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The diary of a football manager (from unemployment to...)

Started on 7 August 2013 by CRW5252
Latest Reply on 18 August 2013 by CRW5252
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As no one replied I thought I would decide myself and I'm going to do updates with less detail for each match. Hopefully this will make the story less 'intimidating' to read.

April Update

So after a steady start as manager of Sibenik, we really needed to find some consistency to get out of the relegation zone. Unfortunately we struggled with goals last month due to both strikers being off form, scoring only 2 goals between them and a total of 6 goals by the whole team. Tepuric hasn't even got close to the level I expected him to be playing at, he needs to pick up his game or we're down. So how did it go?

Not very well. We didn't do anything I had hoped for, still a lack of goals and consistency. After the Radnik win I thought we could really kick on but instead we did what normally do and drop form. No one is player of the month this time as the whole team were shocking. I'm sure you've already worked out what end of the table we're at but here you go:

So we were relegated and weren't even close to staying up. After the Radnik game we were only 3 points away from 9th but we just couldn't do it. The league table highlights our need for a goal scorer as we were the lowest scoring team with an abysmal 29 goals in 30 games. I guess I bit off more than I can chew. Unfortunately this lead to my sacking so I will be unable to attempt to rebuild and attempt to get the team back in the second division.

Despite the negatives, I need to look at the positives. As the saying goes "you live and learn", I've certainly learnt a lot from my time at Sibnek, hopefully I can use this knowledge in my next managerial job. Also my record was 4-4-4 (wins, draws, loses) which if I kept up for the whole season (if I was manager at the start) would have left me on equal points with 9th and 10th, head to head would have decided if we stayed up.

I won't give up. This is my passion and I'm determined to make it to the top. At the age of 25 I'm sure a club will be able to see the potential in me. Some may see me and think I'm back at square one but I don't see it that way as I'm a better manager than I was a few months ago. Job hunt two begins...
Bad luck with the sacking, hopefully another club sees potential in you! Good luck.
2013-08-11 22:12#127111 lwalter66 : Bad luck with the sacking, hopefully another club sees potential in you! Good luck.
I expected it after getting relegated although it would have been nice to be able to rebuild the squad and try to get back up. Disappointed but I'm sure I can find an interesting team to manage.
This is not anything to do with my "managerial career" but just a roundup of all the happenings in the football world on my game. Personally I find it interesting and I'm planning doing one every year. If it isn't what your looking for then come back later today and I will continue my story. Thanks for reading :D

2012/2013 season summary

Major competitions results:


Biggest transfers (13/14 season):






















Welcome to Tubize
After leaving Sibenik there was only one thing on my mind, getting back to football management. I applied for about five jobs until I finally got a successful application. This being Tubize, I was hired on the 21st of November 2013.

Summary of the club

They're a Belgian club who play in the Second Division and play at a stadium called Stade Leburton which holds 8000 people (5500 seated). Currently they have only one trophy under their name, this is the Belgian third division B. Also they have played in the Pro league for one year in their history, back in the 2008/2009 season, where they were relegated and have maintained mid-table finish ever since. Unfortunately, like my previous club, they are faced with financial troubles.

Why was my predecessor dismissed?

Well after some promising looking pre-season results, form dropped drastically. With the team winning only 3 games from 14 in the league and being knocked out of the Belgian cup, against third division side Ronse. So where does this leave us in the table?

Sitting in the relegation play off place but four points clear of the automatic spots. It's pretty clear why my predecessor was sacked, he has left a team predicted to finish 10th in a relegation battle.

League rules

Here's a little explanation of the rules for those of you who don't know. The team that finishes top of the league is promoted, as usual, but after that it gets more complex. The league has three sections called 'periods'. The first period is the first 10 games, the second is the next 12 and the third is last 12. Each 'period' makes up its own league table and if you finish top of a 'period' you qualify for the promotion playoffs (this explains why Vise have already qualified). This gives us a chance of qualify for the promotion playoffs despite us being so low down the table. Although I can't see us doing it this year.

Meet the team

Generally we have a decent, young team (some very promising youths) but we are weak in defence and goalkeeper. I find it's best not to use the team report as the only way of judging your team especially when your assistant isn't great. Saying this I still think it gives a good overview of the squad even if some of the ratings are a bit off. Many of the players in the current squad will probably leave at the end of season as I need to get a fresh squad on lower wage. Despite this I will still show a few key players in the team.

He was captain when I joined the club and he will keep the captaincy for now. There's no doubt he will be a key player for us this season as he has very good stats for any second division team.

So far this season he's scored 6 goals in 14 games which, considering our position in the table, is impressive. As long as he maintains that scoring rate he will be a regular.

He has very good all round stats for a defensive midfielder and will be vital for us this season. Unfortunately he's only on loan but hopefully he can serve us well whilst he's here.

The boards expectations

As you can see we will face another struggle to keep players and sign new ones due to our shocking wage budget. This means it's likely we will have a completely 'new look' squad next season but for this season I have to make the most of what I've got. I think getting a mid table finish is certainly in our reach as our squad is way too good to be fighting relegation.


We face some difficult fixtures next month, particularly Charleroi, who are currently top. Also, before joining Tubize, I applied for the FC Brussels job. Obviously my application failed but I'll hoping to show them what they're missing by giving them a beating.
After the Boussu game we have the winter break where I will start to rebuild the squad. I won't overdo it though as it could worsen results, rather than improve them due to a lack of team chemistry.

Final words

I get a great vibe from this club and can't wait to begin my journey as their manager. Whether I will use them as a stepping stone to greater things or take them to 'greater things' is yet to be seen. All I know is I feel I've made right choice coming here and my previous job is well behind me.
Lovely game and story. Especially keeping it sweet by doing yearly summaries of what's happening in major leagues. Good work :D
2013-08-15 05:58#128139 bigluey : Lovely game and story. Especially keeping it sweet by doing yearly summaries of what's happening in major leagues. Good work :D
Thanks mate :) Glad you think the yearly summaries are interesting, I wasn't sure about doing them but it's good someone enjoys them :)
Nice club. The leagues in belgium are fun :D Good luck - can't wait for the next update!
2013-08-15 12:54#128204 Atreidas : Nice club. The leagues in belgium are fun :D Good luck - can't wait for the next update!
Cheers! I agree the Belgian leagues are great and there's loads of great young Belgian talent as well. Next update should be tonight :)

November and December Update

Results and league table

After a poor start to my managerial career (at Sibenek), I needed a strong start to dismiss any doubters. We had managed a record of 3-4-7 (wins, draws, loses) before I joined, which needed improving quickly. So how did we do?

Certainly a solid start and something to build on. Winning my first game was brilliant and gave me, and the players a massive confidence boost. Unfortunately we couldn't use this new found confidence to beat FC Brussels. After the Brussels game we were brilliant getting 2 draws and a win, one of the draws against Charleroi who are currently top of the league. I hear you ask, where does this leave you in the table? Well...

13th! This means we are well on our way to a mid table finish, the target for this season. Also there's a comforting 8 points gap between us and the automatic relegation places. Only a disaster would see us finishing down there. Despite this good start we can't get complacent and need to continue this form and make sure we secure a mid table position.

New club link

I'm delighted to say that, after I requested we get parent club, the board found a suitable club to fulfil the role. This is Standard Liege who are a quality team with a fantastic youth setup. Hopefully I will be able to loan some of these youngsters and integrate them into my team.



Neither of these players impressed me in the last month and were sold to free up some wages. Also I received a decent transfer fee for both players which will help the clubs finances a little. Replacements for both players will be brought in. Hopefully they will be younger, lower wage players. There will be plenty more transfer activity to get excited about during this month. The aim is to reduce the overall wage expenditure whilst not hindering the quality of the team.

Next month

Two friendly matches against two much superior sides, I would be happy to get anything from either game. The main reason for the game is to get a little bit extra income for the club. After this we have 3 games against beatable teams. I am looking for at least 6 points from these 3 games. This would really start to fire us up the table and most likely secure our safety.
I'm not going to continue this story anymore as I'm not enjoying writing them as much as I thought I would. Thanks to all the readers and cya around the forums :D

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