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Italian Calcio Blog!

Started on 29 July 2013 by romanisti
Latest Reply on 30 July 2013 by Van Persie
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romanisti's avatar Group romanisti
10 yearsEdited

This will be my last try to write a managerstory. Why i shut down my ROMA story? Because i want to start a online game together with my brother and show you what happens. Okay, but why you shut down your second try with Derby della Madonnina? I shut it down because we also take a friend to play with us together and my brother change his mind and want take control over AS Roma. Now i take Napoli because my friend choose Fiorentina and my brother Roma, so i think Inter was to big for thoose teams. We play just one maximum two days a week and i have enough time to show you what happens between our breaks. All three teams are big clubs with very long history, but no one win a lot of titles. We want to change this and bring our teams to glory, also we want to settle up the italian league to get back the 4th champions league place and kick germay or other leagues behind us. I can understand if somebody is not interested in reply my story but i promise you that will be going on. If they are not motivated in one, two or three weeks i will kick them and write the story just for me and you. My focus are on my team SSC Napoli, and the updates appear almost only of them.
Good luck with this :)
romanisti's avatar Group romanisti
10 yearsEdited

Shock for Napoli. The new head coach Rafa Benitez retired his contract at Napoli. He dont want to give a clear statement why he did this after he is there just for one week.

"I am sorry about this but now i cant handle this club. I am thankfull for the chance that given to me and wish this great club the best for the future. It was a hard decision for me and my family but we think this is the best for everybody supporting this club. Good bye.

But who could become the new manager? The club are in pre-season and the first game will be in 6 weeks.
2013-07-29 21:21#123924 Blue : Good luck with this :)
Thanks. On Thursday it will start. Until this you get informations about "Who is the new coach?", "The squad" and "Who is new and who leaves the club"
Will be good to see how Napoli get on in this story! :)
2013-07-29 22:23#123941 Kane : Will be good to see how Napoli get on in this story! :)
Yeah i also will follow your story. I am curious who will be the best manager ;D

"We all had a lot of trust in Rafa and we are sure that he can lead the club to the next level, i dont know what i have to say about this. Now we must get a fast solution and find the right coach for our goals we had to reach. It is also a problem about the players we sign for the club because if the new one playing not the same formation like Rafa we have not the right players here. Many italian managers love to play with a three man defence and without offensive wingers. I dont know what to do now, we need time to make the right decision.

The club lost at the beginning of the season his superstar Edinson Cavani,he sign at PSG and cost 63 Mio €. This was a lot of money for the club who can take everything to buy new players. De Laurentiis sign starcoach rafa Benitez from Chelsea FC and the spanish coach wanted following players.

Dries Mertens is a 25 year aged winger comes from from PSV and cost nearly 10 Mio €. Maybe he can also play in center of attacking midfield. His best position was left side winger. He is an amazing player who could become one of the best wingers in italian championship. De Laurentiis hopes that the new coach need a player like him.

The next bis signing for Napoli is Jose Callejon. He costs 9.50 Mio € and plays also as winger. Also he can play in center attacking midfield but he had learn it first. The 25 year aged striker comes from real and hope he can take the next level at Napoli. "I am sure that i have to fight for a chance in first eleven but i can achieve it. I am very happy to sign a long contract here and will give all the best to help this club going for glory.

The 27 year aged central defender Raul Albiol sign in for the price of 12 Mio €. He also come from Real Madrid and be very happy to come to a club like napoli. Media's think it dont matter's who will be the next coach because Albiol will stand in first eleven. He can play as central defender and also as bal playing defender.

The 30 year aged goalkeeper come on a loan buisness from Liverpool. Rafa is one of the biggest fan of Reina but will that be also the new coach? We will see. He is a very good keeper and can be the number 1 of every club in the world. As second goalkeeper Napoli sign the 23 years old brazilian Rafael from Santos. The price of the youngster is 5.50 Mio €.

The popular and leading transfer is Gonzalo Higuain. The 25 year aged argentinian striker costs the club 37 Mio €. He had to make Edindon Cavani forget and be the untouchable superstar beside Marek Hamsik. The football experts in the world are very interessted what can Gonzalo reach in napoli. Will he become a worldclass striker or will he play just good. Good is not enough for this price. Napoli boss sayd to the media: "We pay a lot of money for Higuain, yes we are sure that he can help us to win the italian championship and help us to play a good champions league. But you dont have to forget that we are not under pressure, we dont have to win the italian championship this year, we have time.

Napoli sign ex legend Fabio Cannavaro as new head coach. The 40 year aged ex italian international feel very proud after his comeback to San Paolo.

The squad this year is very strong with high quality, thi are the words of the new coach Cannavaro. Hamsik, Higuain, Maggio and his brother and team captain Paolo Cannavaro are the only players who will be fixstarters. He speak to media and tell them that he is amused to have talents like Insigne or Radosevic in his team. "They could become very strong players and i think the club should plan with them." He is also interrested in Insigne's brother Roberto.

He is a student of Mazzari and will play with the same formation. "Yes, i like the style of football that Mazzarri let play. I also set on a three man defence and play with counter attacks. I am not Guardiola or van Gaal and it doesn't matter if we had the ball 30% or 80%, the only thing that matter's is if we win or lose the game."


It is not easy for me and i hope you forgive me that i dont write so much like other users in their careers. It is not my language and i just know the school english. I think at the latest it will be easily for me to write more in upcoming updates because they focused at the results and something else between the season. I hope you enjoy it and be waiting for the next one!
I love your graphics :D
@Lucas_C & Van Persie:


Do you understand anything of my english or you just like my pics ;D
2013-07-30 16:46#124057 romanisti : @Lucas_C & Van Persie:


Do you understand anything of my english or you just like my pics ;D
Both... but your pics are damn good. They make your story from good to great

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