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Real Sociedad - A Third Contender

Started on 22 July 2013 by AlexTHFC
Latest Reply on 24 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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Geek, [h2][/h2]

and insert text in between
Sorry, was afk so couldn't edit my post :/
Some excellent signings there. An attack of Griezmann Mandzukic and Vela is rather mouthwatering
2013-07-23 14:36#122092 P-KIDDY : Some excellent signings there. An attack of Griezmann Mandzukic and Vela is rather mouthwatering

Thanks, I was amazed when I got Mandzukic :)

Real Sociedad unveil new AON kits

Real Sociedad have unveiled their 2011-12 season kits with sposnor AON.

Fans have praised the beautiful new shirts, with one fan saying:

'This is the mark of a new generation. New chairman, new manager, new kits, new start.'

However, another fan replied to the comment rather aggresively:

'Dude, calm down, it's just a kit. A good kit, but it's not the start of a new generation. Otherwise, it's a new generation for every club :D '
what a beautiful kit that is!
2013-07-23 14:58#122113 Seni : what a beautiful kit that is!

I know! I wonder who is responsible for creating such artwork!

like this?

my apologies i had to try that blue header trick out....

Sociedad Cup Draw

I walked into the studio, nervous as hell. Today was the day of the Sociedad Cup draw. Tomorrow, the first match will be played. And everyone will take their judgements. I really wasn't sure about this, but fans were optimistic about the idea. It was probably silly, getting worked up about a friendly tournament, but this would be the first tournament. A chance to get silverware. To think of the embarrassment of defeat here would sicken me. The Channel 4 presenter for the draw introduced me, and I knew it was my time.

And now, it's time to reveal the person responsible for it all, the Portugal legend who is Luis Figo!

I walked in, shaking the fear off. I smiled at the camera and waved to the audience. Taking a seat, I was asked a few questions about the tournament and why I arranged it. I answered fine, and gathered some confidence. Now just to hope I don't get left with Anji...

To draw the teams, we have footballing legend Emile Heskey!

Emile Heskey walked through and stood next to a pot with four balls. He smiled at me, and I found myself smiling back. The nerves were coming back.

I'm happy to be here and to be able to draw out the teams for the first year of this tournament, so without further ado, the first team. Real Sociedad.

My heart started racing. It would either be millionaires, Mexican champions, or a Spanish Division 2 team. I knew who I'd prefer, but I knew it was unlikely.

The next team. Anji.

I sighed, doubting our chances now against these millionaires. I knew I shouldn't have invited them. I knew I should've invited Crawley instead. They seemed happy enough to be there.

So that leaves Tigres to play Gimnastico. I've been Emile Heskey. I still am Emile Heskey. Goodbye.

We went off air. I knew they'd want to interview me, but I felt like storming out. I wanted to speak to the team. They weren't ready. Too many things to do in such little time.

Sociedad Cup Semi Final: Real Sociedad v Anji

I could hear silence as I walked into the changing rooms, and I could tell that the squad were just as nervous as I am. They all looked up at me, wondering who would be in the team, and what the plan was.

Ok! Listen up! We'll be playing our regular 4-2-3-1 formation. The team sheets are as follows:
Goalkeeper - Claudio Bravo
Right Back - Carlos Martinez (he was still at the club at this time, and I'd made none of the signings.)
Centre Backs - Inigo Martinez and Mikel Gonzalez
Left Back - Alberto De la Bella
Centre Midfielders - Asier Illarramendi and Mikel Aranburu
Right Winger - Xabi Prieto
Attacking Midfiedler - Carlos Vela
Left Winger - Antoine Griezmann
and Striker - Joseba Llorente.
You eleven, get out on the field, I want you to relax and play how you feel comfortable. Your normal style.

I tried to stay calm, but on his way out, Llorente noticed my nerves.

Just relax. We'll do our best. Whatever happens, we have your back.

And from then on, I didn't look back. The fans applauded me as I sat in the manager's seat, and we kicked off. We played some beautiful football, and I was starting to notice who my stronger players were. Just then, Illarramendi went on the run. I cheered, nearly rising from my seat. Vela and Griezmann were there for support, but it wasn't needed as he easily scored. GOAL FOR REAL SOCIEDAD!

I jumped from my seat, punching the air. 5 minutes in, and we were 1-0 up! I was ecstatic, until my assistant had to ruin it.

Umm... sir. There's still another 85 minutes...

I cursed him and nodded at a passing Illarramendi. We didn't score after that, but it was a triumphant victory for Real Sociedad.

Sociedad Cup Final: Real Sociedad v Tigres

The players were cheering, still booming from our first victory the previous day. I walked into the changing room, and silence.

This is our chance for our first trophy! We're favourites for the game, so don't let me or the fans down! The team is as follows.
RB - Martínez, CARLOS
CB - Martínez, INIGO
CB - González, MIKEL
LB - De la Bella, ALBERTO
CM - Illarramendi, ASIER
CM - Aranburu, MIKEL
RW - Prieto, XABI
LW - Griezmann, ANTOINE
ST - Ifrán, DIEGO
Go out there and impress the world!

They walked out, and I followed, sitting down in my seat again. Tigres kicked off, and he atmosphere was buzzing for a friendly match. However, there was a lapse in concentration from González, and Tigres went 1-0 up in 2 minutes. I didn't know what to say.

Umm... sir, there's still 88 minutes to go...

This time my assistant was being a little more useful, but I was under fire now. If we didn't win a cup on our own soil, the fans and board would be fuming. It was our chance to win silverware, we had to take it.

Vela dove into a tackle, hacking Medrano to the floor. Medrano couldn't get up, and Vela was given a yellow card. As was Tigres player Baez after he picked a fight with him for injury Medrano. That was all the drama for the first half - now to make some changes...

The players walked into the changing room, and González looked ashamed of himself. I found myself screaming at him, but I wasn't even sure why.

If you wanna be part of the team, you have to stay focused! González out - Demidov in. Get out there.

They walked out again, but the second half would prove to be no better.

An excellent save from Bravo had led to a corner, but one player, Calderon, was left unmarked. The ball swerved onto his head and hit the back of the net to make it 2-0 Tigres. No way back...

At the first second of kick off, Sociedad looked like the stronger team. We were playing beautiful football. The ball was passed to Prieto, who tried his luck with a 25-yard strike. It hit the top corner, and I was jubilant again. We were 2-1 down, but we can wow the crowd, who were too ecstatic. Nothing else happened, and I hated that we lost, but it felt fine to me. Preparation for the new season.

Pre Season

Enfurt 0 - 0 Real Sociedad
Nothing exciting happened in this match. We played well, but so did Enfurt. Not much else to say.

La Vitréenne 0 - 2 Real Sociedad
We played exceptionally well against a struggling La Vitréenne side. First of all, Barcina got a booking for injuring Vitréenne's Lefevre, before Callens got a red for a foul tackle.
However, the real action started in the second half, almost immediately grabbing a first goal through David Zurutuza, followed by Hervias in the 58th minute.

Real Sociedad 1 - 0 AC Milan
This was a result that shocked me, because when I looked at the teams, I saw some of Milan's best players! Unfortunately, it wasn't all cheers as Alberto De la Bella was injured near the start of the game. The second half, as usual, was the better half for us, with 2 Milan players (Muntari and Abate) getting yellow cards, as well as a debuting Gonul. The first goal came in the 62nd minute from Mikel Aranburu. An emphatic victory, despite only being a friendly.

Real Sociedad 1 - 0 Atalanta
Continuing our unbeaten pre-season, we dominated the game against the Italians. Atalanta picked up a red card through Favale, and a yellow through Pagliarin. We also picked up a yellow card in the first half, through previously red-carded Callens. In the 64th minute, however, David Zurutuza scored the winning goal to defeat the Serie A side.

Huesca 1 - 2 Real Sociedad
The first match where our first half was A LOT better than our second. Rodriguez, a previously uncapped man, scored a double for us within 15 minutes to put us 2-0 up before half time, only for a 73rd minute Huesca goal to make it 2-1.

Celta 1 - 2 Real Sociedad
Today I found out that Celta are a nasty bunch of people, injuring Vela and Barcina and getting an 80th minute booking for another offense. Nasty people, but an easy team to dominate against. David Estrada scored the first in our traditional second-half fashion, followed by a Celta equaliser. To finish them off, Gonzalez grabbed the second in stoppage time to complete the pre-season.

Manager Overview
A completely unbeaten season, without counting the Sociedad Cup. That's a sign of things to come this season. Only 1 player is injured going into the first game against Sporting (Barcina) but he isn't in my first team plans anyway. Onwards and upwards!
Great pre season I am looking forward to seeing how you get on in the league :P

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