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F**k You Chairman!

Started on 19 December 2008 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 27 February 2020 by FMChairManOffical
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I hate them in real life and now in football manager. A bunch of suited bastards think they know all about football.

I bought the fat Ronaldo on a free to Dortmund 2-3 months before jan transfer window. And he does quite good for me scoring around 9-10 goals even though his stats went up he still got injured time to time and still managed to help the team.

And in january Roma get interested, they bid 12.5m pound and my chairman accepts the offer like only money mattered.

I mean even though i didnt have any special plans for Ronaldo or that i really wanted to keep him. But i hate this kind of stuff in real football and in football manager now.

I don't remember this happening to me before, maybe it has but it hasnt happened too much for me too care or something.

Anyways, IS THERE anyway i can remove this chairman from having control over my team or something?

As i havent used any of the editing tools yet, is there anyone that knows which one i can use to remove/"sack" chairmen?
no you cannot get rid of the chairman. but you could try and go on editor to change the chairmans stats (i think ther is something about interference in the personality). or you could create a person and put him as chairman, and hope he doesn'tsell your players.

i think though that it is the stature and wealth of your club.
e.g. i am Arsenal, they have a big stature and wealth. i have had a huge bid from real madrid for Fabregas, and the chaiman never accepted it.
Red, The chairman will always want money. But who doesn't? Think of it like this... You got something for free and someone was going to give you a lot of money for it. I know I wouldn't hesitate one moment. These things don't happen often in Football Manager, but from the money you got you could denfinetly get a better striker. Football Manager is as realistic as can be.... So these things happen too:(
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the way i do it is set all your players value at £0 and set as reject all offers then the chairman wont accept any offer for you as he wont get any oney from it hope this helps u mate
yeah that would seem to work joe nice
Joe1991 : the way i do it is set all your players value at £0 and set as reject all offers then the chairman wont accept any offer for you as he wont get any oney from it hope this helps u mate

i9 do it the other way round- ask for 200m and reject all offers. cos of that the other team has to offer up to like 170m for him to accept.
i had good amount of money after selling kehl to juventus for 10m and 1-2 others for around 3m. so it wasnt that we had too little money.

But i would have resigned like Curbishley and KK did in real life. But this is just a game so i thought i might kick the chairmans arse.

i will look around some editors and see what i can do.
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you must to be very richest club if you be very richest he dont accept. this is only choise
12.25mil for Ronaldo? You're in heaven mate lol. Id accept that any day. One of my mates is Ipswich and he got a bid of 600k for Jon Stead and he was going to reject it before i said every player has there price so he said he would take 5mil for him and Hull being the planks that they are did bid 5mil and the chairman stepped in funily enough and we were laughing lol. Problems with the new game also include that Ipswich still have loan debt which has been cleared in real life and also David Sheepshanks is no longer chairman thank the lord!
yeh i know the offer was good, i would have accepted it, but i dont like these kind of chairmen, and if my other players do a bit better and some club comes in with a 12+ offer the chairman will accept, and i dont want that.
Yeah thats true. What do you think of 5mil for Stead?
good deal, stead is a decent all round striker. If someone would pay 5m for him they might be pleased. But the selling club would be delighted =D
That interference is to do with both the chairman's characteristics in the editor and the financial situation of the club!

if you are in debt then of course the chairman is more likely to accept a reasonable/amazing offer like that for ronaldo!

but it's also got to do with the chairman himself, like i remember on the last one ken bates had a really high interference figure so if u were leeds and got a high bid while still in championship/league 1 then he always interfered!

fortunately i got them successive promotions so the money rolled in early doors, almost entirely due to a certain Bogdan Stancu!

unfortunately bloody Steau or someone went and signed him in real life so he is no longer the ridiculous bargain he once was!
I wish i could get that much for him on my game hes hopeless!
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im playing with darlington in coca cola championship

at the moment paris saint germain is chasing after my regen DC. he's valued at 80k so that was their first bid. i dont wanna lose him so i already rejected about 6 bids, which are getting higher and higher. they just offered 700k which even made me think twice and im afraid if they offer even more, my chairman will accept the bid for me.

so yeh defo gonna try joe or monkeymes trick

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