near!
Good luck.

We drawed Alto Adige in the semi-finals of the play-off.
First leg was a good match, we were clearly the better team and won 2-0. They didn't have a shot on target.
In the second game we went there to defend the first result.We didn't really care about scoring, more about not allowing.It went well.
In the final, we played against Grosseto.My biggest fear...last game in teh championship they destroyed us 3-0.First leg was home, we had 2-0 in the 80 minute but sadly they scored in 85 minute.At that moment I knew this away goal for them will be very important.
In teh second leg, we went to Grosseto.I tought that they will thik we will go and defend, so we went fully attacking.As I expected, we surprised them..
So, Serie B, we are coming!!
Again, the hard work will begin.We have to find even better players, most of the players will leave. But now, we need do sing younger players, not over 28 I think, or around this age, because we need to construct a team that can win serie B and not relegate next season back from seria A.
Hello! I had a big problem, my HDD crushed so I lost everything, including the save from this story so this story is over. Please, a mod to delete it. Thank you for your understanding.

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