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Genie Has Quit

Started on 17 December 2008 by berridge
Latest Reply on 24 December 2008 by rittmeyer
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Deleted's avatar Deleted
12 yearsEdited
He's quit

he's left us with the full scout not sure about bugs.

i don't blame him really after he got so much stick

Thanks Eugene !
really wouldn't blame him. Everyone were so harsh.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
so , there will be no genie scout for FM2010?:con:con:con:con
monkeyme's avatar Group monkeyme
12 yearsEdited
maybe someone else will do it? maybe red?

anyway, if they dont its no big deal to me, and maybe some of you who never stop using it will learn the games more fun without cheating.
I respect Genie,but i can not say it would have any influence on me playing the game.
exactly bole, it could be useful and i can see why people would like to use it, but you can play it just as well with ast genie, and it can be more fun. If you HAVE to resort to cheating, get a game scout to search youth, then go on FMM to see what potential is. Personally i have rarely ever used either other than for WPs. When i first got FMM08 i used it a lot, and then after every game i made i started a new one because i got bored. I kept doing that for a while.
Now, i NEVER use cheating, and there are lots of others as well, and they can be just as good as those that do cheat. (RE Red.) (And Bole) (and don't forget me!)
i had that same problem on 08. started a new game almost everytime i went on the thing. not using cheats is sooo much more fun, having to solve your problems with new tactics, youngsters and training instead of through genie.
i think it will be a good thing not having the temptation to change everything
to be honest people had the right to be harsh.

Donating money otherwise is something else. But buying a tool/cheat to a game shouldn't happen.

I mean i appreciate his enormous work and everything.

But to start asking money from no where is harsh for the users. its everyone against 1.

He started making this tool from his own will. he did it for free for the users. It wasnt anything official from SI or anything either.

And when u start asking for money from nowhere for such things then people do get upset.

And he takes criticism personally? he doesnt just make the tool better, the users do it. He will get criticised and praised for his work.

It's a shame really, but a lot of people have learned to make scout tools etc. Immuner has one which looks great and has potential. So genie wont be missed in the future either.
You know, I don't blame Eugene. He put a lot of effort into Genie Scout and probably thought that some people would be desperate enough to hand over a little cash.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
I just think that Eugene should have been upfront from the start.

On his site, he should have stated I'll be doing a Scout for FM 2009 and that there will be a charge. Instead of silence, telling people it's on it's way, keeping us all in suspence and then coming out with a charge for it.

I honestly don't blame him trying to charge for it. But he should have been upfront from the start.
Yeah, I agree. He just could of let us know and maybe this wouldn't of happened
he was great man when he shared HIS program(which develop take HIS time and knowledge) with all FM gamers,and now when he decided to charge HIS work,suddenly he is bad.i dont think so.

btw after Genie Scout there will be other programs of the same type,so dont worry all you cheaters :)
Personally, I think this guy is great.
Of course I didn't like seeing that he was charging for the full version of the program but after all he provided us with a free version that was very useful.
How can we criticise a guy that spends his time in a project that he is going to make available for everyone? He is human... He has a life and he's not a machine that exists just to give us gamers a new scouting utility every year.
And just to see how awesome he is, he because of US has abandoned the project but still leaves in the website a link to download a FREE FULL version of FMGenieScout RC2. After all we've done to him, he still gives us the utility...
Now how many people can come here and criticise this human being?
(it may sound like I love the guy but I just don't like injustices)
I can't honestly say i will miss it seeing as i have never used any editor for the game.
What do you mean by "after all we've done to him" ...Is there any specific reason why he's not working on the tool anymore? ...someone please explain,because i'm not informed about Eugene's personal reasons leaving the work on the tool,as he says on the oficial web site...
Anyways,i can't understand all users being harsh to him,after all Genie Scout is his work,and he can do whatever he likes,no matter do we like that or not...It's his decision to share it for free or ask money for the tool. How come no one complains to SI for charging FM2009? Get the point? I think we should all be thankfull to Eugene for his work and leave the man alone in good manner,if he decide to quit.

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