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Files at data-db-1330-dbc

Started on 20 July 2013 by Nido / First Post
Latest Reply on 20 July 2013 by Nido / Last Post
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Hi there. I'm new but I hope I can get some help at developing an idea I have ^^U

For that thing, I need to create a lot of competitions on different nations, and of course, adding too many editor files is not so good. I suffered, while editing FM12, from this, I was adding a lot of the African leagues and midway I got ID issues and byebye... u_u

I wanna avoid that frustration again, and thought of having just one file (or three, dividing "Players & People", "Clubs & Competitions" and "General Changes") with every single thing I wanna add and THEN create separate files with just their nations rules on it. That way, I'd avoid any ID clashes between files since everything will be inside just one file, with the possible exception of japanese players and officials (not the league) since I trust widehawk's db for them since FM10 or 11.

This topic on the official forums seems interesting for my cause, but I can't seem to make it work on FM13 (I'm adding dbc files to the dbc folder at data/db/1330). Do I need a workaround somewhere? Or am I missing something? Or is this just a lie? Hope not x_x

Guess the only other option is making sure ID don't repeat themselves from file to file and make one file per country (do we still have a limit on how many files we could run together?), since the UI editor is there, but it'd be easier if this works/exists.

I know the advanced editor may solve this issue as I want, but then, I'll start editing at FM13, I want to be able to continue editing and using the file with FM14, 15, etc. something I'm not sure the advanced editor might be able... plus I wasn't that good managing it ^^U

So if you know the how, I'd appreaciate the help n_n

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