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Or Dabool - Chasing Glory.

Started on 3 August 2013 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 15 August 2013 by Blue
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or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
10 yearsEdited

The start

TV NEWS: Jose Ramon Sandoval has resigned from Sporting de Gijón.

'It's been two months now. Two months since I got my license to manage and still no job..

I want to manage a club, but not in Israel. I want to get higher.. Much higher..

Thats it! I'm going to Spain. I will get Sporting's job, no matter what it takes!'

One week later:

TV NEWS: Unknown Israeli manager Or Dabool will be the new Sporting de Gijón manager.

As always guys, read, enjoy and share your opinions!
Next Update: First stop: Sporting de Gijón
good luck with this Or :D
Good Luck :)
What an awesome surprise to see Or writing a new one! Looking forward to this
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
10 yearsEdited

First stop: Sporting de Gijón

I have signed my first contract, and I am now finally a manager. For those who doesn't know me, my name is Or Dabool. I am an Israeli football lover that always wanted to manage. Sporting isn't my favorite club, and when the time comes I believe I will go someplace else, but for now this is my home.

We will be playing our games in the El Molinón, wearing these kits:

My top players are:

#1 Juan Pablo, 33, GK

#15 Roberto Canella, 24, LB

#7 Javier Casquero, 35, MC

The board expects me to achieve promotion, but it's not going to be an easy task. Even so, I will give it my best try.

As always guys, read, enjoy and share your opinions!
Last Update: The start
Next Update: Our new faces
Great to see you writing again! I can't wait for more ;)
Good luck.
Ugh, your best players are quite old, so how will this work? Keep 'em or sell them? Anyways, its great to see you back with another story! :)
omg your back <3 good luck no homo ;)

p.s really looking forward to this mate, best of luck :)
Or, good to have you back! Good luck with Sporting! :)
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god... Or's back! Can't wait for this, good luck mate :D
I expect a Heskey reference, a yearly Killymoon Derby, and a Journalist called Michael Prince

*Grabs popcorn and buckles for the ride.*
Or is back story writing! Great to see and good luck with Sporting Gijon!

PS - I drew inspiration form your Boreham weird tactic to develop my first asymmetrical tactic! I have only lost 1 game out of 15 whilst using it!
Welcome back Dabool and good luck :)
The Daboolinator is back! Good luck with this mate!
Welcome back, good luck :)

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