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Chelsea FC: The Young Pensioners

Started on 22 July 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 28 July 2013 by BeanyUnited
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About This Story

Hi everyone! Yes I am back after nearly three weeks away from the site, although I doubt any of you actually realised I was gone ;) I had good reasons not to be here but I am back here for at least the rest of the summer so I thought I should start a fresh with a team I have never been before! This team is Chelsea FC. I have never been Chelsea before and I have decided not only am I going to be Chelsea I am also going to attempt the challenge that AVB lost his job attempting. And that is removing the old guard, it is made easy by the fact that Drogba left earlier this season so despite him being their best player in my opinion it has made my job easier to get rid of the old guard. Despite this the owner Roman Abramovich expects immediate success despite the strength of Manchester United and City. I will get rid of the old guard over the course of the starting summer transfer window and the transfer window by the end off the first season.

I will aim to bring in middle age players which I consider to be around 24-26 years of age for the first season or two then after that I will buy many regens or bring through youth in my own youth system. By five seasons I hope my entire team will be made up off my own youngsters or regens I brought from a young age as well.

I will still be aiming to win trophies despite me bringing through youth players in the first season I want at least one trophy or cup to my name.

Thanks for reading I appreciate all comments negative or positive and will reply to all. I will have another update in 30 odd minutes and I will involve images and screenshots throughout the story. Thank you all again!
Good Luck.
Yes another Beany story. I've love all of them, good luck mate (not that you need it).
BEANY! CHELSEA! What could possibly go wrong? ;)
Good luck mate
LFC: Thanks mate :)

The Special one: Haha not as good as yours but thanks!:)

Louis O.: Haha many things lol ;)

wellsy1498: Cheers buddy! :)
Good to have you back Josh! Looking forward to this :D
BeanyUnited's avatar Group BeanyUnited
7 yearsEdited

Rafa Resigns!

Rafe Benitez has resigned with immediate effect from the role as Chelsea manager. The sensational departure occurred late last night as a large protest took place outside Stamford Bridge with a large number of fans disgusted with the appointment of Rafa Benitez early this week. With chants starting to get more and more personal towards the new manager and accusations of chants directed towards Benitez's young family which if true is truly disgraceful. But Rafa had enough after hearing of these chants.

He drove himself straight to Stamford Bridge past the furious Chelsea fans who had to be held back by large amounts of police and handed in his resignation just days after taking the job to begin with.

More to follow.......

Jose Says No Way!

Chelsea managerial legend and fan favourite states very clearly that he is not interested in anyway in becoming the new Chelsea manager and would wish to be kept firmly out of any managerial speculation as he tries to win back to back La Liga titles with Real Madird and yet again hold off one of the most dominant forces in world football. Barcelona.

Mourinho claims that the speculation linking him to the job is completely untrue, unfounded and is disturbing his sides preparation for the nearing season. He stated to Madrid TV earlier this morning.
"I have always enjoyed myself here and this was a dream to be offered the job here a few years ago. I will not leave now when I have only just started the job I will see it through. You never Chelsea are a club that will always be in my heart but I will not becoming back in the near future and for that I apologise to any Chelsea fans that got excited because of the news, I love the club and the fans and I hate to disappoint them. But I will remain a Madrid manager because it has always been a dream to manage here and I shall carry on doing this."

Very bad news as Chelsea struggles to find yet another new manager.

Joshua Bean Hired!

In a shocking turn of events Chelsea FC have hired the completely unknown Joshua Bean to become the new short term manager with a chance of a longer contract if his first season is successful. Bean has never had any football experiences apart from playing for his local side when he was 10 and being a part-time referee last year.

Bean jokingly applied for the managerial position at Chelsea using his famous Football Manager Bayer Beankusen save which saw him win the Bundesliga with Leverkusen in his first season and make a profit of £30 million in the mean time. This seemed to impress the chairman Roman Abramovich despite it only being a video game.

Chelsea FC did not have anything to say about the hiring of a 'nobody'.

More to follow............
hahaahah that's quality! Superb Updates
Rablador: Cheers mate! :)

Nathaniel: Haha cheers mate :)

Bean Promises Big Spending

Bean faced the press for the first time here today after being shockingly hired as the new Chelsea manager after his Football Manager record really impressed Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The press room was packed to the rafters as every newspaper, TV channel and online blogger were desperate to get some information out of Bean regarding all things Chelsea.

During the conference didn't look nervous what so ever and looked very much at home with the cameras and flying questions. Bean new that if he was to be given some time by the press he had to prove that he was a good laugh and a light hearted manager.

One journalist asked Bean. "What are you transfer plans for this first summer?"

Bean replied calmly "Well Roman has given me a huge transfer budget which I am not going to give you exact amounts of how much I have. I am planning to bring in some top quality players all over the pitch from defence to strikers. This season alone I will invest in already well known players but from now on I will be signing younger players for the future."

Another journalist asked "What are your expectations for this season?"

Bean replied "Well the expectations at Chelsea are always going to be high. I expect to challenge for the title this season and win at least either the Capital One Cup or the FA Cup. The Champions League is very difficult and no one has ever one the modern format of the Champions League twice in a row so this year we will have to make history if we are to win the Champions League."

The last question Bean asked was about the old guard. "What are your plans for the so called old guard such as Terry".

"Well" Bean said. "I think that despite being great players their times are coming to an end. I will still need and use them in the team but they will no longer be the key players in my side. For many reasons. All players lose their touch as they get older, Terry was one of the greatest defenders in the world about three to four years ago. But now he has lost his pace and is very injury prone. Same as Frank who is a quality midfielder but he has lost his legs. There is always time for someone to move on it is life sadly."
Great start and good luck with the signings!
What positions are you looking to strengthen? The Chelsea strikers often come under a lot.of scrutiny from fans and press a like but if you are removing the old guard, does that mean we can expect a left back, goalkeeper and center midfield signing? And good luck with your endeavours at the helm of the Champions of Europe :)

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